Batman Producer Confirms 3rd Movie in 2011

Batman Producer Confirms 3rd Movie in 2011

In a recent interview, producer Michael Uslan said that we will indeed see a sequel to "The Dark Knight". Uslan, who is onboard as executive producer, estimates that the movie will hit theaters in 2011.

However he reveals nothing as far as plot or characters, saying only:

"It's one of those deals where if I told you, I'd have to kill you,"

I think everybody felt a 3rd movie was a foregone conclusion, but its nice to see that the wheels are in motion.

Presumably the project will return Nolan, Goyer & Co. (who've indicated they're already shaping workable story ideas for a third Bale-BAT adventure), although nothing should be seen as set in stone until former announcements are made.
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Gideon - 1/27/2009, 8:23 AM

I just hope they don't try and "overdo" this movie like they have with past sequels. What I mean is, just because you are building on the franchise doesn't mean you have to keep trying to outdo the previous film. Try and make a film that could stand on its own, and you'll have a winner. So, just because you're trying to follow the huge success of TDK, don't make the third film with 6 different villians in it thinking that bigger is always better. Character development is where it is at. I think that if they pick one or maybe two villians and actually focus on and delve deep into the characters and what motivates them, they'll definitely have a blockbuster on their hands. I mean, thats what everybody loved about Ledger was all the depth that they got out of his character. Can I get an AMEN!
Megabattle0 - 1/27/2009, 8:28 AM
I wonder what villans are gonna be in the 3rd film??? What i thought would be BA is if they did a little scene at the end, where it hints to who it is. Cause i was screaming with joy at the end of the first one, where Gordon handed Batman a joker card.....
Who agrees on saying that they should've put a little scene at the end???
Also, give your suggestions as to which villans and who should play them.
I personally say Mr. Freeze and The for playing them.....Freeze= Michael Chiklis, he doesnt have the acting, but he could definitely pull off the look.
As for the penguin....i know its old school, but Danny DeVito....he played the part once before, knows the character, and who else is built for the part??? I'll tell ya, no one.....
Thats my opinion, take it...or just take it....doesnt matter to me..
TheArrow - 1/27/2009, 9:14 AM
I think they should develop the Riddler, and all the talk about Johnny Depp I like it... as far as others I'd like to see the penguin... maybe John Leguizamo
Shaman - 1/27/2009, 9:41 AM
I guess that statement meant "Batman 3 is hitting theaters in 2011, with or without Nolan and Goyer!" It's a "heads up guys" it's shit or get off the pot now!!! Personnaly i don't give a damn if both of them don't come back as long as it gets made in the same fashion, many teams out there have the same talent and could do a brilliant 3rd addition.
doc - 1/27/2009, 9:47 AM
They have 2yrs to get it right & not just thrown together!

I would love to see either The Reeper or The Clock King as the villains of the 3rd film...their characters would give lots of plot possibilities...maybe throwa suggestion on The Riddler in there to wet the appetites of the more mainstream audience....any thoughts??
Megabattle0 - 1/27/2009, 10:08 AM
Pooploop (thats not a weird name at all).....the Clock King was part of The Green Arrows villans.....not Batman, and as for The could be a possibility. Me and my brother were thinking of Batman foes that not eveybody knows. Heres a list of what we came up with:
Killer Croc
The Pied Piper (i think this would be cool)
Killer Moth
The Mad Hatter
I like your idea though, bring in some supervillans from other superheroes' rogue galleries.....see what we can come up with??
GunRyder - 1/27/2009, 10:39 AM
oh, yes! This is going to be awesome.
adamant877 - 1/27/2009, 10:54 AM
Megabattle0... The man said "Reaper", not Creeper. And if you had a problem with Clock King because he was a Green Arrow villian, why the hell did you suggest Pied Pier?!
I have a feeling, regardless of who/what we want to see, it's going to be the Riddler. Which honestly, I'm all for. I'm just like everyone else who'se enjoyed the recent incarnation of the franchise... Eagerly aniticipating the next installment, and daydreaming about the possibilities.
SPANISHVEGETA - 1/27/2009, 10:54 AM
I cant wait if i was them i would get Johnny Depp to be The Riddler, Paul Giamatti as the Mad Hatter and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin but not a deformed danny devito penguin a penguin like the one in the Adam West Batman series, the look of a penguin and acts like Michael Corleone that would be crazy godfather meets dark knight. No offense to Danny Devito's potray of the penguin i loved it but if this is a re-due of the batman movies penguin should be a kick ass mob leader.
RorMachine - 1/27/2009, 10:56 AM
Guys trust me, if Nolan is at the helm of the next movie we wont be seeing any villains with any sort of powers or too out there looks. He has said that his universe exists outside the ordinary DC universe and is as realistic as it can be. So the only villains you will see are the likes of the Riddler, Catwoman, maybe Penguin if they tone down the birdy attributes! Black Mask, Mad Hatter..maybe Bane etc.

