More From Kevin Feige On "The Age Of Miracles", 'Hulkbuster' And Paul Bettany As 'The Vision'

More From Kevin Feige On "The Age Of Miracles", 'Hulkbuster' And Paul Bettany As 'The Vision'

Kevin Feige drops some new details about Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and how they relate to Baron Von Strucker's "Age of Miracles" comment, while also talking about how Paul Bettany will make the leap from the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S. to The Vision. Oh, and he also teases Iron Man's Hulkbuster armour!

Talking to Empire Magazine, Kevin Feige was quizzed on whether a character like the Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron could be used as a way of introducing a mytical side to the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of the big screen debut of Doctor Strange. "I would say that the Age of Miracles, as Strucker says at the end of that tag, could be a part of that, but the key to their origin is in that tag." Loki's staff it is then! So, what will the role of "The Twins" be in the movie? Well, as previously reported, they will indeed be clashing with Earth's Mightiest Heroes to begin with! "They're not very happy with The Avengers. Their powers are not insignificant and they're quite different from what the Avengers have faced before."

Talk then turned to the possibility of Paul Bettany playing The Vision, to which Feige responded only with, "Paul Bettany as The Vision? You're confusing me with your mind games." However, the magazine continued to press him for details and asked if the theme of Avengers: Age of Ultron will be fathers and sons as J.A.R.V.I.S. is given his own body. "I wouldn't go that far, in terms of it being that direct a theme. Certainly humanity and humanity's place in our world plays a large part of it, but I think Thor's about fathers and sons, more than this. If one were to confirm anything about Paul Bettany and look at the arc and the line of what Paul has done for us, that's pretty unique and cool and exciting and spins right out of stories we've told in the past." So, should these comments be takes as confirmation that Bettany will indeed be playing the character? "I'm not at this point in time [Laughs]."

Finally, the Marvel Studios President was asked about the Hulkbuster concept art which made its debut during a Marvel special on ABC. What does it mean for Avengers: Age of Ultron? "That little tease was very intentional on our part. We found it a very compelling image to throw out there. The specifics around it we don't have to do for a while. It's a piece of armour we've wanted to see on screen for a long time, let's put it that way. What is the Hulkbuster suit built for?" Interesting stuff! Sound off with your thoughts in the usual place.
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McNyagano - 4/24/2014, 5:08 AM

AlexanderLykins - 4/24/2014, 5:14 AM
I took today off and it's a Marvel news day!
Abary - 4/24/2014, 5:16 AM
Hulkbuster is so freaking massive compared to Hulk! They gonna [frick] shit up.
MsDarkPhoenix - 4/24/2014, 5:17 AM
Today's gonna be a good day :P

That Hulkbuster suit makes me so excited every time I see it!!
Kurne - 4/24/2014, 5:19 AM
"They're not very happy--"

[Frick] this movie
MexicanSexyman - 4/24/2014, 5:26 AM
I hope the The Hulkbuster fight isn't a short fight like Thor vs Hulk in the Avengers. I liked their fight but it was to short.
DEVLIN712 - 4/24/2014, 5:27 AM
WB should go all out and release an image of you know what
ezio619 - 4/24/2014, 5:28 AM
im pretty sure that is Ultron controlling the hulkbuster,i may be wrong, but i have a feeling that it is that,was gonna be interesting is when Banner realizes that tony has an armor to take down the hulk,i wonder how he will feel,I DONT WANT NO FIGHTING BETWEEN MY SCIENCE BROS!!!
HongKongPooey - 4/24/2014, 5:28 AM
oh yes
bring on Age of Ultron!
DEVLIN712 - 4/24/2014, 5:29 AM
Believe it or not, that Thor v Iron Man fight was my favorite fight in the film
HongKongPooey - 4/24/2014, 5:29 AM
@ezio but the Hulkbuster is built for a reason. Stark still had concerns about Hulk losing control and thought one day he may use it, even if Ultron is controlling it
AlexanderLykins - 4/24/2014, 5:30 AM
ezio619 - 4/24/2014, 5:32 AM
HongKong-yeah i know,i did state i wonder how banner feel that stark created an armor to take down the hulk
CherryBomb - 4/24/2014, 5:32 AM
Just admit he's Vision, grrrr
AlexanderLykins - 4/24/2014, 5:33 AM
Exactly, and I'm sure Banner won't be too happy about the entire situation either.
HongKongPooey - 4/24/2014, 5:33 AM
@ezio haha whoops I was skim reading your comment. Didn't see that
Kurne - 4/24/2014, 5:34 AM
SoundWave - 4/24/2014, 5:34 AM
Hulkbuster and awesome-cute Olsen are 2 main reasons to wait and watch Avengers-2
marvel72 - 4/24/2014, 5:42 AM
i love the marvel news days,it gets me so excited.
knocturnalzen10 - 4/24/2014, 5:42 AM
tony is my favorite but buster armors are so useless lol . wonder how long it will take hulk to crush it. I say 3 mins
Jwe75 - 4/24/2014, 5:43 AM
That scene above is gonna make somekind CBM history on screen. Cant wait!

