THE AVENGERS: Tom Hiddleston On Loki's Battles With Captain America & The Hulk

THE AVENGERS: Tom Hiddleston On Loki's Battles With Captain America & The Hulk

While discussing his reprisal of the role of Loki in The Avengers, Hiddleston briefly talks about facing off against two specific members of the team..

In this month's issue of Total Film Tom Hiddleston speaks about getting his start in acting and some of his movie roles since. But of course most interesting to us here at CBM is is work in Thor, in which he played the villain Loki, and the reprisal of that role for Joss Whedon's The Avengers. We already know that Loki will throw down with each member of the team individually, but we don't really know any of the details. Well in the interview Hiddleston dishes a little on what we can expect from his confrontations with both Captain America (Chris Evans) and the completely CG'd Hulk. He doesn't give too much away so I don't think we really need a spoiler warning, however he does seem to suggest that Loki may go down the mind control route when faced with the power of the Green Goliath..

"I had huge fun with Chris Evans, as Captain America, because super-soldier though he may be, he's still a man, up against a God who in his own mind is infinitely superior. Then, in the ring with The Hulk, we've got this silver tongued, lightening quick mind up against the embodiment of rage..Loki has this mercurial, transformative ability, not just physically but intellectually, so not all the fights are purely physical. Mind games? Maybe.."

I'll take that as a definitely. Could we see Loki control The Hulk and set him against his team mates as we did in the very first Avengers story from the comics? We won't have too long to find out as The Avengers hits theaters May 4th. For the rest of thsi interview check out the latest issue of Total Film, out now.

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MrReese - 2/20/2012, 5:37 AM
Can't wait 2 c Loki!!! Tom is a bad ass XD
Khemik - 2/20/2012, 6:13 AM
Not Mind Control. Mind games. There is a difference
HavocPrime - 2/20/2012, 6:13 AM
Awesomes only two more months to go!!
Fogs - 2/20/2012, 6:15 AM
Loki will unleash the Hulk on the Helicarrier. You heard it here first.

@tea - well thought!
ManThing - 2/20/2012, 6:18 AM
sweet. Makes sense. Tom Hiddleston is such a great actor.He blew me away in Thor

It will be interesting to see a Cap-Loki square off I guess. But really, it's ridiculous.

Cap could never possibly harm Loki no matter what he did. Your average Asgardian child is ten times stronger than Cap.
Rulk - 2/20/2012, 6:30 AM
Kayo - 2/20/2012, 6:44 AM
Loki battled CAP and HULK = EPIC

Wonder what could Dr. Selvig possibly do under Loki's control.
Orphix - 2/20/2012, 6:50 AM
At the risk of repeating what others have already posted and appearing a bit nerdy but the Hulk (in Avengers #1) never becomes mind controled by Loki.

Loki just tricks him into trashing a railtrack with an illusion.
dahamma - 2/20/2012, 6:53 AM
mind games!!! he may control the hulk for a second!
DaenerysTargaryen - 2/20/2012, 7:06 AM
"I had huge fun with Chris Evans"
Cue fangirls misinterpreting that
Wildaniel - 2/20/2012, 7:09 AM
Loki fighting with Captain America?!? This cant be!!! You know ever since Cap was unfrozen he has been depressed. Peggy is dead, Bucky is gone, and Cap cant even get drunk so he found himself in a bromance...

zachshivey - 2/20/2012, 7:19 AM
Tom Hiddleston seems like such a cool dude...everytime they interview him he always sneaks in alittle info on what he did for the movie & how he made it badass
SpideyQuad - 2/20/2012, 7:25 AM
guys, I'm sensing we could have a movie of, dare I say, epic epicness
Seejay - 2/20/2012, 7:32 AM

DaenerysTargaryen - 2/20/2012, 8:03 AM
*right click. Save picture as* ;D
Cth - 2/20/2012, 8:13 AM
So, Loki shape-changes into Banner or something like that to confuse the Hulk.. I could them throwing Ruffalo a bone that way.. it all depends on how smart Hulk is really.
HULK2099 - 2/20/2012, 8:53 AM
Hulk will eat your ass Loki !!!
THORGodOfThunder - 2/20/2012, 8:54 AM
Minghagz - 2/20/2012, 9:00 AM
sounds badass, can't wait for this shit!
PeterParker1991 - 2/20/2012, 9:02 AM
Looking forward to seeing this. Three months to go. Bring it!
ThaMessenger07 - 2/20/2012, 9:22 AM
Cap kicking people in the face makes me happy.... :)
PeterDarker121 - 2/20/2012, 10:21 AM
"Hulk no want Loki to play with Hulk's mind anymore....Hulk get...ANGRY..."

