The Avengers Will Face the Skrulls in 2012

<i>The Avengers</i> Will Face the Skrulls in 2012

Several insider reports have revealed who may be the actual villains in The Avengers movie(s); and why Marvel Studios doesn't need to chase down character rights.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: First off, I want to apologize for not being around much this week. I wish I could say I've been tracking down story leads, but my regular, non-CBM job required some much needed attention. I promise to respond to all of you who've been emailing me by the end of the day. I may not have time to keep watch on the comments section, but I'm check in every now and again.]

It's been assumed for several years now that Marvel Studios ensemble film The Avengers will follow the continuity of the original comics run; where Loki gains control over the Hulk to unleash his fury on Earth, which causes the superhero team to assemble for the first time. Last night I learned that this may not be the case, and apparently I'm not the only one who's privy to this information. Two fellow entertainment journalists, one being our own DCMarvel_Freshman, were tipped to this information around the same time as I was; and by two other sources close to the production.

The highlight of this insider scoop (DISCLAIMER: which has not been confirmed by the studio itself) is that the shape-changing alien race the Skrulls are being used as the main antagonists for The Avengers. Not only that, but the Skrulls will 'brainwash' and use the Hulk in a similar fashion Loki did in the comics. Don't expect a full on alien invasion, though; that will have to wait for a sequel. The Skrulls' role will be largely clandestine, similar to the way S.H.I.E.L.D. operates.

For those of you wondering who the Skrulls are, here's a brief synopsis courtesy of Marvel: 'The Skrulls are an extraterrestrial humanoid race who have created a vast interstellar empire, the oldest known empire still in existence, within the Andromeda Galaxy.. A Skrull can mentally cause the unstable molecules that comprise his or her body to become pliant, enabling him or her to assume other forms through muscular expansion and contraction. Once a new shape has been assumed (human, animal, alien), it takes a conscious act of will to assume another form or revert to natural.. Although the Skrulls became aware of Earth (due to its nearness to a natural warp-space access point) eons ago, it was not until recent times that they considered Earth’s threat. Their first regular surveillances of Earth began in the 1930s. To date most of the Skrulls’ excursions to Earth have been extremely small-scale, with no more than a handful of soldier-infiltrators being dispatched at any given time. It is not yet known how the death of the current ruling family will affect official policy toward Earth or the government of the empire in general. '

Apparently, the Skrulls won't be the only alien race to be introduced in The Avengers; their enemy, the Kree, will also have a presence as Earthly allies. This isn't surprising information, considering a young actor by the name of Kevin Pennington has been rumored to portray a character by the name of Noh-Varr; who just so happens to be a Kree. Though I couldn't get confirmation that Noh-Varr is Pennington's role, at his point, all signs are pointing to 'yes.'

That's not all, True Believers, the last bit of information I managed to talk to this source about was regarding comic character film rights, and how Marvel Studios is planning on bringing fan-favorites like Spider-Man, Wolverine and the Fantastic Four back under their umbrella. It seems like the opposite it true. Marvel has no intention of working out deals with neither Fox nor Sony in an effort to use the characters (including the ones mentioned above) in future Marvel Studios projects. Instead, they will simply, "pretend they don't exist in the Marvel Cinema Universe until those companies inevitably grow tired of them."

How on Earth will those studios grow tired of characters that offer them tent pole film franchise opportunities? It may not take as long as expected; after all, there are only so many times you can 'reboot' a character before the general movie going public looses interest. Though it may take another decade or so, that seems to be an acceptable wait for Marvel to bring their heroes home.

Bio Information courtesy of Marvel; Image courtesy of CAS

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cologne - 5/20/2010, 4:08 AM
SGA - 5/20/2010, 4:10 AM
I think I disagree with the above comment.

especially the part about Marvel just pretending the other superheroes don't exist in the CinemaVerse.

I can understand that, but if I were head of marvel, I'd try to get those properties back and do it right.

