Scarlett Johansson Gushes Over 'Totally Solid' Script For THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

Scarlett Johansson Gushes Over 'Totally Solid' Script For THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON

During press for Captain America: The Winter Soldier today, Scarlett Johansson was asked about her fourth turn as Black Widow in The Avengers sequel, and her first impression of Joss Whedon's script.

“I was just amazed—Joss [Whedon] is something else, he really is,” Scarlett Johansson told Collider when they asked the Black Widow actress for her reaction to The Avengers: Age of Ultron script. “He locks himself away for God knows how long; I think he has the dark circles to prove it. [He] just came out with something totally solid. I was really impressed by his ability to make this ever-expanding Marvel universe feel very close-knit and cerebral and progressive. I mean this movie feels like the continuation of The Avengers, it doesn’t feel like a tag-on or the rehashed version or just ‘let’s throw a bunch of new characters in there and keep the thing alive.’ It really feels like the next step, and all of our characters, our relationships with one another continue to progress, become more intertwined, more complicated, more meshed. The film has a lot of great comic book moments that the fans are gonna love, but it’s also got a lot of really great dramatic moments that audience members, I think, will really relate to.”

The Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Cobie Smulders, Jeremy Renner, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, with Paul Bettany, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Spader. The film is set for release on May 1, 2015.
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themidnightking - 3/11/2014, 2:03 PM
Damn, I'm so FIRST-y!
GizmoEl - 3/11/2014, 2:06 PM
I don't think the quote is fully pasted on this article. Cuts off at the end. "got a lot of really gre-" what? Grenades?
Thevenominside - 3/11/2014, 2:08 PM
they better film black widow and quick, unless cap or hawkeye knocks her up.
MsDarkPhoenix - 3/11/2014, 2:09 PM
@MrBJ I thought that they'd start filming in April, when Chris and Scarlett are done promoting TWS but Hemsworth said 'in two months' at an interview... Maybe they'll just start with all the Widow scenes before her baby bump gets too big.
TheGambitFreak - 3/11/2014, 2:10 PM
"He locks himself away for God knows how long; I think he has the dark circles to prove it."

BlackestKnight - 3/11/2014, 2:10 PM
cant wait for avengers 2
TimL - 3/11/2014, 2:11 PM
Wasn't it confirmed already that her scenes were rescheduled to be first due to her pregnancy.
TheVirgin - 3/11/2014, 2:12 PM
I heard Black Widow will die in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hope its not true...
NightForce - 3/11/2014, 2:15 PM
I love her voice.
NightForce - 3/11/2014, 2:16 PM
AOU sounds pretty awesome at this point.
MsDarkPhoenix - 3/11/2014, 2:19 PM
@StarLord Joss wouldn't kill her!! There are going to be just two girls on the team, he can't kill one of them!!
MsDarkPhoenix - 3/11/2014, 2:23 PM
@BlackJack They obviously did. But I hope that this doesn't mean that she doesn't have many scenes with Thor, since he's going to start filming a month after than her!! I want to see the whole team, fighting the twins and then Ultron!! Maybe Hemsworth asked to start later because his wife will give birth in about two months and he wanted to be with her. If that's the reason, then I totally forgive him cause that's so cute!!!
MarkV - 3/11/2014, 2:25 PM
Empire Strikes Back, people.

That's what he's aiming for. Will be the best of the trilogy, no doubt.
sKeemAn - 3/11/2014, 2:25 PM
I would pay good money to see her "gush".
MarkV - 3/11/2014, 2:25 PM
She has a highly fappable voice.
sKeemAn - 3/11/2014, 2:27 PM
i didn't know she was a squirter. I wonder if the script is still wet.
TheVirgin - 3/11/2014, 2:29 PM

U should watch Spike Jonze's HER, I masturbated to her voice while watching the movie..


Black Widow will obviously gonna stay until the end of the movie. I can imagine Ultron kills her right in front of the team. Just imagine it.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/11/2014, 2:37 PM
Gonna be epic
TheVirgin - 3/11/2014, 2:40 PM

Her death..
nowtheresaBATman - 3/11/2014, 2:40 PM
And just what would happen to the Avengers if they killed her off??

They wouldn't stand a chance w/o Scardow's dual action 9mm superpower!