That is of course unless Nolan gets his head surgically removed from his ass and gives the fans what they want to see..some interaction with the rest of the DCU..which weather you like it or not Mr Nolan, Batman is a part of.
SPANISHVEGETA - 1/27/2009, 10:59 AM

yeah it was wicked when they did the whole joker card for the first flick but if they did it again it would of been a little corny the first one left everyone anticapating the joker and the way they left this one was good 2 now look at every one posting who is gonna be in the next one who we want to play the vllian is 2 face dead in my opinion they ended the last movie even better with the what if factor with the who is next factor, but yeah that would of been good to know a little something of whats next lol
theFACE - 1/27/2009, 11:00 AM
awesome news, simply awesome.

As for villains, i'm thinking black mask. i think he could work in the current story arc. i'm not entirely convinced that two face is dead so who knows.
Catastic - 1/27/2009, 11:02 AM
SPANISHVEGETA - 1/27/2009, 11:04 AM
i read in a interview that Liam Neeson might be coming back in this one any info on that get back to me.
TheGeekFiles - 1/27/2009, 11:21 AM
Where did Uslan say 2011? I can't find anywhere that's he's quoted saying that.
SirJediFrank - 1/27/2009, 11:25 AM
rorschach01: DAMN YOU!! you beat me by posting this news before!!

Shaman: I see your point: "From WB/DC:Hey Nolan guys: 2011 or the highway!", yes it was subtle.

i mean FIRST they said: "Oh we´ll wait for Chris Nolan to finish up his Margaritas (i still love that article comment!) and THEN HE will tell us what to do next!" :-]

..and now, all of a sudden, we have a release year? only 2 years ahead WITH NO confirmed director/script?

though Shaman-"Personnaly i don't give a damn if both of them don't come back as long as it gets made in the same fashion"
...yes but you can´t take out a team and expect to have it made "in the same fashion", right?

--Megabattle0 brothers: Good list, just to pinpoint that Killer Croc and Man-Bat and Clayface are very well known by people since they appeared a lot in the animated series
RorMachine - 1/27/2009, 11:25 AM
I got the info from AICN..but its only snippits of the original interview
Shaman - 1/27/2009, 11:57 AM
True sirjed, to have a different team would mean "creative differences" but they can still follow along the same lines instead of making something completely different like what Schumaker did with Burton's work.
SirJediFrank - 1/27/2009, 12:29 PM
Yeah well, remember we all were vey excited when we first heard that J Schoemaker-Shoemaher (or whatever his name is spelled!).