I just hope that inside the Hulkbuster is Stark himself or maybe Ultron is controlling it?
KINGPEN266 - 4/24/2014, 5:45 AM
olsen....i still like her but why she had to and FREAK UP HER NOSE!! smh
KallarkKent - 4/24/2014, 5:46 AM
A lot of Marvel news today, neat.
KINGPEN266 - 4/24/2014, 5:46 AM
knocturnalzen10 - 4/24/2014, 5:48 AM
an like omega normal say this dude speaks in annoying riddles when everyone know smh
grif - 4/24/2014, 5:48 AM
hulkbuster ftw
InfiniteMonkey - 4/24/2014, 5:52 AM
Bloody Hulkbuster!
JossWeedOnMe - 4/24/2014, 5:56 AM
Hulkbuster will not be in AOU that you can guarentee
SimyJo - 4/24/2014, 5:58 AM
Hulkbuster in Age of Ultron! - Hulk straining to contain his excitement!.

GareBear36 - 4/24/2014, 5:59 AM
Why won't he confirm Paul is playing Vision? Didn't we already get confirmation? Paul was on Jimmy Kimmel talking about they pick and choose powers...

Gamera623 - 4/24/2014, 6:00 AM
Looking foward to seeing that battle....It's just a shame it isnt being used in Incredible Hulk 2.

If Marvel is so worried about whether or not a Hulk 2 would be sucessful all they needed to do is have Tony Stark in it and the people would come.

The Hulkbuster armor is a gift to the IH movies and its going to be used in Avengers 2 instead.

Oh well....just my 2 coppers.
Talontd - 4/24/2014, 6:07 AM
@HongKong @Ezio

You guys are thinking about it all wrong...what if BANNER helped Stark build the armor as a last ditch insurance policy???

Sure I doubt Stark would need the help, and Banner seemed to have a lot more control, but Banner was adamant about staying away from everyone. It wouldn't seem out of character for him to help Stark create a backup in case HULK...well, Hulk's out.
batz11 - 4/24/2014, 6:09 AM
Hulkbuster vs Abomination
GeekyCheekyChic - 4/24/2014, 6:14 AM
Bettany pretty much confirmed Vision so...
I imagine that the Hulkbuster armor is a brain child of both Stark and Banner since they are friends and Ultron commandeers the armor and engages Hulk in a battle...the fight will likely be longer than the Thor/Iron Man fight.
Ultron's initial armoring will probably be similar to Winter Soldier's arm at first just to make a connection and at some point Ultron wants vibranium.
Loki's staff is powered by the mind gem which will play into the Infinity Gauntlet storyline for Avengers 3.
On some level Thanos is behind the scenes playing some role- I really feel like Thanos found Red Skull either in the 40's or possibly it will be revealed that Red Skull met Thanos earlier and Thanos was using him in the same manner he was trying to use Loki in Avengers. Which would mean Skull was working for Thanos thru the entire timeline of Cap:First Avenger.

fortycals - 4/24/2014, 6:21 AM
It's built for a reason right? Yeah getting ripped into tiny pieces by the hulk. While the look is always badass, Tony's buster armors never do what their names imply. Hulkbuster gets smashed in 10 seconds flat in wwh.
grif - 4/24/2014, 6:25 AM
the had a cool piece of art with the hulkbuster made for im3 also.
thunderforce - 4/24/2014, 6:28 AM
There is only one Hulk buster and his name is Thor . Just ask Stan .
McGee - 4/24/2014, 7:04 AM
If you're reading this. It's because your mom was a real nut buster and your dad's dick was a womb buster.
Gusto - 4/24/2014, 7:09 AM
I made my McGee Buster Armor outta
Bud Light cans and duct tape...

lexcorp - 4/24/2014, 7:21 AM
Wow is the only word that came to mind...........just wow
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