Then again, Marvel gets money either way. Damn royalties.
number10 - 5/20/2010, 4:11 AM
change main title to skrulls not skulls, cheers
Breasticles7 - 5/20/2010, 4:11 AM
The title says "Skulls" it's Skrulls.
SpideyDude - 5/20/2010, 4:12 AM
Hey you guys have been using my avengers logo alot recently in articles

I dont mind but could you possibly credit me (spidey-dude, as I go by online) for it from now on??

tazmaniak - 5/20/2010, 4:19 AM
I would have thought the Skrulls were a part of the F4 property, but Kevin Feige said Marvel owned them at last year's Comicon.Anyway, I think the Skrulls may not be the right villains for the first movie.I could see them doing a Secret Invasion type story, but it would be better down the line.I mean, where do you go after an alien invasion?What are they gonna do for a sequel?
MisterNiceGuy - 5/20/2010, 4:20 AM
this is without a doubt some of the best news i have ever read on this site. i looooveeeee the skrulls. i hope to god this gets confirmed
cologne - 5/20/2010, 4:22 AM
SGA@ Marvel has so many great characters to choose from, there is just no need to put Wolverine or Spider-Man in every movie. Blade was a perfect example of introducing a lesser known character to the audiences. Guys like Namor, Black Panther or Dr. Strange should at least appear in some of the future marvel films
1chris2 - 5/20/2010, 4:22 AM
cool love the skrull,but what about the leader he needs to either be in the avengers film or they need to announce a hulk sequel for 2013.
JoshWilding - 5/20/2010, 4:27 AM
Nice find MULTI.

As much as I want to see some version of the Kree/Skrull war on the big screen, I hope that this news isnt true. I'd be far happier if they follow the classic Loki/Hulk storyline in The Avengers and only set up the Skrulls for the sequel climaxing with the war in a third film.

"pretend they don't exist in the Marvel Cinema Universe until those companies inevitably grow tired of them." - well, that sucks. :( It's not that I'm desperate to see Spider-Man join the Avengers or anything, but the thought of seeing him team up with Daredevil or the FF is awesome. Cant see that ever happenning now..!
Orphix - 5/20/2010, 4:28 AM
Hmmm - I hope the Avengers doesn't get too sci-fi with loads of spaceships and aliens and stuff.

Mind you, using the Skrulls in an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers type way could be very cool.

Undecided as to how incredibly excited I should be about this rumour...
DrZoidboig - 5/20/2010, 4:30 AM
Ok, maybe I have missed other posts by MPP but I have noticed one striking similarity, everyone one of them has to do with Kevin Pennington. Unless he happens to be the actor himself I would bet that he has something to do with publicity for said actor, look the guy up on IMDB he has two acting credits. Secondly this sounds to good to be true, my bet is that we will see either Ultron, Ten Rings (Mandarin), or a combination of main character villains... Best way to prove this would be to find out if any villains have multiple picture deals in the works.
JoshWilding - 5/20/2010, 4:34 AM
I wonder if this means we'll see Skrulls in The First Avenger: Captain America? It's possible as it's that sort of storyline that The Ultimates followed! Plus, Whedon's sci-fi background and comic book work points to him liking that sort of thing so it's likely he wanted that included if he rewrote both scripts and is directing The Avengers!
BubbaDude - 5/20/2010, 4:34 AM
Part one: Avengers form and fight an alien-influenced Hulk. Then find out about said aliens.

Part two: Kree-Skrull War!!!!
nikolavuk - 5/20/2010, 4:37 AM
cool and good
contrast - 5/20/2010, 4:38 AM
@DrZoidboig-- you've definitely missed some of MPP's other posts, because he only started reporting on Pennington once he was rumored to have a role in the Avengers movie...

MPP's brought us great content such as his coverage of the Green Lantern shooting locations in Louisiana, and, well, countless other things...
InTylerWeTrust - 5/20/2010, 4:41 AM
Interesting. I thought that they would save the Skrulls for sequels. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
yowsaman - 5/20/2010, 4:45 AM
nice find mpp

well as multi stated they wont make such a huge appearance in the first movie. so i'm not really worried about introducing them as villians.

