RUMOR: Sequel To MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Set To Begin Filming In 2013?

RUMOR: Sequel To MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS Set To Begin Filming In 2013?

Rumour has it that the sequel to Marvel's The Avengers will begin shooting next year and that it's set to make Scarlett Johansson the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Read on for details.

The Sun isn't considered the most reliable source in the world, but they've posted a very interesting story in which they claim that Scarlett Johansson is in talks to return for the sequel with a massive £13 million ($20 million) offered in order for her to reprise her role as Black Widow. This would make her the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

Far more interesting however is what one of their sources reportedly tells them, specifically in regards to when the sequel will begin filming. "Scarlett is the hottest star in Hollywood and her inclusion in the sequel is a must. Producers think that as the only lead woman in the film male fans have found her a key ingredient — both for sex and story appeal. She is loved by critics too. This says, 'We value you'. Everyone is confident she’ll sign and be ready for 2013 filming." The report also mentions that Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner will get 50% pay rises.

With Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy currently set to be released in 2014, it seems most likely that filming will begin on The Avengers 2 nearer the latter half of next year for release in 2015. Take this with a pinch of salt for the time being, and expect more Marvel movie news during next week's San Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel Studios presents in association with Paramount Pictures Marvel’s The Avengers--the super hero team up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel super heroes Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.


Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Chris Hemsworth as Thor
Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Ramanoff/Black Widow
Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson
Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

RELEASE DATE: September 17th, 2012 (UK) September 25th, 2012 (US)

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FireKnightRises - 7/8/2012, 4:10 AM
I thought this movie released in 2015?
MovieMaster - 7/8/2012, 4:12 AM
Hmm, I'm not sure.
Valandil - 7/8/2012, 4:15 AM
She better in Captain America 2.
rebellion - 7/8/2012, 4:15 AM
stopped reading after ''The Sun..''
Viking - 7/8/2012, 4:18 AM
@DarKnightRises Nobody has ever said when this movie will released. I do not know where you get your info from.
marvel72 - 7/8/2012, 4:19 AM
can't really trust the sun,but wouldn't it be great.
musashi - 7/8/2012, 4:25 AM
Good for her!

Wish I had a 50% pay rise! Lol
AmazingFantasy - 7/8/2012, 4:29 AM
Captain America 2, The Amazing Spider-man 2 and and Guardians of the Galaxy currently set to be released in 2014 and The Avengers 2 in 2015.

MARVEL has won :)
AtomicChipmunk - 7/8/2012, 4:29 AM
"The report also mentions that Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner will get 50% pay rises."

No pay rises for Captain America?
HULK2099 - 7/8/2012, 4:30 AM
R888 - 7/8/2012, 4:32 AM
No don't rush this
gambgel - 7/8/2012, 4:32 AM
the questions are:

Does they have a writer yet?

and a director?

if so, its possible, if not, it wont start filming as soon.
MisterFixit - 7/8/2012, 4:33 AM
may be they are considering a release on Christmas 2014
CherryBomb - 7/8/2012, 4:36 AM
I really liked Scarlett in The Avengers.

But if this is true, I just feel sorry for the truly talented actresses who give marvellous performance but continue to go somewhat unappreciated compared to Scarlett.

Lightsplasher - 7/8/2012, 4:36 AM
It's impossible Disney themselves confirmed the movie for 2015 and it's , as said gambgel , impossible that they've already found a director , a script , a writer etc ...
The Sun should just have wanted to have more web-visits
MovieMaster - 7/8/2012, 4:37 AM
My ass is a more reliable source than the Sun.
thalidomide - 7/8/2012, 4:41 AM
damnit someone is using my avatar!
MisterFixit - 7/8/2012, 4:41 AM
I'm sure they have already a script and a writer. they have 1 year and some month to find a director
sameoldthing - 7/8/2012, 4:49 AM
Take the time to get the proper cast & crew in order along with having the script ironed out perfectly.
Avengers is to great a property to do a rush job on.

