Mary Elizabeth Winstead Recalls Losing ‘Maria Hill’ Role In THE AVENGERS

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Recalls Losing ‘Maria Hill’ Role In THE AVENGERS

Ultimately expressing her uncertainty for signing a multi-picture blockbuster deal like she nearly did for Marvel's The Avengers, Mary Elizabeth Winstead indirectly discusses losing the ‘Maria Hill’ role!

Just days prior to yesterday’s reveal that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is back on Marvel’s radar for the female lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the actress was questioned about a past Marvel role she was reportedly vying for. While Marvel's The Avengers' cinematic debut of Maria Hill was portrayed by Cobie Smulders, Winstead was actually among actresses on a shortlist for the role last year. And during a Q&A earlier this week with MovieLine about her recent comedy-drama Smashed, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was asked precisely about the many blockbusters she has passed on, namely The Avengers, and if she has any desires to be a “blockbuster star.”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s funny, because some of those roles — well, the majority of them, I was just plain passed over for them [Laughs] — but some of them I actually chose not to do as well because I don’t really just want to be the blockbuster star, and I don’t necessarily want to sign onto seven films in a role that I’m not really passionate about. That’s actually happened several times as well, where in the news it sort of seems like, ‘Oh, she lost the part,’ but in reality, it just falls apart in the negotiation process and you realize that this isn’t really something I’m passionate enough about to agree to ‘X, X, and X,’ and sign the contract on. [Laughs] So that’s happened a bunch, too. Because I do really want to do films like this. That’s the majority of stuff I want to do. But unfortunately, you don’t get paid to do films like this! [Laughs] You get enough to go to a nice dinner. That’s basically the money that you get paid. So you do have to think about your career and making a living and how you’re going to do that. Going forward, I would love to work with directors like Rian Johnson and Joss Whedon; people like that who are doing big films but do have really independent voices. That’s kind of what I want to focus on, is always working with people with at least an independent point of view, even if it’s not an independent film.”

The undisclosed role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is reportedly a front-runner for is strongly believed to be S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent 13, AKA Sharon Carter. And if she does win the role over actresses previously named, she would be reunited with her Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World ex-boyfriend co-star, Chris Evans. However, with this interview, which was conducted last Wednesday, do you think she'll accept?

Special thanks to user Spider-Man Luvr28 for the heads up.

Described as a political thriller, Marvel Studios’ “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” will pick-up where the highly anticipated film “Marvel’s The Avengers” leaves off, as Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with Nick Fury and the peacekeeping organization S.H.I.E.L.D, and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world.

Starring Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson, and directed by Joe Russo & Anthony Russo from a screenplay by Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is based on the ever-popular Marvel comic book series “Captain America” first published in 1941 and a comics institution ever since. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is scheduled for release on April 4, 2014. The film is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. And in addition, Marvel Studios will release a slate of films including “Iron Man 3” on May 3, 2013; “Thor: The Dark World ” on November 8, 2013; “Guardians of the Galaxy” on August 1, 2014; and the untitled “Marvel's The Avengers” sequel on May 1, 2015.

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skidz - 10/13/2012, 12:42 PM
She missed out big time!
Asterisk - 10/13/2012, 12:43 PM
The Avengers = The League of Evil Exes.
spidey1994 - 10/13/2012, 12:51 PM
She's my Mary Jane. Make it happen Marc Webb!!
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 12:59 PM
A lot of them don't want the spot light, don't want the paparazzi, don't want the headache of everyone knowing your every move. I can't blame them, that's a huge responsibility. Look how many of them crack when there that well known. She makes enough money to be happy what else is there?
Theunderdog - 10/13/2012, 1:00 PM
Final destination and black Christmas were shitty movies her passion failed her
jimpinto24 - 10/13/2012, 1:02 PM
Mary Elizabeth Winstead would have made a perfect Maria Hill. She did miss out big time! Mary would better as MJ Watson in TASM2.
Audders - 10/13/2012, 1:04 PM
Ehh. It will be fine with out her!
RAWRG - 10/13/2012, 1:10 PM
Luminus - 10/13/2012, 1:12 PM
Kid: Why do some actors say, "I don’t really just want to be the blockbuster star?"