come to think of it it would make a great movie having them
Morgatron - 5/20/2010, 4:58 AM
Wow.I suggested that back awhile ago and everyone ripped my a$$ for like a week that it was just going to be the hulk as the bad guy. And look now......
Morgatron - 5/20/2010, 5:03 AM
Plus they cant use Fantastic Four b/c of chris evans. He may be good, but not good enough to do two roles at once.
AshleyWilliams - 5/20/2010, 5:04 AM
Awesome news!
Vafrous - 5/20/2010, 5:17 AM
CorndogBurglar - 5/20/2010, 5:18 AM
like Josh said, the skrulls were the first villains in the Ultimates. they went by the name Chitauri, but they were the Ultimate Skrulls. they even said they were known as Skrulls in certain parts of the universe.

anyway, i think this is a pretty cool thing to do. better than the Cosmic Cube, like many people thought the Avengers would be about. I have no doubt the Cosmic Cube will be in Captain America, though.
CorndogBurglar - 5/20/2010, 5:22 AM
@ DrZoidBoig

well, i don't know if you're new or what, but what you just said about Multi is pretty ridiculous, lol.

He's not Pennington, and he's not a PR person for Pennington.

thats actually funny.
Duhdaduh - 5/20/2010, 5:34 AM
I agree that characters like spiderman, wolverine, and ff should just be overlooked for these movies and be in a separate universe...

BUT please, hell no to the skrulls!! i hate those little green martians and they would make the Avengers so dumb! Stick to whats good!! Loki! Hulk! maybe hint at some third villain working behind the scenes but nothing beyond that! if theyre gonna jump into the ET category, u gotta milk the audience into the idea by doing it gradually!

alien-related stories (if any) should wait until Iron Man 3, with the Mandarin and his rings
antz1104 - 5/20/2010, 5:37 AM
NICE FIND MULTI!!! This could be a bangin' movie if they can pull that off!
mindform - 5/20/2010, 5:40 AM
Ummmm, I don't know how I feel about this. I mean, they already have Loki (a great one, apparently) Why not use the original story?

On the other hand, this has potential for epicness. Yeah, idk.
plan99fromouterspace - 5/20/2010, 6:08 AM
Is anyone really surprised about this? When Marvel commissioned the Ultimates their vision for it was "What if the Marvel Universe was made into a movie?" In it, Nick Fury says if anyone were to play him in the movie it wold be Samuel L Jackson. As far as "[frick] Yeah" moments, Ultimates 2 was packed with them. If they make it to a part 2 (and who am I kidding they will), Joss Whedon will make it the GREATEST COMIC BOOK MOVIE EVER MADE.
DaenerysTargaryen - 5/20/2010, 6:22 AM
I really hope marvel buys back the rights to Spiderman, Fantastic four, and wolverine. :)
prototype87 - 5/20/2010, 6:29 AM
seriously? the skrulls? they're classic villains..but i wasn't expecting them at first.. idk.. well, i'm sure it's gonna be great anyways.
Shaman - 5/20/2010, 6:39 AM
I really hope Noh-Varr is in it and if so, a brief mention and cameo of Mar-Vell could be pretty freakin' cool ;)

Destroyer14 - 5/20/2010, 6:41 AM
I guess they are going with an alien invasion. I guess that is alright. I would have wanted Ultron.
ElBicho - 5/20/2010, 6:41 AM
Civil War due out in 2018.
THEMRTERRIFIC - 5/20/2010, 6:44 AM
If this is true this is very good news!
astromerc - 5/20/2010, 6:52 AM
This is FAN-tastic! news!!! Thank you Marvel for listening to the Fans! CIVIL WAR!!!!
Growler - 5/20/2010, 6:55 AM
This seems like a good way of combining the 616 and Ultimates universes.

Starting to drool now.
ROMACK - 5/20/2010, 6:55 AM
Skrulls could be cool. Not what I would have expected. I just hope they do it right.
dczhen - 5/20/2010, 6:57 AM
It better be good. Is the picture the real thing though?
yowsaman - 5/20/2010, 6:58 AM
i've been expecting they would go with the ultimate version all along with some side twist's.
Look at the animated movie version. there great in my opinion.

kick some skrull's ass avengers!
InstigatorGIRL - 5/20/2010, 7:12 AM
@Starsapphire I agree. I hope they do as well. I hate when they do the whole, "oh they don't exist..."

@Poni Great stuff! Been waiting to hear about this since you tweeted about it. ^_^
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