Hopefully it will feature only one new Avenger so there is plenty of action for original team.
I say add another female so it's not a complete sausage fest.
FireKnightRises - 7/8/2012, 4:50 AM
lol poor chris evan look like he is the weakest of avenger cast
InfiniteMonkey - 7/8/2012, 4:53 AM
I just want one night with Scarlett.
Harmondale2 - 7/8/2012, 4:57 AM
The sun.. lol
CRleo1995 - 7/8/2012, 4:58 AM
Scarlett Johansson literaly made me hate black widow with her performence...she didn't have the accent, she didn't have any real emotion, and she was doing way to much that her character should even be capable of doing. Plus she just sucks acting.
FireKnightRises - 7/8/2012, 5:05 AM
imo scar-jo is not that great as BW
she's expendable, there's more actress that better than her, they can replaced her if they want
FireKnightRises - 7/8/2012, 5:09 AM
marvel can replaced her and Jeremy Renner anytime they want
EarOne - 7/8/2012, 5:10 AM
shooting a movie 2 yrs PRIOR to its release is normal, check out Man of Steel, but what i'm concerned is that since this movie's plot will be the accumulation of what happened in Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Cap 2, Guardians of the Galaxy AND (maybe) Black Panther and Ant Man movies (none, except for IM 3, are even in pre-productions yet), it'll be too hard for A2 to begin filming.
MisterFixit - 7/8/2012, 5:28 AM
@SirWinsalot yeah quickly in 5 years
AnungUnRama - 7/8/2012, 5:38 AM
Well, production starts by the middle of next year (which is still a year away) for an early 2015 release. So 3 years for a sequel. That's no news. That's exactly how long it usual takes to make a sequel. The 4 years between Nolan's Batman movie are rather a long time.
NeoBaggins - 7/8/2012, 5:42 AM
"her inclusion in the sequel is a must"

ImnotDaredevil - 7/8/2012, 5:48 AM
The Sun? Even my cat Lebowski won't use it in his shit tray!
Orphix - 7/8/2012, 5:49 AM
I don't thing its impossible (although i trust the sun about as much as I can throw a soggy mattress up a spiral staircase).

- IM3 filming now and released May 2013.
- Thor 2 filming fall of 2012 and released in July of 2013.
- Cap 2 filming spring/summer 2013 release for May 2014.
- And Antman/GotG filming Fall 2013 and release for late summer 2014.

That leaves plenty of time to film and release Avengers 2 for 2015 if filming takes place in early 2014. It even allows time for Edgar wright to film and release At Worlds End before he starts Antman (if Marvel go that route.
Rush - 7/8/2012, 5:54 AM
Sounds like a bunch of horsecrap to me. There is no way she will be paid 20 million for Avengers 2. Acording to this, Robert Downey Jr. will be paid 100 million(!) while Renner and Hemsworth just 6 mil each.
SCOURGE - 7/8/2012, 6:00 AM
Black Widow and Hawkeye must die in the sequel. This frees up the team to recruit better heroes and Marvel can recruit some talented actors this time instead of these to hacks.
Ha1frican - 7/8/2012, 6:00 AM
Bullshit. We will get ant man before A2
HavocPrime - 7/8/2012, 6:03 AM
I laugh at those who say.

"She was a shit Black Widow as she did not have a russian accent"

She wouldn't be much of a spy if she could not hide it would she.
SCOURGE - 7/8/2012, 6:05 AM
Rush---you have to remember that RDJ's contract is probably up for renewal, so it might be possible.
superotherside - 7/8/2012, 6:08 AM
Hmm... I would say hopefully this is not true, in a way.

Number 1: Marvel needs to introduce more Avengers characters before 2, Black Panther, and Ant-Man, both need their solo films before they are introduced. Ms Marvel, Vision, Ms Marvel, etc. could probably be introduced in the film. So yeah after they do those films it would be fine though.

The biggest thing is Thanos must not use the Gauntlet in Avengers. Way too big a story line to be contained in Avengers.

If you're interested in the reasons, I'll be doing an editorial about that soon, so keep an eye out for it. :)
dellamorte1872 - 7/8/2012, 6:14 AM
shes really not integral to the team. she's just the "female hawkeeye" doing things on screen no REGULAR human who's just good at mercenary stuff can realistically do. THIS doesnt deserve a place on a team where she tows the line with way more heavy hitters. i always said if you saw her on FILM her character would look weak; MOCKINGBIRD will too. hawkeye's only around b/c he's the "fan" fav he'll be back as much as RENNER's schedule will allow! hawkeye is THE fan favorite AVENGER. i could deal with BW + HULK not in the sequel. make room for other AVENGERS and the trinity of CAP/THOR/IM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TO HIGHLIGHT. not just iron-man!
SCURVYDOG619 - 7/8/2012, 6:18 AM
By the Sun's math,that's committing over 150 million just for the actors before even getting into effects

The Sun must think Avengers 2 is going to have a 500 million dollar budget or something...
MadTitan - 7/8/2012, 6:21 AM
as the banner reads rumor,i'll take it as such. details seem to be incoherent and unfounded so wtf,who cares. the movie will be shown when it's ready and if it's good i would definitely be there!
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