Jim Carey: Oh, that's just something b-grade actors say to make themselves feel better.

Character Source: Liar, liar.
Luminus - 10/13/2012, 1:15 PM
@jessepostal: An actor saying they don't want the spotlight and paparazzi, is like a babysitter saying they don't want to deal with screaming, annoying, and bad children. Find another job.
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 1:16 PM
@marvel, yes but not everyone gets into acting for those reasons. Also look at Chris evens and how he kept turning down the cap role because he didn't wanna be in the spotlight and be the face of a huge product. Eventually he was already acting for how long?? Some people just want to act and work on movies and keep there private non crazy life
rebellion - 10/13/2012, 1:18 PM
idk why everyone thinks she would make a good mj, she looks nothing like the character to me. she's still hot as hell, don't get me wrong.
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 1:18 PM
@luminus, not true at all, not everyone out there wants to be famous or let the world into there lives
sexfoodcomics - 10/13/2012, 1:20 PM
so she is saying of all thr other movies she did , she got paid more then " going out to a nice dinner" then she would have on a marvel movie with a 7 picture deal?!?! MY ASS!!! Now I dont want her in Cap 2.
Inhuman - 10/13/2012, 1:21 PM
She's hot. Liked her in Live Free or Die Hard. I hope she gets it
CharacterAssassin - 10/13/2012, 1:30 PM
That would be "LOSING" not "LOOSING" in your headline.
CherryBomb - 10/13/2012, 1:32 PM
I don't blame her for not wanting to be part of a huge movie franchise.
It's like Jennifer Lawrence, she was very reluctant to take her role in the Hunger Games.

It just catapults you into the spotlight, you end up having no privacy whatsoever and when you're that big of a star, the media industry will be out to get you even more.

Blockbusters are hardly 'meaningful' movies, and believe it or not, but some actors really do care about what roles they choose.
DCMarvelFreshman - 10/13/2012, 1:34 PM
@CharacterAssassin lol Thanks, I always make that mistake no matter how many times I've been corrected:)
Luminus - 10/13/2012, 1:34 PM
@jessepostal: Then don't be an actor. Only take roles, where you wear a mask or just do voicovers. Being famous and known to the world is part of the job, if you're lucky. And I use the term "job" loosely, here, because acting is far from being a job in the "indentured servitude" sense that the rest of us common people experience. You don't become an actor, because you need to make a living. You do it, because it's your dream. And the only way to become successful in that dream is to become famous. She alludes to this herself: "But unfortunately, you don’t get paid to do films like this!" I don't hear Samuel Jackson complaining about his pay check. Gee, I wonder why?
astromerc - 10/13/2012, 1:35 PM
" But unfortunately, you don’t get paid to do films like this! [Laughs] You get enough to go to a nice dinner. That’s basically the money that you get paid. So you do have to think about your career and making a living and how you’re going to do that. "

It is all about the money ! She wanted more marvel said no, now she sees how well theAvengers is doing ( like everyone else) and is thinking better of the marvel movies.
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 1:46 PM
So to be successful as an actor you have to do big blockbuster movies?? You might want to open your eyes a little more to what successful is.
DukeAcureds - 10/13/2012, 1:58 PM
She's awesome. I think Hollywood are just starting to realise what they have here.
She would be a perfect MJ or April O'Neil.
DukeAcureds - 10/13/2012, 2:01 PM
She woulda been a great Lois Lane, too.
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 2:01 PM
Look at it this way,your job pays you very well, you make a comfy living, enough money to have everything you want and support a family. You work a few months a year and you love it. Now your job offers you a promotion, you'll make more money but you have to travel, work three times harder and three times as often,hardly see your family and not just do whatever you feel when you feel it, what do you do???
rocky - 10/13/2012, 2:11 PM
I hve loved this chick ever since I saw her in Sky High. I hope she gets the role and accepts.