He did "The Lost Boys" and something else and he looked perfect to TAKE OVER Burton´s installments and SHAPE the franchise to his own view...but yes, look what he did with it.
SCOURGE - 1/27/2009, 1:20 PM
I have to say that I think it is retarded tha they are talking about recycling The Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman for the next movie. I want to see them use Clayface, Killer Croc, or Scarface even...
Set2Fallfirst - 1/27/2009, 1:31 PM
I think John Malcovich could totally pull off Mr.Freeze i just dont think he should be in the next batman movie. Maybe jigsaw and the riddler who ends up becoming a detective anyways should come in and investigate
Shaman - 1/27/2009, 1:34 PM
Well i didn't see it that way. Shittmaker did okay on lost boys but the actors are what actually made that movie good, not the filming. And Flatliners sucked! So i was cryin' when i heard Burton was replaced with that hack!
RorMachine - 1/27/2009, 1:51 PM
Well scourge, they "recycled" The Joker for TDK and that worked out ok didnt it? This is a completely new beggining for Batman, I would love to see Nolans take on Catwoman more than any of the other villains..but she would need another villain in the mix i soppose..not a fan of Riddler or Penguin so im hoping for Black Mask or Deadshot, and of course, the return of Mr J
SCOURGE - 1/27/2009, 2:09 PM
Well scourge, they "recycled" The Joker for TDK and that worked out ok didnt it? This is a completely new beggining for Batman, I would love to see Nolans take on Catwoman more than any of the other villains..but she would need another villain in the mix i soppose..not a fan of Riddler or Penguin so im hoping for Black Mask or Deadshot, and of course, the return of Mr J

No, it didn't. I hated TDK and Heath's performance as Mr. J....I think both the movie and Heath's performance were both boring and over-hyped. Batman is the only superhero film Warners is able to get made. I would love to see some growth in the Bat film Villian dept....Scarecrow in the first film was a nice (and sadly under-used) change of pace....
RorMachine - 1/27/2009, 2:23 PM
Well, theres no accounting for taste! I have to ask you, if you dont like TDK, which comicbook movies do you like? Elektra? Fantastic 4?
FrankGarret - 1/27/2009, 2:32 PM

Crusader - 1/27/2009, 2:48 PM
Personally I dont think the riddler is a good choice. He is literally the gayest (if thats a word) villian that batman has. Who really wants to see a movie where batman solves riddles around chicago. Catwomen is a good choice because she has no gimick. She's a jewel thief and will stay a jewel theif.

Also black mask because would make a great family because he could take over the mobs since half of them went to jail.

Here's my list

Black Mask
Bane (because he broke batmans back)
Mr. Zsasz
Hugo Strange
Talontd - 1/27/2009, 3:01 PM

"...which comicbook movies do you like? Elektra? Fantastic 4?"

LMAO...too funny bro!!!

I think the only way of avoiding the curse of "the third film" is to do something dramatic...BREAK THE BATS BACK!!! If something like that happened I think the franchise could easily pull off a 4th movie.

Spilox - 1/27/2009, 3:06 PM
I'd like to see how they will try to fit Clayface in the whole 'no super powers' world of TDK.
As for the possibility of Robin joining the cast. Not really looking forward to that one. But if they use him in the next flick the killing of his parents by Boss Zucko, would fit the whole underground mob thing. And the circus would be a nice starting point to introduce a villain like Ragdoll. He's tripple jointed, and in the golden age story's he worked at a carnaval, wich is kind of similar to a circus.

As for other villains, i'd like to see Firefly. Even if it's just for a breef moment. Just some pyromaniac Batman catches in the beginning of the movie. Or how about using Maxie Zeus, he would fit into the whole new TDK world. Maybe introduce Andrea Beaumont as the new love in Bruce's life.
Shaman - 1/27/2009, 3:18 PM
Crusader- First and foremost, Batman is a detective which means he's the best at solving Riddles which also means that one of his most formidable foes IS RIDDLER. Riddler is gay because no one and i mean NO F**KING ONE has done that character justice! Depp and Nolan could. So yes, "recycling" is in order! I've said it too many times already, the best version of the Riddler is on the animated series called "The Batman"! And Depp fills that profile to a "T".

