Kevin Feige Talks Diversity, Infinity Gems, Hawkeye And THOR: THE DARK WORLD Cliffhanger

Kevin Feige Talks Diversity, Infinity Gems, Hawkeye And THOR: THE DARK WORLD Cliffhanger

Revealing which gem the [spoiler] represents, the latest chat with Kevin Feige has the Marvel producer discuss their casting diversity, Jeremy Renner's archer, and cliffhanger in Thor: The Dark World.

In yet another Q&A with the head of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige offers CraveOnline some new and intriguing nuggets about Thor: The Dark World and elements in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's future. With Loki's mind-control in The Avengers driving Erik Selvig mad in Thor: The Dark World, could this mean Clint Barton aka Hawkeye will go through something similar in the Age of Ultron?

"Well, I think we saw that in The Avengers already. We saw the scene where he is with Widow, and he’s coming out of that, and he’s dealing with the repercussions of that. That was sort of it for Hawkeye. Selvig was held in that Loki trance a little bit longer and only popped out at the very, very end, so I think his repercussions [are more significant]. And also, Hawkeye is a field operative of SHIELD. Selvig is a university professor. [Laughs] So they deal with it in different ways. Hawkeye definitely plays a very large part in Age of Ultron. So that’ll be the next place to further evolve the character."

When it was suggested that Thor: The Dark World ironically has more actors of color, as well as female characters, than the other Marvel movies, Kevin Feige said, "No, I wouldn’t say we necessarily said, “The Thor franchise will be our most diverse!” but it’s always an important aspect when we make our movies, and obviously with Jim Rhodes in the Iron Man franchise, and in the next Cap film we’ve got Anthony Mackie playing Sam Wilson, The Falcon, for the first time. And again all that is from the Marvel comics. In the case of Thor, it was just casting the best people for the part. Ken Branagh had the idea to cast Idris Elba as Heimdall and we didn’t blink at that chance to do it. Adewale, I think he read for the part, but ended up being by far the best actor for Algrim. So it was just focusing on the most talented person for the job."

Considering Thor: The Dark World ends on a pretty big cliffhanger, Feige was asked whether fans will have to wait until the next Thor sequel to see what follows, or could it be explored in other films. "I think there’s always room to touch on it in other stories, but I think we wouldn’t get the full evolution of where that story’s progressing until another standalone Thor film."

About the mid-credits teaser for Thor: The Dark World, Kevin Feige clarified that (spoiler alert) both the Aether and Tesseract are indeed Infinity Gems. But when he's asked exactly which gem - Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality, Power - the Tesseract is meant to be, the Marvel producer said, "It is [codified in the cinematic universe]. I don’t know when we’ll actually divulge that necessarily, but it’s the space stone." But will the gems be the focus of Guardians of the Galaxy, or is it going to come into play throughout Phase 3? "Well the answer to the first question is both. It is both. And then, you know? Who knows? If they allow us to keep making movies, it will go a little bit further." Anyhow, make the jump over to CraveOnline for the full interview! What do you think?
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FrostyVoice - 11/8/2013, 7:06 PM
nice. source?
MrCBM56 - 11/8/2013, 7:06 PM
"Are there big plans for Hawkeye? He’s the one Avenger whose future in the films is still a question mark.

Well, he definitely plays a very large part in Age of Ultron. So that’ll be the next place to further evolve the Hawkeye character."

[frick] YEAH! Hawkeye is one of my favorite heroes! Can't wait to see him in A2. But is Jeremy Renner returning? I don't think it's been confirmed.
DrDoom - 11/8/2013, 7:08 PM
Yes it has, MrCBM56.
MrCBM56 - 11/8/2013, 7:11 PM

That's great! I think he did great with what was handled to him.
3DWitchHunt - 11/8/2013, 7:20 PM
I want to see Hawkeye and Hulk be bros:

marvelstudios - 11/8/2013, 7:43 PM
Someone should have asked Kevin Feige about those 5 Netflix programs. I really want to know if its in the MCU or not.
California - 11/8/2013, 7:49 PM
I just saw Thor:The Dark Work in DBOX! Suckas!
TheRationalNerd - 11/8/2013, 8:14 PM
Don't talk about about it!

