Marvel's "Phase One" Blu-Ray Collector's Set Trailer!

Marvel's "Phase One" Blu-Ray Collector's Set Trailer!

Hit the jump for a preview of the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase One: Avengers Assembled blu-ray collectors set box, offering a look back at all six movies, concluding with The Avengers!

In addition to launching an official site, Marvel has just released a preview trailer for the ultimate 10-disk Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase One: Avengers Assembled Blu-ray collection box set. Looking back at the five films that led to the box office sensation The Avengers, which is also included, check out the preview below!

This 10-disc, six-movie collection brings together "Marvel's The Avengers" and the five films leading up to this year's blockbuster super hero flick, "Iron Man," "Iron Man 2," "The Incredible Hulk," "Captain America: The First Avenger," and "Thor"! Also included is a bonus disc, "The Phase One Archives," and more!

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RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/27/2012, 4:40 PM
Yeah! Buy the movies you already own. Again!
marvel72 - 6/27/2012, 4:50 PM
great collection,but do you really think i could of waited four years to own all these movies.

i've already got them,i'm looking forward to owning the avengers blu-ray though.
LucasMend - 6/27/2012, 4:55 PM
Will they digitally replace ed norton with mark ruffalo on TIH?
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 6/27/2012, 4:56 PM

Unfortunately no. They replaced him with Ryan Reynolds.
CaptainObvious - 6/27/2012, 4:58 PM
I already own all of them, so this is useless to me. I will be buying The Avengers the first day it comes out on Blu-ray.
RorMachine - 6/27/2012, 4:58 PM
I have none of em on Blu-ray, so, an essential purchase.
TheGambitFreak - 6/27/2012, 5:01 PM
Available now?! Don't they mean for pre-order, ROFL! Pretty sure Avengers isn't out on Blu-Ray yet.
EditNinja - 6/27/2012, 5:01 PM
Nice, but I own 80% of this!
skidz - 6/27/2012, 5:02 PM
Can we have everything else if we already own the films? Probably not, but one can dream.
Durf - 6/27/2012, 5:03 PM
Cool, but the only one I don't have is Avengers. so pass I guess
NerdyGeek - 6/27/2012, 5:03 PM

NerdyGeek - 6/27/2012, 5:04 PM
spiderclone - 6/27/2012, 5:06 PM
i dissagree with blueray so badly, but im so getting this set on blueray hahah, booh yaaaah
XtommygunzX - 6/27/2012, 5:10 PM
Only have Ironman 1 and 2 and only 2 is Blu-ray so I will definitely be getting the set.
TheAbomination - 6/27/2012, 5:11 PM
This DVD package sounds like a good investment if you don't own any (or some) of the MCU films! My body is ready for Phase 2!!!!
ATrueHero1987 - 6/27/2012, 5:12 PM
I know that ain't available! I'm going to get the phase one collection, mainly because I got NONE of those movies on Blu Ray!! I'm already waiting on the Nolan Batman Collection on Blu Ray.
ATrueHero1987 - 6/27/2012, 5:13 PM
@TheAbomination Imagine how Phase 2 will go!! I'm ready to see.
parascythe - 6/27/2012, 5:21 PM
waiting for the "shut up and take my money" image
CPBuff22 - 6/27/2012, 5:25 PM
@RidiculousFanBoyDemands I just made $75 selling the 5 Blu-rays I own. Now I can buy this set for an extra $75 have the 3D versions of Captain America & Thor as well as Avengers and the cool extras. Full of win.
IgnurRant - 6/27/2012, 5:26 PM
lol Did they really use "Brillant" to describe IM2?

Natalie Portman didnt wanna do any promotion for Thor lol She barely had any enthusiasim. It was more IDGAF.

And then seeing Hugo Weaving again almost made me weep. Completely waseted in TFA! Why get a talented actor as such if you are gonna make him a one note campy villian.
Supes17 - 6/27/2012, 5:26 PM
CharlesLord - 6/27/2012, 5:27 PM
i was thinkin about getting this but i dont want the 3D movies. i do need the Blu Rays for TIH and IM1 tho....
IgnurRant - 6/27/2012, 5:32 PM
The Incredible Hulk was great tho. Kinda A shame Whedon threw away all the "hulk's" future character development. Now that Banner is "always angry" and can turn into the Hulk at will, it takes all the fun away.
SiriusC - 6/27/2012, 5:36 PM

That's why I love MCU
MovieMann - 6/27/2012, 5:37 PM
Ironman and Avengers are the only Great and special ones,
The rest just range from meh to good.
MadTitan - 6/27/2012, 5:40 PM
i've already have them so why bother.
the Avengers bluray would be a must! can't wait
bhorwith22 - 6/27/2012, 5:43 PM
@IgnurRant It was shown that he could do that at the end of The Incredible Hulk.
DeathstrokeSlade - 6/27/2012, 5:49 PM
I recently got Captain America on blu-ray and it's been a favorite ever since. Next is of course Thor also on blu-ray and the rest some of it i have in DVD. Waiting for the best of course and thats Avengers on blu-ray.
jessepostal - 6/27/2012, 5:53 PM
i have them all on blu ray and blu ray 3d where applied as well as dvd. And it looks like now ill be selling them all haha. anyone interested let me know!
superhoodie018 - 6/27/2012, 5:58 PM
if I didn't already own half of these movies I'd probably buy it
Tainted87 - 6/27/2012, 6:07 PM
I don't need the behind the scenes footage - I have! :)
DeathstrokeRulez469 - 6/27/2012, 6:16 PM
@Tainted87: HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! XD
IronManny819 - 6/27/2012, 6:26 PM
Definitely picking this up.
Kyos - 6/27/2012, 6:29 PM
Only got an Iron Man 1+2 blu-ray set, so I'll likely get this.
superotherside - 6/27/2012, 6:49 PM
That's pretty awesome, I have to admit. Too bad I don't have blu-ray though. They should have had regular copies as well.
superotherside - 6/27/2012, 6:49 PM
If they had the regular copies with DVD specials on all of the discs I could see paying that price, but that way? No.
Lizardking310 - 6/27/2012, 6:55 PM
Oh cool ....wait I own those movies already sorry marvel
95 - 6/27/2012, 6:57 PM
Epic deal. But I've seen these films, enough.
BubblesShedAndBreakfast - 6/27/2012, 7:45 PM
I'm going to have to get a second job!
SpiderSurfer - 6/27/2012, 7:49 PM
am i really the only one asking..."HOW MUCH!? AND WHEN CAN I GET IT!?
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