BigThor - 2/20/2012, 10:32 AM
@Nomis - It's funny because Loki looks almost completely unfazed by Cap's kick in that pic you posted.
Wildaniel - 2/20/2012, 11:10 AM
You guys are getting it all wrong, Loki will not control the Hulk, thats Amora The Enchantress job, lol, I hope.
marvel72 - 2/20/2012, 11:48 AM
loki is gonna take it to the next level in the avengers.

villain of the year.
DEFENDER - 2/20/2012, 12:26 PM
this movie is ruined before it begins without the appearence of thor's helmet.
DEFENDER - 2/20/2012, 12:29 PM
thor could have been wearing his helmet inside shield headquartwers only for speaking parts and that would satisfy the fans.
DEFENDER - 2/20/2012, 12:33 PM
to just outright exclude thor's helmet in the avengers movie was a very bad decision on the part of the producer,director or maybe even the actor.
DEFENDER - 2/20/2012, 12:39 PM
whoever or whatever parties responsible for not inserting thor's helmet as a vital part of his costume in the avengers movie does not possess enough knowledge of the marvel character.
DEFENDER - 2/20/2012, 12:41 PM
i waited 35 years for marvel to make a movie featuring thor only to be heartbroken & disappointed by not seeing thor wear his winged helmet.
dahamma - 2/20/2012, 12:49 PM
@Defender a little dramatic dont ya think ? lol Im a long time Thor fan too, and yes I would like to see the helmet, but I am SOHAPPY that they have someone to play him that not only LOOKS the part but can reflect the character I know him as in the comics. Heck they even made Thor into a badass so im not complaining. They got the character right,so what if he doesn't have his helmet. THe character himself is more important.

Now i could understand you if he didn't have a cape or Mjolnir but alas he does!
xXkryptoniteXx - 2/20/2012, 1:03 PM
Loki is bad ass and they have a great actor playing him as well, kudos for marvel casting this guy. It was really interesting seeing him in Thor, in the final battle. Loki is by far the 2nd best villain in the pass couple of years portrayed in a live action movie. Heath's joker then Loki, fassbender's magneto was good but joker and Loki was more deep and very well acted.
iamsohi - 2/20/2012, 1:03 PM
LETS HAVE A PITY PARTY FOR DEFENDER...LOL i agree with you but starting to rethink it after your crying in 5 consecutive posts! i dont really think its gonna detract from the movie all that much ,that is,unless you let it
BigThor - 2/20/2012, 1:11 PM
@Nomis - Yeah, but based on their abilites and what Hiddleston's been saying in his interviews...we all know how Loki vs Cap is going to turn out.
PeterDarker121 - 2/20/2012, 1:23 PM
@Defender...I FEEL ya, but who knows...maybe he WILL rock it sometime in the film. Meanwhile, just focus on THIS until May 4th and hope for the best.

mgeoff88 - 2/20/2012, 1:52 PM
This kind of sounds like an episode of the EMH cartoon.

Like Loki will deceive Hulk into thinking that every member of the team sees him as a monster and they don't trust him.

You know, something along those lines.
HulkbusterNYC - 2/20/2012, 2:04 PM
How does anyone know that we won't see Thor in the helmet? In the solo flick we only got like 10 seconds of it.. I'm sure we'll see it.. As far as Hemsworth & Hiddleston I think they were both perfectly cast..
thewolfx - 2/20/2012, 2:39 PM
dont hold your breath im sure you will die ^^^
LAWLZY96 - 2/20/2012, 3:16 PM
Tom Hiddleston is great as Loki, and in interviews he always seems to be one of the few guys that knows what he's talking about; like he really gets the character.
xXkryptoniteXx - 2/20/2012, 7:36 PM

I'm with you on that, I just watch Thor again yesterday and it's great that they have the helmet spot on and capture it on live action. They should have made him wear it when he was battling the frost giant at least. I really hope that they get him to wear it in the avengers movie, it well be gay not putting it on, it's Thor man. If any of the avengers doesn't need a head gear it should be cap. Captain america's helmet is ugly and even his costume is horrible.
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