I understand some actors wanting to act yet stay under the radar but this is life and these opportunities won't keep coming back around. Last thing anyone should want to do is turn old and ask "what if"

Besides she's done enough films that don't exactly scream "passion" so some of her reasoning sounds like she's hedging her bets in case she doesn't get the role
Luminus - 10/13/2012, 2:16 PM
jessepostal: I've been working with actors for 10+ years. They want to be famous, not only so they can stop working their ordinary sh#!t job, but so that everyone can see their hard work. Their work is an expression of who they are as an actor. I understand what you're trying to say, but your analogy is flawed and like comparing apples with candy apples. Both are the same fruit, but one is healthy and one is not.

Fame is where the money is. The reason they work, with me, is because they're not famous and thus don't make enough money to live on their acting skills. Once again, acting is not a means to pay the rent. So, yes, big blockbuster movies/tv shows are necessary to being successful as an actor, if we're measuring success by surviving on acting as your ONLY job. In any case, being successful does not mean having some inner peace. It means achieving a favorable or desired outcome and not many actors, if any, views being 2nd best as a favorable or desired outcome. Everyone wants to be the best. That's why they're called ambitious.
CharacterAssassin - 10/13/2012, 2:16 PM
@DCMarvelFreshman... lol. I only said something because it poked me right in my good reading eye. hehe :p
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 2:37 PM
@luminus, I'm sorry you think that way. Obviously you dont need to be in huge blockbusters to be a successful actor, that's a pretty one sided way to think. And I've been a traveling musician for 10 years with some pretty big names on my resume,my name is out there, my house is paid for and my family is taken care of. Is that not success?? Not everyone thinks that you must be at the very top of the list or have everyone know who you are to be successful in life. Some people do things and make choices for themselves which is what she's doing. And what are you pissed at her for doing that anyway?? It opens up another spot for one of your "actors" to audition for
DukeAcureds - 10/13/2012, 2:46 PM
luminus@ Yeah, but what about famous actors? They might have made a couple of semi-high profile movies and be financially comfortable and not have egos.
What? Actors not have egos? Yeah. They exist. There's a whole bunch of them. MEW is obvoiusly one of 'em. She's not in need of these roles. Have you 10+ years experience with actors who aren't in need of big roles and are quite happy?
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 2:46 PM
@suspense. Thank you, great choice of words
thewonderer - 10/13/2012, 2:51 PM
Colbie sucked ass
CoolantTech - 10/13/2012, 3:50 PM
Well I'm glad she's in the run for Sharon Carter then
Luminus - 10/13/2012, 4:16 PM
SuspenseSmith said, "There is more than one reason people become actors."

I will succumb to that. I don't understand the not wanting to be a star part of acting, but that's admittedly my limited understanding of it. I'm a writer and I want as many people as possible to see my work, because I want to feel relevant as a writer. That's the point. Am I seeking stardom? No, but I accept that that's the risk involved, in order to succeed; to make a lot of money. Money makes the world go around and anyone claiming it doesn't, doesn't understand how the world works. Money buys freedom. This is my opinion, and I'm sticking to it. And, no, I'm not angry. Nice talk.
XavierLehnsherr - 10/13/2012, 4:18 PM
I wonder if all of the MEW fans are now realizing how full of crap their object of worship actually is.
DukeAcureds - 10/13/2012, 4:46 PM
Luminus@ But that's all academic. MEW has already got money from her previous works and, as is evident from everybody posting here, a whole Hell of a lot of people have seen her work to the point where she has a fan-base and is getting offered big roles in big movies. I think she can afford to have preferances and choice at this point. What you seem to be saying is that you don't understand an already famous actors lack of greed.
XavierLehnsherr@ Don't confuse admiration for worship. She's actually quite good at what she does. She's not just some bimbo hottie.
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 4:53 PM
That's a life lesson on why we all have diff opinions, if we didn't we would all be the same. Next time you think your right in a situation you have to step back and relise everyone has something diff that makes them tick
DukeAcureds - 10/13/2012, 4:56 PM
jessepostal@ I disagree.
DukeAcureds - 10/13/2012, 4:57 PM
Oh, wait. Yes. Yes, I agree.
DukeAcureds - 10/13/2012, 4:57 PM
No, hang on...
[frick] it.
jessepostal - 10/13/2012, 5:09 PM
@duke haha what's it gonna be. I gotcha bud ha
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