War Machine completely SUCKED in iron Man 3. All he did was kick a door down and flew the president away. Next time I see War Machine I want to see a "War Machine"!!!
BrowniesExplode - 11/8/2013, 8:17 PM
Can hawkeye get a one-shot because his cameo in thor didn't cut it. How did black widow get a huge role in iron man 2 and the avengers.
Also Marvel can we the fans get a black panther film. Also why is phase 2 only 5 films and not 6¿
BrowniesExplode - 11/8/2013, 8:18 PM
@TheBlackNerd Agreed x10
marvelstudios - 11/8/2013, 8:18 PM

I just thought some mention of it being in the MCU would have been in the press release.
CharlesLord - 11/8/2013, 8:22 PM
well we all figured the tesseract to be the space gem. Hes said before they arent color coded with the comics but maybe the Aether is the power gem. Movie was awesome. Nice work DCMF
marvelstudios - 11/8/2013, 8:22 PM
This may be off topic and kind of a stupid question, but do programs that are on Netflix get released in Bluray? Sorry we don't have Netflix here in Australia.
MarvelSquadie - 11/8/2013, 8:30 PM
They should make a buddy-cop type film where Hawkeye is assigned to look after Bruce and keep The Hulk in line.. if he can. Lol
Ace101 - 11/8/2013, 8:31 PM
Nice find freshman. Same, seeing hawkeye and the hulk being bros would be awesome.

Things to ask feige:
1: if the tesserect is the space infinity stone why does it look like the tesserect and not a stone?
2. Can we please have a directors cut of Thor:TDW?
3. Do you have any idea at the moment of what the phase 2 collectors boxset will be like?
4. Can you please add all the tie in comics into the phase 2 collectors boxset?
5. Are we ever going to see balder in the MCU? And if so, how would depict him?
6. The Dr.Strange movie, will this movie use actual magic with all the chanting and what have you, astral projection, travel between dimensions and universes via the nexus and will it look psycadelic ?
7. The new shows announced, will they be set in the mcu?
8. Black Panther, where are you with that?
9.Are you thinking of doing a nova movie?
10. With the directionthe mcu is going, Are you going to attempt to get the rights to silver sufer and galactus back?
8. Can i be in one of your movies?
faver - 11/8/2013, 8:33 PM
I'm starting to think Hawkeye will get killed off in Age of Ultron to up the stakes.
Ace101 - 11/8/2013, 8:33 PM
AGoodHonestMan - 11/8/2013, 8:34 PM
@ marvelstudios

I'm pretty sure it is since Marvel are gonna be the ones producing and pretty much making them. Netflix just got the distrabution deal. Its probably like how (before Disney) Paramount was the studio distrabuting Marvel Studio movies.

On a related note, did anyone clap when the new Marvel Studios label that played before Thor 2? I sorta did...what? It was cool! Lol! Now people can tell the difference between these and Fox and Sony films.
Super12 - 11/8/2013, 8:36 PM
I thought the Cosmic Cube aka Tesseract was separate from the Infinity Gems. Am I wrong? Not to sure how you're gonna fit that and the Aether onto a gauntlet but, whatever...
AGoodHonestMan - 11/8/2013, 8:41 PM

Good questions! I would love to see a Nova movie spin-off of the GOTG. I don't think Galactus and SS are coming, unless the new F4 reboot misses its production deadline or the movie ends up flopping (which is a real possibility).

I for one, would welcome the F4 back with the MCU where they belong!
AGoodHonestMan - 11/8/2013, 8:43 PM

Thanos or Collector would probably end up harnessing their powers into gems to fit the gauntlet.
CharlesLord - 11/8/2013, 8:43 PM
LOL @Ace "can i be in one of your movies?" but thats a serious ass question that I gonna need the answer to
MBZ1993 - 11/8/2013, 8:52 PM
isn't hawkeye suppose to lead the avengers later on? i just hope he doesnt get killed off in age of ultron
sikwon - 11/8/2013, 8:59 PM
The tesseract and gems are different but I think they just made them the same thing to streamline the movie. I think it was a clever way to advance the infinity plot.
bbman182 - 11/8/2013, 8:59 PM
Some big unanswered questions:

I wanna know where Loki stashed Odin? Locked him in the Odin-sleep?

