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We know that the Black Panther and Klaw have history in the comics, but now, thanks to a HD screenshot from Age of Ultron, we know more about the characters' connection in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well! Check it out with a minor SPOILER warning... - NovaCorpsFan
While at this year's Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago, Jeremy Renner has revealed that the Guardians of The Galaxy might not be a part of Avengers: Infinity War after all. Click the jump for details! - Gutspinner
Marvel's Guardians of The Galaxy is getting the animated treatment this September, and the latest in a series of short promo clips highlights Drax the Destroyer's origins! Click the jump to see for yourself! - Gutspinner
"Fine, I'll do it myself - Thanos' personal quest to find the six Infinity Gems really begins during Avengers: Age of Ultron mid-credits, which features the purple supervillan finally getting off his ass, so hit the jump and check out the short and sweet scene in high-definition. - DCMarvelFreshman
Hit the jump and check out the stars of Avengers: Age of Ultron messing up their lines, swearing, making out, and basically goofing off on the set in the Marvel sequel's full-length (and hilarious) blooper reel which has leaked online in great quality ahead of home release - DCMarvelFreshman
X-Men's Mystique (Lawrence) and The Avengers' Black Widow (Johansson) headline 2015's list of Highest Paid Actresses. Lawrence's fellow X-Men actress Bingbing Fan also made the top 10. With X-Men: Apocalypse releasing next year, could Lawrence take the top spot in 2016 as well? - MarkJulian
A lot of people have gone on the record of liking Age of Ultron, but being disappointed about Ultron himself. With 2 small changes in direction Ultron would've been arguably the greatest villain of all time. - Deonox
The latest entry in the Fantastic Four franchise may have came out two weeks ago. Nonetheless, this movie was such a train wreck that I felt the need to add my two cents. - AvatarTarSauce
When it was announced that the Avengers star had joined the cast of Ghostbusters it was said to be as the team's secretary. Well, that may still be the case, but if this first look at his character is anything to go by, he'll also be doing some spook hunting of his own! - RorMachine
When Avengers: Age Of Ultron hits Blu-ray/DVD this October, it won't just have one Best Buy exclusive steelbook cover, it'll have two! Yes, that's right, Best Buy will have a steelbook cover for both James Spader's Ultron and Paul Bettany's Vision. Come check it out! - KingPatel
Ronda Rousey continues to lobby for Marvel's upcoming 'Captain Marvel' role by posting some awesome fan art to her Instagram. This could also be seen as more of a thanks to fans for such awesome Fan Art. Check it out after the jump - DrKinsolving
As they continue to release hit after hit, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing larger day by day! But does that mean their films are perfect? Nope... so let's dive in and make a few adjustments to Avengers: Age Of Ultron in a new feature titled "5 Changes." - dylanmm5
The three major comic book films of 2015 have been released, so it's time to take a look and see what this year had to offer us. Could the films be as good as 2014's? - Darkknight2149
After some major flops courtesy of SEGA, Marvel no longer release video game tie-ins. Thankfully, one very clever fan has found a way of adding the Hulkbuster armour to Grand Theft Auto V, meaning you can easily relive the epic destruction of Avengers: Age of Ultron... - JoshWilding
Stan Lee, co-founder of Marvel Comics, legendary comic book revolutionary - cruel, abusive boss? According to Lee's former executive assistant, yes! And he's suing the Lee family! Click the jump for details! - Gutspinner
Comic Book Resources got an opportunity to catch up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D's Luke Mitchell (Lincoln) at the Television Critics Association press tour, and he had some interesting things to say about where we will find Lincoln when the show returns for its season. Click the jump for details! - Gutspinner
Avengers Assemble as it was known on this side of the pond left fans fuming when it failed to include Joss Whedon's Director's Commentary. However, the UK edition of Avengers: Age of Ultron is causing controversy for a whole other reason, and it's this time due to the cover art... - JoshWilding
Tt Games' LEGO Marvel's Avengers has received an official release date - and it falls a bit short of the advertised Fall 2015! So when is it coming out? Click the jump to find out! - Gutspinner
Just another poster I put together using the newest information available. - ferg815
New Avengers: Age of Ultron behind-the-scenes images have been released offering a detailed (and very awesome) look at all the visual and practical effects that went into transforming Paul Bettany into the Vision for his big-screen debut. Check them out after the jump! - DCMarvelFreshman
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