BATMAN RUMOR: Love Interests for Bruce and Gordon?

BATMAN RUMOR: Love Interests for Bruce and Gordon?

I heard a whisper last night from a good friend who works for (Agency name deleted)...

Charlize Theron, who is a client, has been approached to play a Detective Named Sarah Essen--a love interest for Jim Gordon. Actresses Kacie Thomas and Vera Farmiga have auditioned for the character role of Julie Madison. A love interest for Bruce Wayne.

I just thought you may be interested.

CBM Insert: Julie Madison was originally portrayed an oft-imperiled socialite who is engaged to Bruce Wayne. She was not aware of his activities as Batman when, in her first appearance, she was used as a pawn in the vampiric Monk's battle with the Dark Knight. She has also been associated with the villain Clayface. Read more about her HERE.

Sarah Essen first appears in Batman #405, part of the Batman: Year One storyline. She is a detective partnered with then-lieutenant James Gordon. She and the married Gordon start a brief affair. She is murdered by the Joker and is hinted as the real Mother of Barbara Gordon (batgirl). Read more about her HERE.

Personally, although Vera Farmiga is a MILF, I think she's probably a little too old to be Bruce's love interest. As always, in our scooper section, rumors such as this are just that, and suspect until there is some other evidence given or mounting corroboration, but this is where you CBMers get a chance to confirm or debunk by voting below. Which will it be?
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InSpace - 11/1/2010, 9:21 PM
This actually would make sense since Julie Madison is Bruce's first love interest. And Gordon cheats on his wife with Essen in the comics,although she is a DA in the comics which would actually make more sense.

Vera Farmigia is kinda old though,she was the Mom in Orphan and was the girl who sleeps with George Clooney in Up in the Air
brycied - 11/1/2010, 10:22 PM
i would be pleased with any of those. vera farmiga is only one year older than christian bale, so it would be okay i think.

BigChief16 - 11/1/2010, 10:40 PM
I would love to see Charlize Theron in this movie. In my opinion she would make a great Catwoman, but that's just me.

@brycied Yeah the Giants played a great game tonight!!!
rushr - 11/1/2010, 11:03 PM
hahaha have you guys actually seen what her "husband" in the orphan does to vera farmiga??? pretty hot stuff.(:
i say yes to CHARLIZE THERON!!!
Shaman - 11/2/2010, 6:12 AM
I'd call it as valid info. Nolan does love obscure bits from the source. Things that are kinda cool yet could go completely under the radar of anyone who didn't religiously read all the bat books. I myself don't recall any of those characters. And i'm sure none of Nolan's choices would prevent him from making another great chapter. I have faith. I just hope he goes back to his Batman Begins roots. TDK was just not my favorite type of CBM.

But, what is it with Nolan and his choice of women?!?!? Vera Farmiga could be Maggly Gyllenugly's twin!!!
Organa1978 - 11/2/2010, 6:54 AM
Julie Madison? Oh c´mon you really believe in this?
It´s gonna be Talia or Catwoman.
Well she can be Bruce´s love interest only at the beginning,but I´m pretty sure she won´t be his definitive love interest in the movie. Not really.
It definately does not exclude Talia or Catwoman.
And Gordon is already he can have a new love interest?
Sorry but I don´t believe in one word.
tazmaniak - 11/2/2010, 7:03 AM
Really?Gordon cheating on his wife?Do we really have time to cover this in the movies?Is this at all necessary?

And why does Batman/Bruce need a love interest?They need to actually give us some action in these movies.Some detective work.We don't need to bother with developing some relationships that aren't going anywhere.
Organa1978 - 11/2/2010, 7:07 AM
Forget it...Bruce/Batman will have a new love interest in this third movie.
This is absolute certainty.
Shaman - 11/2/2010, 8:12 AM
tazmaniak- Bruce always has a love interest. It's written in the geneva convention. Look it up LMAO :P

