Mark Ruffalo Teases A More "Complex" Arc For Banner/Hulk In AVENGERS: AOU

Mark Ruffalo Teases A More "Complex" Arc For Banner/Hulk In AVENGERS: AOU

Many felt that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner/Hulk was the standout of Joss Whedon's first Avengers, and the actor has said in the past that we can expect more from him in the sequel. Now while talking to Total Film, Ruffalo expands on that, and also talks about "embracing" the mo-cap work.

Mark Ruffalo has already hinted that we'll be seeing a bit more of him in Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and now he elaborates during an interview with Total Film magazine. The actor says Bruce Banner will have a bigger, more complex role -- might he be referring to that rumored love interest? Or perhaps that this time The Hulk will serve as a temporary antagonist to the rest of the team, as evidenced by the concept art below.

"[My role's] even bigger than last time, and it's more complex and it has more layers and a bit more arc.  Not only that, but it seems that the motion capture process is becoming a whole lot more agreeable second time around. "I'm really tripping on the technology of this motion-capture stuff… now I just completely embrace it and see it as this other exciting place we can go as performers."

Whatever form this larger role will take, I think most of us will agree that more Hulk can only be a good thing. It's also great to hear that Ruffalo is getting more used to the motion-capture technology which brings the Green Goliath to life. What do you guys think we'll see from Banner/Hulk in the Avengers sequel?
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Abary - 6/5/2014, 5:01 AM
The Banner/Stark bromance was a defining moment in the first movie. I wanna see them have more great scenes together.
CoulsonLives - 6/5/2014, 5:04 AM
You know what would be better? Having a Science Trio..
But sadly, Pym is old
ArmGunar - 6/5/2014, 5:05 AM
Please Planet Hulk !!!
Ramiel - 6/5/2014, 5:05 AM
Hulk needs a movie or at least, appear in someone else's. Marvel should work out a deal w/ Sony to have Spidey appear in an Avengers movie and have Hulk appear in a Spidey movie.
batz11 - 6/5/2014, 5:05 AM
Hulk was incredible ;)
Kurne - 6/5/2014, 5:06 AM

They're definitely going to be the main keys in taking down Ultron.
Kurne - 6/5/2014, 5:07 AM
Can't wait for the SDCC teaser description.
MexicanSexyman - 6/5/2014, 5:08 AM
@0megaDaGod, haha I watched it last night too.
Phronesis - 6/5/2014, 5:09 AM
Hulk was the standout, Bruce Banner was not. Still feel Hulk did nothing "incredible" in which a lot claim. His role in the character was akin to almost everyone else; enjoyable.
Brainiac13 - 6/5/2014, 5:09 AM
Best thing about the Avengers.....was The Hulk.....the anticipation was killing me.....until he appeared. :)

Brainiac13 - 6/5/2014, 5:11 AM
I'm glad we'll get more of the Hulk.
McNyagano - 6/5/2014, 5:16 AM
Hulk stole the show. Glad to see he's getting more to do:)
Phronesis - 6/5/2014, 5:22 AM
My favorite part of the movie isn't even Hulk, it's how (A-bit) subtle Joss put on the emphasis of Avenging something or someone. But of course now everytime I watch the movie the emotion and depth of them finally becoming a team is cheapened since Coulson is brought back to life.
GL - 6/5/2014, 5:23 AM
We need a Planet Hulk movie
batz11 - 6/5/2014, 5:23 AM
Every scene was great imo...

Hulk after smash command.

Changing after "I'm always angry.

Widow scene.

Thor fight.

Loki puny god.

Catching Iron Man.
GL - 6/5/2014, 5:25 AM
Do you guys think we're ever going to see the Banner that's mostly depicted in the comics and etc. the one that always struggles to keep in the Hulk and has physiological problems or is this MCU Banner already set and has the Hulk under control for good
nikgrid - 6/5/2014, 5:25 AM
Mark Ruffalo is a good actor, but not in Avengers...he f.ucking sleepwalks through that movie. So hopefully in the second one we'll see some acting.
MrChuff - 6/5/2014, 5:25 AM
Rad news.....
SuperCat - 6/5/2014, 5:25 AM
More Hulk!!

SuperCat - 6/5/2014, 5:27 AM
ATrueHero1987 - 6/5/2014, 5:29 AM
This is great. Banner/Hulk were great in this movie.
GA15 - 6/5/2014, 5:33 AM
can't wait to see more hulk.
MexicanSexyman - 6/5/2014, 5:34 AM
@GL, you got that in The Incredible Hulk. In Avengers, it shows that Banner has some control of the Hulk.
TheAbomination - 6/5/2014, 5:35 AM
More Hulk is definitely a good thing.
marvel72 - 6/5/2014, 5:37 AM
can't wait to see the hulk & ultron lock up.
JoJo1982 - 6/5/2014, 5:38 AM
More Hulk is always a good thing

Heck I wouldn't mind if we saw less of Banner and more of hulk
kinghulk - 6/5/2014, 5:38 AM
omega- i had the biggest smile on my face when cap said that to hulk and the hulks reaction the huge grin brilliant.
Downey won't come back for a solo iron man film,but would he come back for a hulk team up?
yossarian - 6/5/2014, 5:38 AM
I can't wait! I wonder what the phase 2 box set will be packaged in.
Brainiac13 - 6/5/2014, 5:40 AM

TIH had all that.....just like the comics. love that movie.
campblood - 6/5/2014, 5:44 AM
sinthegreat - 6/5/2014, 5:44 AM
What if latino-review was right about the whole planet hulk thing?!
MexicanSexyman - 6/5/2014, 5:44 AM
@ 0megaDaGod, haha I hope I never work the graveyard shift. I wish I felt the same way you feel for the film but I sadly don't.
JoJo1982 - 6/5/2014, 5:44 AM
We need a incredible Hulk 2 with Namor being the villain/hero and finally see Atlantis on the big screen
GL - 6/5/2014, 5:45 AM
TIH did show it, but is one movie of that enough? I thought they would have extended it onto another film
GL - 6/5/2014, 5:45 AM
I really do wanna see Banner do more science stuff too
Brainiac13 - 6/5/2014, 5:51 AM
I love this version of the Hulk better

ELgUaSoN - 6/5/2014, 5:52 AM

I remember seeing Hulk kick aSs in 2012 like it was yesterday!

Brainiac13 - 6/5/2014, 5:52 AM

TheDarkKnightSlap - 6/5/2014, 5:52 AM
This is a great article. This is good shit. No speculation. No drama. No he said that she said bullshit. Just pure goliath greatness. Kudos you optimistic article writing motha phucka!
patrat18 - 6/5/2014, 5:54 AM
Campblood- Goyer approves.
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