Roar, maybe SCOURGE is a bigger fan of the original "Captain America" movie than TDK. To each own psychosis i guess.
SoulAllFlush - 1/27/2009, 3:26 PM
I will believe this once Nolan has signed on to direct. Which I still don't think he has done.
SirJediFrank - 1/27/2009, 3:26 PM
SCOURGE: " I have to say that I think it is retarded tha they are talking about recycling The Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman for the next movie."

.--WELL i have to say that I think it is RETARDED to call people retarded just because of their comments...and yeah Nolan updated The Joker and etc etc as rorschach says.

--"Shitmaker" hahaha that´s sooo cool! hehe..AND TRUE! :-] ...i suppose i was very naive to think he would pull it off qhen i was 15.
Crusader - 1/27/2009, 3:39 PM
The animated series of the batman did have a better Riddler. I just don't like the fact that he snitches on himself every crime.
SirJediFrank - 1/27/2009, 3:42 PM
Ok since it is all about our proposals, this is my pick for a deeep villain:

RATCATCHER!. .. uuuhh.. who?

You know the guy who lives in the sewers and has control over the rats, wears a gas-mask, and took a judge, a policeman and i think his former lawyer as prisoners in his underground cells.. i read that in the 80´s and that was great.. remember the cover where batman is in the sewers squeezing a rat with his hand, and all biten by rats?
RorMachine - 1/27/2009, 3:52 PM
Is that the freaky Riddler with the long hair? Yeah i did like that take on him..only saw a few episodes of The Batman though. But the thing is, that was a completely original Riddler, no comic writer (to my knowledge) has ever written him like to say nobody has ever done him justice suggests that there is some justice to be done..and as far as the comics go..there aint! the only Batman story i ever enjoyed that featured the Riddler was Hush, and he played a sort of red herring part in that.
VitMagic - 1/27/2009, 4:26 PM
i still think that bane would be a nice change of pace. give the batman some challenge in the hand to hand arena. he had ras in the first one ya, but bane would be able to manhandle him and batman has never faced that kind of sheer force in the first two films. and if they did use him, id hope they wouldnt just make him some brainless meat head. thats just retarded. and obviously like its been said, the broken back would be a nice story line. adding to the physical challenges bruce would have to overcome.

ElBeaster - 1/27/2009, 4:27 PM
I loved Dark Victory and Long Halloween and The Riddler was in those, but he was just a scrawny little puss.

Idk, I'd like to see Nolan's version of The Riddler because I finally saw the original movie with Two Face and Riddler and those characters definitely need some justice. Nolan's already saved Two Face and now he needs to do the same for Riddler. They were awful in that film! They just played gags on Batman and acted like 14 year old girls!

As for Penguin.....Joe Pesci?
doc - 1/27/2009, 4:41 PM
I'm sure in thinking that The Clock King appeared in the animated series of Batman?!?...I misspelled The Reaper (aka Judson Caspian...socialite by day...ultra-violent vigilante by night)....sorry about that!!

How about the wrath as a possible villain?

If there were to be a Penguin reincarnation, I think Joe Pesci would be a totally inspired choice

Depp or Ryan Reynolds for The Riddler
shadowboxer - 1/27/2009, 5:12 PM
I am counting the days
NoobMike - 1/27/2009, 5:33 PM
How about some cross polinization?

maybe another DC villain? it could be someone not from the bat universe, there are many non powered villains in the DCU (just skip Lex Luthor he should not appear in movies for the next 20 years). I remember there was a Superman villain in the 80s I think it was the toyman, that killed little children, I'd love to see something like that be tackled. If they strayed from the obvious choices (Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin) and made it something completely unexpected I'd be really happy.

Although Killer Moth, Maxie Zeus and Firefly have some interesting aspects that could be portrayed. Hopefully they'll just stick to one or two villains. And Harley Quinn could always help the Joker escape from Arkham.
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