Surely they have to address the Ice-Rancor roaming around London chasing birds in Agents of SHIELD if they are doing an 'aftermath' episode in London.

Why are the Asgardians so limited to the "9 realms"?... They don't give a shit about all the other planets, as they seem to be able to travel to them i.e. paying a visit to the Collector who will show up in the GOTG territories??

bbman182 - 11/8/2013, 9:01 PM
@sikwon... I agree. Join all these HUGE sources of power that headline these solo movies into one ridiculous force that the final big bad can wield.
Scorpion8125 - 11/8/2013, 9:17 PM

The Marvel movie scene looks great indeed.

I think the TV side of this not gonna work though. If Shield doesn't make a second year, you can forget all the other TV stuff.

VISIONaryNPa - 11/8/2013, 9:18 PM
@Sikwon @bbman182 the tesseract is indeed an infinity stone. He JUST said it was the Space Stone. not everything in the comics are how they will be in the film, as @novacorpsfan and I discussed, we think (and very much believe) that the Infinity Gauntlet has empty "gems", and that the Gauntlet itself, beside itself, does not have any powers. But, once the stones are near it, they get "absorbed" into each individual slot, turning it's true power "on". That's our theory.

It seems very very plausible. In Thor: The Dark World, they stated that the power of the Aether "cannot be destroyed, same as the Tesseract.

MercSoul - 11/8/2013, 9:18 PM
i love hawkeye, i want one like the comics or avengers emh, he was badass

bbman182 - 11/8/2013, 9:21 PM
@NPA Nobody was arguing that it wasn't a stone.
Dunejedi - 11/8/2013, 9:24 PM
Hawkeye would be better placed on AoS (not that I want to see him there), but the Avengers are the Big Guns and he's just embarrassingly out of place. The best treatment they could give him at this point would be a spectacular death. Both fans and Marvel will want new characters with each Avengers movie and to keep it manageable, you need to phase out as many as you bring in. Hawkeye and Black Widow are the dead weight on the team.
VISIONaryNPa - 11/8/2013, 9:24 PM
I'm confused with that interview.. he says "nothing has been announced, and it's all a rumor" for the TV shows.. but NETFLIX JUST confirmed that they've picked up like 4 shows.. wtf, was that not a REAL press release? Someone help me out here...
DCMarvelFreshman - 11/8/2013, 9:35 PM
@NPaMusic I believe this interview was conducted prior to the announcement
Dunejedi - 11/8/2013, 9:35 PM
@scorpion I gotta disagree with you, man. The success or failure of AoS will have zero effect on the announced Netflix shows. Those shows we're announced in a joint press release by Marvel and Netflix. Not a rumor by a questionable source, a press release. That's as official as things get. Not to mention that this deal is huge for Netflix establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in entertainment distribution. They're not going to let that depend on the success of one tv show on another network. The contracts have been signed. The ink is dry. These shows are going to happen, you can bank on it.
AUSSYACE - 11/8/2013, 9:47 PM
It was a pretty shitty movie really...The storyline was basic and boring and the jokes were so forced that they were not even funny...

Green Lantern was way better than this...
Dunejedi - 11/8/2013, 9:48 PM
^ actually it was a joint press release by Disney and Netflix. So I stand corrected.
bbman182 - 11/8/2013, 9:51 PM
@Aussyace lol really?
GliderMan - 11/8/2013, 10:04 PM
Some idiot said Thor 2 had even more humor than Iron Man 3 did. Not true.

Iron Man 3 was pretty much a comedy with action in it. At least this one is the other way around.

Iron Man 3 is [frick]ing epic by the way
Amazing512 - 11/8/2013, 10:17 PM
@Gliderman agreed. IM3 had way more humor. I loved IM3 but Thor: TDW is definitely my CBM of the year. I'm seeing it again
PGBuckethead - 11/8/2013, 10:18 PM

Actually Balder is dead in the MCU because of loki, this can be read in the book of leyends that Selvig brings to jane in Thor 1
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