Hit the jump to check out this cool mashup video that features the Power Rangers television intro which instead highlights each of the characters from the Joss Whedon-directed superhero epic...

I'm not going to lie, that was pretty great. Now, if you'd please excuse me, I'm about to put The Avengers Blu-ray and watch it again for the...yeah, I lost count. What do you think of the video?
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Giznad - 3/18/2013, 2:57 PM
good god i hate power rangers
TheSonicScrew - 3/18/2013, 3:00 PM
"they only use their weapons fooooor defeeeeeence!"

^^^Greatest lyrics of any tv theme tune ever
sephiroth211 - 3/18/2013, 3:01 PM

Man that brought back hella memories.
SuperJoe - 3/18/2013, 3:01 PM
it was about the equivalent.... I enjoyed the movie but it is to date the most overrated movie.
marvel72 - 3/18/2013, 3:03 PM
yeah i can't f*ckin stand the power rangers but that was pretty cool.
Marqy47 - 3/18/2013, 3:03 PM
Holy crap .... suddenly Im 7 again .. I like it :)
LucasMend - 3/18/2013, 3:05 PM
that was brilliant
spartan6888 - 3/18/2013, 3:06 PM
HAHAAHH! That was f^&*Ing awesome!
sinister84 - 3/18/2013, 3:07 PM
Great! Just great!
UrbanTheEmcee - 3/18/2013, 3:07 PM
this is genius, especially since I've been watching MMPR on Netflix for the past week.
LAXtremest - 3/18/2013, 3:08 PM
Power Rangers were awesome when I was in 4th grade.
rockerdude22 - 3/18/2013, 3:11 PM
Pretty cool! Used to love Power Rangers as a kid, so this brought back some memories for me! Not to mention, you got to love the Pink Ranger herself, Ms. Amy Jo Johnson!

Luminus - 3/18/2013, 3:11 PM
I saw this an hour ago on another site. I think it's pretty well done.
SuperJoe - 3/18/2013, 3:15 PM

You like this but hate kashchei2003's stuff? You sir are an ass hat.
Jer3miah - 3/18/2013, 3:17 PM
That was incredible. Many kudos to the editor of that one.
Silentman - 3/18/2013, 3:18 PM
so many memories brought back...
MrReese - 3/18/2013, 3:19 PM
lmao that was great!
Wildaniel - 3/18/2013, 3:19 PM
That was great, best mash-up ever!
sephiroth211 - 3/18/2013, 3:20 PM
@Rocker: I had a huge crush on Karan Ashley's character.

Lawd, this woman is still fine as hell.
rockerdude22 - 3/18/2013, 3:24 PM
@sephiroth211 Can't forget Catherine Sutherland either! haha

Shadow137 - 3/18/2013, 3:26 PM
Too funny. I needed that laugh today
MrDonut - 3/18/2013, 3:32 PM
Anyone remember Ivan Ooze (the weird Freddy Kreuger looking baddie)? Scared me shitless as a kid...
sephiroth211 - 3/18/2013, 3:33 PM
@Rocker: I always thought she was cuter than Amy Jo. I think it's because I have a thing for blonde women.

Tommy (Jason Frank) has always been a beast.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 3/18/2013, 3:44 PM
The space sequences reminded me of the space scenes with Rita Repulsa and Zedd
sephiroth211 - 3/18/2013, 3:49 PM
@ATastyBurger: I hated that shit!!!!

The Japanese did the same thing, but it was with the white tiger Ranger.

TheIconicMan - 3/18/2013, 3:49 PM
I really don't know why, but I used to love this when I was a kid..
thewolfx - 3/18/2013, 3:56 PM
I feel sorry for the poor assholes who didnt growup on the original powerrangers

Your childhood must of sucked ass :-)
Jollem - 3/18/2013, 3:56 PM
lol. i've thought of the "suit up" scene like the rangers' zords emerging scene :)
KalEl1996 - 3/18/2013, 4:02 PM
Man, that was awesome! :)
MisterNiceGuy - 3/18/2013, 4:09 PM
I feel as if a Power Rangers movie is on the horizon once Pacific Rim does well in the B.O.
Fornication - 3/18/2013, 4:11 PM
But the film was already like that.
WawelDragon - 3/18/2013, 4:21 PM
Epic :D
GrayMatter - 3/18/2013, 4:27 PM
Lol, this was awesome! I was a huge Power Rangers fan as a kid. But I checked out when Turbo introduced that kid power ranger. Even as a child I thought that was stupid.

I heard Power Rangers in Space made up for it by being awesome, but I never really watched it other than catching a few episodes.
third3ye - 3/18/2013, 4:29 PM
Cute... but I hope to dear god this doesn't inspire the SHIELD TV show intro!
helacaster - 3/18/2013, 4:32 PM
Jollem - 3/18/2013, 4:33 PM
go, go, power 'vengers :)
eleven59 - 3/18/2013, 4:34 PM
say what you want about PR, they always have some hawties on it

some of my favs-

2 female villains:

amy rolle

and adelaide kane

but lets not forget another pink ranger and ted mosby's sister:

erin cahill

yeah i have a weakness for dark hair lol
NextHero08 - 3/18/2013, 4:45 PM
Anyone who hated the Power Rangers growing up was deprived of what real joy is.
Tony93 - 3/18/2013, 5:07 PM
Jollem - 3/18/2013, 5:07 PM
power rangers was fun, if not corny and cheesy and all that :)
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