However, i would say that a slightly more well known love interest would be a lot better than these "who gives a shit" characters Nolan seems to be so interested in. Christ, he practically should have titled his film as "The dark of the Knight". So far, as much as i have faith in Nolan's filmmaking and in this movie still being a decent film no matter what, it's still shaping up to be the worst chapter of the trilogy, with the first one being the best. If anything we've heard is true, that is. Killer Croc, Gordon cheating, Sarah Essen, Julie Madison, Vera Farmiga, none of this is anywhere close to being necessary or interesting to me.
Swanky - 11/2/2010, 9:22 AM
I heard from my neighbors cousins brother that used to know a guy that this is fake.
A7 - 11/2/2010, 9:35 AM
i heard the same thing only it was a dude.
Shaman - 11/2/2010, 9:36 AM
Yeah but that dude lies all the time. He's like a kleptomaniac of lies. He told me the other day how all his lies are true, 60% of the time, everytime. And although his explanation makes a lot of sense, i just can't trust him anymore ;P
ager - 11/2/2010, 9:36 AM
Interesting i wouldnt mind if it happened at all
padrejeff - 11/2/2010, 9:41 AM
A love interest for Gordon would not only promote adultery, but especially a useless distraction for the movie. Let's be real, who is really interested in a Gordon love affair, or even Batman love affair? We're going to this kind of movie for the great action, good writing and awesome villians. Get a chick flick if we need a love interest. Isn't a love interest in the first two enough? If you're gonna have Bats have a woman, bring in Wonder Woman. That would spice things up and have the joy of seeing her punch a villian through a wall.
TheStranger - 11/2/2010, 10:27 AM
@ InSpace She is Detective Essen in Batman Year One, (and Gorden does cheat on his wife with her) which seems to be where Nolan is taking a lot of inspiration for his movies from.
rushr - 11/2/2010, 10:32 AM
yea, i agree but the fact is every hero has that girl they are fighting for. No matter the character. There is a empty hole in Batman's heart and thats the reason for bringing in a leading lady. I too, rather have action than love but movies need emotion. Thats the reason 4 a leading lady.

plus Gordon cheating on his wife actually did happen in the comics.. and shes actually a important detective who dies at the hands of the joker.
NiteSoul69 - 11/2/2010, 10:53 AM
Charlize Theron is hot and has proven she can act, would be a plus to almost any movie esp. a CBM, i just hope its more then just a love interest, she could really be an asset as a more important character, could pull off catwoman or poison ivey, not saying or arguing she is a perfect fit but atleast we would have a hot actress that can actually act
megabatfan - 11/2/2010, 11:06 AM
It seems to be a recipe for every single superhero movie. There always has to be some romantic interest. In particular Batmovies
1. Vicki Vale
2. Catwoman
3. Chase Merridian
4. Julie Madison
5. & 6. Rachel Dawes
7. Julie Madison/ Catwoman/ Talia Al Ghul?
megabatfan - 11/2/2010, 11:13 AM
Honestly I think Bruce is to scarred right now to take on a romantic interest. He hasn't the time for it after losing Rachel & his alter ego Batman being on the from the law. Any female lead character would have to take form of the likes of Catwoman or Talia.
Organa1978 - 11/2/2010, 11:17 AM

I have no doubt that it´s gonna be Talia(my bet)or Catwoman...
Vital - 11/2/2010, 11:42 AM
After the shit Gordon with through with Two Face and his family almost dying, I hardly think he'd be cheating anytime soon lol. It's just bad timing to even suggest he would. This seems like a rumor.
Organa1978 - 11/2/2010, 11:43 AM
Jett already dismissed these rumors about Sarah and Julie...I already knew it was BS.
ManThing - 11/2/2010, 11:49 AM
lol. Shammy said "Maggly Gyllenugly"
Shaman - 11/2/2010, 12:00 PM
HAHA!!! You're right, Juggs! I did!!! LMAO Boy is that nickname accurate, ini't? :P
D1Puck1T - 11/2/2010, 12:28 PM
At no point was it EVER hinted at that Sarah Essen "may be the true mother of Batgirl".

I mean, first off, you should really be saying "true mother of Barbara Gordon" since Barbara's Oracle these days, and we're on our fifth Batgirl. But let's ignore that.

Roger Gordon married Thelma.
Thelma Gordon gave birth to Babs.
Roger and Thelma died.
Babs got adopted by Roger's brother, James, who people know better as Jim/Commissioner Gordon.

