Anne Hathaway Reportedly Striving "To Be The Sexiest Catwoman Ever"!

Anne Hathaway Reportedly Striving "To Be The Sexiest Catwoman Ever"!

According to a movie insider, actress Anne Hathaway is working out five days a week and hoping to upstage Halle Berry by becoming, "the sexiest Catwoman ever." Hit the jump for more...

The Daily Mail have offered up some new information about Anne Hathaway's preparation to play Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, and if their "source" is to be believed, it looks like she has her eyes set on taking Halle Berry's place as one of the sexiest portrayals of the character! (despite you guys recently voting for Michelle Pfeiffer to hold that title!) Here is an excerpt from their report.

Meanwhile, Anne, who changed into a pale yellow dress for the film's after-party, is taking teh transformation into Catwoman pretty seriously. The actress, who follows both Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, is said to have been putting in some intense preparation for the role.

A source told the Mail: 'Anne is working out five days a week. She's taking it very seriously and wants her body in tip-top condition. 'Secretly she hopes to upstage Halle Berry, who last played Catwoman. She's doing dance classes, weight-training and cardio - she wants to be the sexiest Catwoman ever.'


Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Michael Caine as Alfred
Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon
Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox
Tom Hardy as Bane
Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tom Blake
Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate
Josh Pence as Ra's Al Ghul

RELEASE DATE: July 20th, 2012

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kingmonkeyman - 8/13/2011, 2:26 PM
And I want to be an astronaut.
Canon108 - 8/13/2011, 2:28 PM
But does Catwoman wear the cowl?...that's the thing I think most people want to know.
PaulRom - 8/13/2011, 2:30 PM
She'll be the sexiest. Mark my words.

JackDexx - 8/13/2011, 2:32 PM
she is too skinny. she needs to lift big macs.
Cross - 8/13/2011, 2:35 PM
JordanKing - 8/13/2011, 2:39 PM
Not with that face she won't be.
FireKnightRises - 8/13/2011, 2:47 PM
sure she's good but what she needs right now is a cowl
Tainted87 - 8/13/2011, 2:48 PM
She ought to tell her costume designer that.
DaenerysTargaryen - 8/13/2011, 2:48 PM
Good luck
Fantine - 8/13/2011, 2:49 PM
I read the Daily Mail, this is very old news Josh, they bring up that quote every time a Hathaway story is written. And she doesnt really have any competition, Michelle Pfeiffer looking like a goth drug addict in a PVC bondage suit..or Halle Berry, in a bra.
Cross - 8/13/2011, 2:51 PM
Cross - 8/13/2011, 2:52 PM

phenomenon - 8/13/2011, 2:52 PM
good luck..... it's gonna be tough to beat hale berry in her tight outfit.....
AVEN - 8/13/2011, 2:53 PM
My dear Anne Hathaway, the sexiest Catwoman ever? really? you make me LOL
CapFan79 - 8/13/2011, 2:55 PM
Enough with the "mark my words" shit.

Of course it'll likely be a good movie. From what I've seen though this cat suit and Bane look shit.

MovieMann - 8/13/2011, 2:58 PM
Wont be long now until SigmaCenturion comes out of his cave!
GUNSMITH - 8/13/2011, 3:01 PM

MovieMann - 8/13/2011, 3:02 PM
Everyone is a poor choice until we see their performances and shit bricks like we're watching TDK for the first time again.
During TDK casting:
"Heath Ledger?! I have lost faith! Give us Jack or Brody!"
While watching TDK in theaters:
"Holy shit! Wow! Oh...damn...oh..SHIT!"
After seeing it:
"That was the best Batman movie ever! Heath Ledger was [frick]ing amazing!"
-by Slashfilmcast commentor
Viking - 8/13/2011, 3:02 PM
Hale Berry is hotter then har. She's way too skinny to be the sexiest Catwoman. Where the hell are those big [frick]ing nice boobs ? and that big Kim Kardashian booty
SkrullWar - 8/13/2011, 3:02 PM
Yes,she will be ;)
manthingnitsuj - 8/13/2011, 3:02 PM
dude, i love her. stop fragging off this movie until it gets finished.
GUNSMITH - 8/13/2011, 3:04 PM
ScionStorm - 8/13/2011, 3:04 PM
She kinda has a body like Meg from Hercules.
FireKnightRises - 8/13/2011, 3:08 PM
it's funny how there's 2 actor from brokeback mountain in batman films
jack gylenhall considered to play bruce wayne before bale
and there's his sister in TDK

if gylenhall playing batman, we will see gay cowboy reunion in TDK lol

mbomb22 - 8/13/2011, 3:09 PM
I think shes hot enough to be the sexiest. but i gotta see how she moves in the outfit to really judge it
spidey1994 - 8/13/2011, 3:09 PM
I actually voted her as the sexiest Catwoman lol
AsianVersionOfET - 8/13/2011, 3:13 PM
I think she will be. And also I'm a Nolanite.
Justinishulk - 8/13/2011, 3:14 PM
she just looking good but not that sexy, she has no ass......
RyanLantern77 - 8/13/2011, 3:26 PM
Ol pancake butt is not sexy.
Greengo - 8/13/2011, 3:31 PM
Dammit Josh. We all know Michelle is the hottest. What do you mean Halle? I know you didn't say it. But you coulda quota cbm's own poll in the teaser. Your awesome
SigmaCenturion - 8/13/2011, 3:32 PM
yeah anne hathaway was ok in some of the other movies i watched of hers but i dont see her as catwoman really but its mainly the costume though. the passengers was one of her movies i liked.
Greengo - 8/13/2011, 3:32 PM
@jackdexx is f'n funny lol
GodzillaKart - 8/13/2011, 3:33 PM
Glad she's taking the role seriously, but I'm afraid she could never upstage Halle Berry as the sexiest Catwoman ever. I'm afraid Ms. Berry hold on that honor is just too great.
mpk1988 - 8/13/2011, 3:34 PM
@madking: Holy hell...

BigK1337 - 8/13/2011, 3:36 PM
Yyyyyyeeeeaah . . . . unless her costume either more skin tight or show some clevage (or for that matter, actually look like a cat) I can't say she'll be the sexiest Catwoman.

Pretty much, we all agreed that goes to Michelle Phiffer.
JULEZ13 - 8/13/2011, 3:36 PM
I like Anne Hathaway but I'm sorry, she just has no body. She's too skinny, no matter how much weight she gains she still won't be curvaceous like Halle Berry, it's impossible because she just doesn't have that frame. Plus, that suit and the complete darkness of the film isn't gonna help.
rbfn04 - 8/13/2011, 3:42 PM
As bad as the movie was, that title belongs to Halle. And you Anne, are no Halle.
MaddMonkk - 8/13/2011, 3:45 PM
I think she is very sexy but can she do the things Tori Black can do? Now that's SEXy!
Fantine - 8/13/2011, 3:46 PM
@Cross, im not a bitch....cause im a guy.
007440 - 8/13/2011, 3:49 PM
Halle Berry sexy? Really?? Really??? Really???? Really?????

She destroyed the character! Heck I bet not even this chick can bring it back. No better Catwoman than the blond girl in Batman returns

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