Behind-The-Scenes Pictures of Heath Ledger on THE DARK KNIGHT Set

Behind-The-Scenes Pictures of Heath Ledger on THE DARK KNIGHT Set

Make-up artist John Caglione Jr. has posted some never before seen pictures of the late Heath Ledger, including one of his last day on the set of The Dark Knight.

Heath Ledger will always be remembered as a terrific actor, but it was his acclaimed performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight that cemented his legend. A performance that transcended the comic book movie genre, and earned him one of the highest honors, an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Now we can enjoy those moments once again with these wonderful behind-the-scenes images.

In 2009, John recieved an Academy Award Best Makeup nomination for the iconic "Joker" makeup on Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th 2012 and stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Garly Oldman as Jim Gordon, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.

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Name - 2/29/2012, 4:00 AM
Makes me want to watch The Dark Knight again.
bellEND - 2/29/2012, 4:02 AM
Ahhhhhhh! Lazy eye.
Denn1s - 2/29/2012, 4:05 AM
too bad there is no behind the scenes footage in the dvd extras...i wanted to see him giving an interview backstage.
MisterJay - 2/29/2012, 4:34 AM
this guy took the comicbook movies to another level, [frick] Nolan ... this guy make tdk so epic.....
elessarundomiel2382 - 2/29/2012, 4:34 AM
I think the fact that he stayed in the Joker mindset 24 hours a day plus the fact that he did drugs, split up from his wife all got to him.
GUNSMITH - 2/29/2012, 4:38 AM
Jobu - 2/29/2012, 4:44 AM
Which way is he looking? He sees all
GUNSMITH - 2/29/2012, 4:49 AM
GUNSMITH - 2/29/2012, 4:50 AM
comicbookjerk - 2/29/2012, 4:58 AM
You know it really Pisses me off theres no heath Leadger Bonus Features on the blu Ray or the DVD Nolan can go to hell for that!

There holding off on all the good Ledger stuff to probley release a Trilogy box set and that really makes me made cause I already own 3 copies of the dark knight
ibravosp5 - 2/29/2012, 5:09 AM
R.I.P Heath Ledger. You will be missed.
MrReese - 2/29/2012, 5:18 AM
hmmm I still wonder how Nolan is gonna incorporate the Joker in TDKR.I mean if Nolan's connecting all 3 films,he can not not be mentioned or left out right??

R.I.P Heath!!
CrowPirate1 - 2/29/2012, 5:23 AM
Heath's movie made me really love the genre again. I mean, seeing Superman fly was great, Spiderman to swing, Batman to be serious and cool, Captain America to be heroic, etc..

Batman Begins villains were bad, but not layered nor did they have depth. With Heath's movie, (esp starting with the great bank robbery), you had depth and the foreboding music rumbling beneath the film and your self conscious. These were evil villains, and the Joker was not just crazy, he was willing to do anything to see his vision complete.

It made me happy to see a truly great villain be there for a great hero.

What a lot of the movies miss is that element. Without something to play off of, you can't reach true heights.

If everyone is one dimensional, then the end fight win isn't as satisfying. But the darker, and more layered the villain is, the more you feel like you watch a real comic on screen, and good really did triumph. Not just win because of the script.
blvdnoise - 2/29/2012, 5:25 AM
Kool find dude!
Owlman88 - 2/29/2012, 5:26 AM
DrGreecelove - 2/29/2012, 5:30 AM
Poor thing. The first picture must be from the day he had to hung upside down.
TheSoulEater - 2/29/2012, 5:36 AM
Its like we're seeing the progression of him getting into character as the photo's go down
R888 - 2/29/2012, 5:46 AM

[frick] you you arrogant piece of shit
95 - 2/29/2012, 5:57 AM
A fantastic actor.
MrReese - 2/29/2012, 5:57 AM
@R888 at least he said they were amazing pics ;)
Mysterion - 2/29/2012, 5:58 AM
RIP Heath
Mysterion - 2/29/2012, 6:00 AM
dahamma - 2/29/2012, 6:06 AM
this guy is the reason why TDK was as great as it was, not Nolan
Ceejay - 2/29/2012, 6:19 AM
Spoken like people who have ZERO idea what a director does or how much he has to contribute to preproduction, production and post production!

..apparently actors just turn up and the entire film makes itself according to them!
fattieacid - 2/29/2012, 6:20 AM
@dahamma @saintSpidey67Re ...Obviously you two are stupid.. Yeah Ledger did a good job but if it weren't for Nolan, nothing would in the film would of happened dumbass!
antonio - 2/29/2012, 6:23 AM
@Ceejay amen.
RorMachine - 2/29/2012, 6:31 AM
What Ceejay said..he speaks the truth sometimes;)
zerakis81 - 2/29/2012, 6:35 AM
R.I.P. Joker
MovieTheaterLad - 2/29/2012, 6:44 AM
Personally, I think Aaron Eckhart doesn't get NEARLY as much credit in this movie as he deserves.
MrReese - 2/29/2012, 7:12 AM
@batlizard11 If Heath was still alive I doubt they would have still used Bane.I would have loved 4 them 2 introduce Harley tho.Give Quinn a back story of how she falls 4 Joker in the Asylum & she eventually helps him escape.Double the chaos in TDK & that would've been a sweet [frick]in movie! IMO of course XD
PapaEmeritus - 2/29/2012, 7:23 AM
@dahamma, there is a thing called actor's direction, which the directors are in charge of. Don't be a fool.
DarthTesla - 2/29/2012, 7:46 AM
Sweet! How awesome. After TDKR comes out, I hope someone makes like a coffee table book about the production of Nolan's trilogy. Filled with stuff like this.
That would be just super.

soaponapope - 2/29/2012, 7:47 AM
i actually remember reading somewhere that ledger designed the jokers face paint, and got the makeup designer (this guy)'s and nolan's approval
SotNatt - 2/29/2012, 8:00 AM
Ah, he's so precious. I miss his talent.
spidey1994 - 2/29/2012, 8:04 AM
By far, the best screen version of The Joker ever! R.I.P. Heath.
LP4 - 2/29/2012, 8:20 AM

Tonic24k - 2/29/2012, 8:54 AM
Inspirational performance. I would have loved to see more Joker from Heath. And yes, a Harley Quinn tie-in would have been spectacular.

Btw, that grif punk needs to be perma-banned for his disrespectful comment. I'd kick you into a pit without hesitation.
Nubase - 2/29/2012, 11:06 AM
The late ledger was a method actor which means he stayed in character throughout production, he even said that when he ordered pizza in his hotel room he spoke in the joker voice! lol whoever was taking the order must of being wondering what the frick!

But yes his performance still amazes me to this day.
headlopper - 2/29/2012, 11:27 AM
He looks scary just like that.
ICStoopedPeople - 2/29/2012, 12:34 PM
Hamill will always be my favorite Joker, but goddamn did Ledger give him a run for his money.
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