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What do you do when Hulk's mind is in Falcon's body, Thor's mind is in Widow's body, Widow's mind is in Hulk's body, and Capt's mind is in Iron Man's body? Adjust! Hit the jump to check out how the Avengers adjust to new abilities!
While he doesn't give away any new story details, Paul Bettany talks here about the huge scale of working on a movie like Avengers: Age of Ultron, his experiences at Comic-Con, suiting up as The Vision in the highly anticipated sequel, and more. Hit the jump to check it out!
Andy Serkis' appearance in the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailers alone was an early indication of who the mo-cap guru will play in the Marvel sequel, but a report now "confirms" what we've expected.
[Article restored by webmasters. NOT St Martin] Much like the second full trailer to 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' confirmed what we already believed about the film, Paul Bettany's recent interview with the Radio Times confirms the scope, scale and overall quality of 'Age of Ultron'
Following the "Hulkbuster Smash" reveal yesterday, LEGO has now offered official images of the other four Avengers: Age of Ultron sets including the "Hydra Showdown" and "Attack on Avengers Tower."
Spider-man's cinematic future is still very much up in the air with many still making a case for bringing him back to Marvel. Hit the jump for a brief look at who could possibly be the new Peter Parker, whether Miles Morales would fit in the MCU and to share who you'd like to see take on the role.
For the second week in a row AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON tops the DAR-Flim ratings, while 'Fifty Shades of Grey' closes in. 'THE FLASH' breaks into the top ten for broadcast TV as measured by DAR-TV
The legitimacy of the so-called "geek" culture now comes to the forefront of society!
Another day, another batch of Avengers: Age of Ultron toys revealed in anticipation of next month's annual Toy Far!
What if the Avengers went to war with the X-Men? Here is yet another Epic Trailer from Alex Luthor!
Hit the jump for a good look at the minifigures of the Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Droids, Scarlet Witch, Hulkbuster, Ultron, and Ultron Soldiers via official images for one of the Avengers: Age of Ultron LEGO sets.
That's right, even the Hulk gets a costume in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron! Admittedly, we're just talking about a non-tattered pair of purple pants, but he still looks pretty cool (as does this awesome Diamond Select action figure). Hit the jump to check it out...
Including larger high-resolution images of yesterday's POP! Vinyl Bobbleheads, hit the jump and check out Funko's assortment of Pocket POPs and Mystery Minis in anticipation of Avengers: Age of Ultron.
The Unusual Suspect has returned with another mashup trailer. This time, setting the classic characters of the original Star Wars trilogy to the first trailer for Joss Whedon's Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Hit the jump to check it out!
Revealing whether or not he knows anything about the sequel, Bradley Cooper briefly slips into his Rocket Raccoon voice while talking about returning to voice the character in Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Don Cheadle fails to address whether or not he'll suit up in either the Iron Patriot or War Machine armor, but the Iron Man 3 actor does talk about reuniting with Robert Downey Jr. and the ensemble cast.
Based on the following piece of official merchandise for Avengers: Age of Ultron, it appears as if we'll see the Hulk transform into his classic grey persona at some point during Joss Whedon's highly anticipated sequel. How will that factor into the movie? Read on for details...
With the recent promo art revealing Ultron's alien origins, who really plays a part in creating who? Is Ultron really J.A.R.V.I.S.? Or is V.I.S.I.O.N an evolution of J.A.R.V.I.S.? Where does the Chitauri A.I. fit and why are Bruce and Tony involved in Vision's creation? So many questions, just go and read the theory now!
In less than a minute, the English actor briefly talks about his role as the Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the recent promo art, and reiterates how long he knew that he'd be playing the character.
"The Twins" are excluded again, but hit the jump and check out Funko's POP Vinyls for Avengers: Age of Ultron with high-resolution promotional artwork, as well as book and messenger bags.
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