That's if you're going by the books, not "what everyone knows". And if you're bringing up this character at all, you're going by the books.

I'm guessing "CBM contributor" checked the wiki for the character's name, saw the "I always called her Sarah, and now it's too late to call her Mom" quote, and assumed it meant something biological when it was just referring to an emotional bond. Sloppy.
GusGalaxy - 11/2/2010, 1:00 PM
i honestly am hoping for talia, but am still hoping the lead villain is male, that way it's a physical fight batman has to endure, along with the wits.. talia would be the perfect wildcard, much like catwoman was in batman returns, only more of a love/hate relationship, and besides she's one of the few we have yet to even see on film, i think if any female leads deserve to be in it, why not her?
Organa1978 - 11/2/2010, 1:43 PM

I´m pretty sure the main villain will be a male...highly doubt it´s going to be a woman.
Personally I´d love to see Black Mask as the main villain and Talia as the supporting villain/love interest.
It seems more likely to me to have them in the movie.
SandMan101 - 11/2/2010, 1:45 PM
idk how they can kill her off with the joker since u know... the joker isnt going to be in tdkr?? lol
jaysin420 - 11/2/2010, 1:48 PM
Is it possible that Gordon can turn bad in the next movie? I guess it would be too much like Harvey in the TDK, but Oldman is such a great actor I was thinking it could be really cool. Especially since he's like the only person Batman can trust at this point.
DukeAcureds - 11/2/2010, 2:54 PM
@Shaman -good to know I'm not the only one that prefers Batman Begins to The Dark Knight.
They already did Julie Madison in Batman and Robin. Elle MacPhereson played her. They should do Portia Storme (Julie Madisons stage name) if they really want to give a nod and a wink to the old school bat-fans. Maybe she could be a porn star instead of a film actress to make it grittier and more modern.
Sarah Essen would be good to take over from Harvey Dent if they make it that she already has a history with Gordon and is trying not to screw him this time.
comicb00kguy - 11/2/2010, 3:44 PM
Duke: I also prefer Batman Begins to The Dark Knight.

PadreJeff: You're absolutely right. We don't go to superhero films to see a love story. We go to them to see people with amazing powers and abilities fighting in a film that is wall-to-wall action action action!
WorldsGreatestdetective - 11/2/2010, 3:51 PM
Having these two in a batman movie would be great
ager - 11/2/2010, 4:04 PM
Balegirlbrazil... if Jett already disproved this than im convinced it AINT TRUE. the man knows whats hes talking about. been following his site for a decade
DukeAcureds - 11/2/2010, 4:11 PM
Dark Knight was a bit below par, but Heath's Joker was the titties. He rocked that shit.
JettD60 got a good nose for this. He's got a lot of reliable insiders. I wouldn't be suprised if Goyer or Nolan talk to him and swear him to secrecy. They like him, apparently.
Organa1978 - 11/2/2010, 5:39 PM

I don´t believe in one word that Jett word!
He does not know anything.
I don´t believe and don ´t trust Jett.
ager - 11/2/2010, 6:31 PM
Balegirl, really? im with DukeAcur. his sight is "responsible" for your boy Bale even being considered. Remember how close Lachy Hulme was to being Joker? Jett is on the cusp of Nolan movie. As Duke stated, they trust him not to spoil things either. Why not beleive what he says. ive been chugging his punch for 10 years, hes convinced me ;)
Organa1978 - 11/2/2010, 6:53 PM
I only will believe in him if Nolan confirms something that Jett said.
But in this moment,I don´t believe in him.
Sarah Essen,Julie Madison...aff it´s ridiculous.
I don´t believe him.
Organa1978 - 11/3/2010, 8:33 AM
Please no Catwoman and no Vera "Gyllenhaal" Farmiga
RyKnow - 11/3/2010, 8:38 AM
I reckon this is a rumour, and a bad one. Considering Nolan is notoriously secretive (no details of Inception were revealed untill a couple of months before it opened, for example), it's not like him to start revealing information about a film that's nearly two years away.
Also, the Gordon love affair story is tacky and stupid. What works on paper doesn't necessarily work on film.
LEEE777 - 11/3/2010, 8:44 AM

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