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/11/2014, 2:41 PM
Why are people assuming that she is going to die?
staypuffed - 3/11/2014, 2:48 PM
Heck yes.
MsDarkPhoenix - 3/11/2014, 2:50 PM
Black Widow won't die because she's an ASSet to the team!
Omarvls - 3/11/2014, 2:53 PM
Now that filming will start soon
Here is a couple of things I would like to see

1. Cap riding a Sky-Cycle into battle
2. Gold/Black Battle Armor for Iron Man
3. Thor with his Battle Helmet
4. Hulk taking out Ultron robots with his Thunder clap
5. Hawkeye wearing the Ultimate Mask and suit

Those are just some
ManCalledSting - 3/11/2014, 2:53 PM
It's the hormones.
McNyagano - 3/11/2014, 2:54 PM

LOL I see what you did there;)
TheRationalNerd - 3/11/2014, 2:56 PM
I'm sure this film will deliver on all levels and I don't expect the cast to reveal what's going to happen within the film and all but all I've heard so far is how much bigger and humorous it is. Nothing has majorly convinced me that this film will take itself more serious seeing that Ultron is involved here. I'm not nitpicking or trolling here but I really hope it follows the lines of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I've heard how great it's being received so I can only hope AoU gives us a more "at risk" tone than just an "end of the world" same song scenario.
nowtheresaBATman - 3/11/2014, 2:56 PM
Wishful thinking.

She doesn't need to be killed off anyways. Just RE-CASTED. A good looking red headed RUSSIAN actress w/ a Machine gun & a Sniper rifle would do the trick :)

blackandyellow - 3/11/2014, 2:56 PM
I hope BW and Hawkeye get killed off to make room for Iron Fist and Luke Cage.
ComicsBornAndBred - 3/11/2014, 2:57 PM
She has got to be one of the most, if not the most beautiful woman I've eve seen. Also, she has a soothing voice. It's somewhat deep but very fappable. Just sexy and powerful. She's the ideal woman, my goodness. Class and elegance personified. Her dress game is on point. And te hair game. The whole package daaaaamn haha
TheRationalNerd - 3/11/2014, 3:00 PM
And please, have Jeremy Renner convince me he's actually Hawkeye. The way they did him in Avengers didn't phase me at all. The entire "mind control" with him and Selvig was just cheesy to me. Have him really get down and dirty! Also, if "War-Machine" is actually supposed to be in this film please don't snub him out like the previous films. If James Rhodes is in this film we better see him suiting up in that Black and Metallic Silver armor. No more of that "Iron Patriot" BS Pleaseeeeeee!
NightmareB4 - 3/11/2014, 3:05 PM
Did anyone else read that in her Black Widow voice?
McNyagano - 3/11/2014, 3:05 PM

What's even funny is that these folks that complain about humor and tone are there opening week-end Lmao xD [frick]ing idiots-.-
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/11/2014, 3:08 PM

Not gonna lie, I do wish she had a Russian accent. Don't know why they decided not to have her have one. It would make her character more memorable if anything
RamonSuarez - 3/11/2014, 3:13 PM
Yeah, I don't get why people want every CBM franchise to be the same. Can't people recognize that the tone of Captain America Winter Soldier isn't going to be the same tone as Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers 2? What is the point of having a cinematic universe if you can't allow for that variety?
MsDarkPhoenix - 3/11/2014, 3:15 PM
I think that Renner is a great choice for Hawkeye but nobody has gave him the chance to shine yet. I hope we'll see more of him in AoU, he's a great character!! It sucks that Marvel hasn't gave him enough screen time and even in the Avengers, where we were supposed to get to know him better, he was under mind control!! Most of my friends who don't read comics think that he's just a stupid dude with a bow. HE'S THE COOLEST JUST BECAUSE HE HAS A [frick]ING BOW!!!!

I'm the only member of the Hawkeye fandom...
nowtheresaBATman - 3/11/2014, 3:21 PM
What Black Widow voice? She's never had one haha

l0rdleg0las - 3/11/2014, 3:24 PM
My only dislike of Whedon's work is his overuse of his female characters. This sets up BW having a bigger part than Thor, Cap, and Hulk which is complete bullshit. Those characters are the ones that everyone has vested interest in. Aside from a very small group no one went to see Avengers for all the Black Widow scenes.
nowtheresaBATman - 3/11/2014, 3:29 PM
The worst thing about Thor 2 was the humor. I love humor, however if it's not funny to begin with, don't use it.

If Jane would've did one more face slap I would've got up & left the theater.

Marvel studios hasn't "kicked ass" for awhile. I'm hoping beyond hope they get back to form w/ CA:TWS...because IM2, IM3, Thor 2 have all been 1 watch movies.
Tdi7457 - 3/11/2014, 3:30 PM
Well, she's speaking as if filming it won't be a problem. I kinda have some doubts over these reports of her being pregnant.
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