TDKR: Behind The Scenes Video Of Bane's Football Stadium Explosion

TDKR: Behind The Scenes Video Of Bane's Football Stadium Explosion

One of the BTS vids from the special features of the Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray/DVD has been officially released. Take a look at how the stunning scene in which Tom Hardy's Bane levels an entire football field was created after the jump..

It has been eight years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything for what he and Commissioner Gordon both hoped was the greater good. For a time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act. But everything will change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar with a mysterious agenda. Far more dangerous, however, is the emergence of Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans for Gotham drive Bruce out of his self-imposed exile. But even if he dons the cape and cowl again, Batman may be no match for Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises hits DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on December 4th.

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herodian - 11/22/2012, 3:07 AM
i remember when this was filmed. some sweet set photos came out.
HarveyDent88 - 11/22/2012, 3:17 AM
Not long now.
NorseGod - 11/22/2012, 4:00 AM
Cool! When does the Ultimate Collector's Edition of the trilogy come out?
GoILL - 11/22/2012, 4:45 AM

All we know is Q3 of 2013 so it will probably be out around July-September of next year. I'm glad that the dickriders are sleep at the moment because this comment section hasn't been ruined by their war...yet.
Funsize - 11/22/2012, 4:46 AM
Sweet stuff
ToTheManInTheColdSweat - 11/22/2012, 5:51 AM
there will be no flame war if you ignore the trolls ;)
thosemortalmen - 11/22/2012, 6:03 AM
Please for the love of God, make a peaceful thread :)
MrReese - 11/22/2012, 6:22 AM
thosemortalmen - 11/22/2012, 6:59 AM
Happy thx giving guys! Love from other continent here :)
CrazyKeaton - 11/22/2012, 7:04 AM
still upset about how the movie came out.. wasn't bad, but was such a let down compared to BB and TDK..
yourdaddy - 11/22/2012, 7:52 AM
i love how nolan makes extensive use of practical effects.
datNAMEtho - 11/22/2012, 7:53 AM
SpideyQuad - 11/22/2012, 8:01 AM
Who cares... it was S-H-I-T
SpideyQuad - 11/22/2012, 8:04 AM
I love how fanboy's "THINK" Nolan is something special...

Maybe as in Special Ed
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/22/2012, 8:11 AM

This scene was awesome but I still think the hospital explosion was more impressive.
bagadoosh - 11/22/2012, 8:23 AM

anytime football is brought up this week I have to remind everyone ND is # 1
Maximus101 - 11/22/2012, 8:53 AM
@steverogers you just need to grow up and stop trolling that's all it is. Don't say you can't take a joke cause your In every single thread about TDKR or anything Nolan for that matter.
PapaEmeritus - 11/22/2012, 9:39 AM
Wow! Pretty cool EFXs!
thosemortalmen - 11/22/2012, 9:40 AM
Dont feed the troll! #spideyquad strted first!
AsianVersionOfET - 11/22/2012, 10:27 AM
Jollem - 11/22/2012, 11:36 AM
@SteveRogersSon - this is the only account i've had. i'm not sure what you mean by "can't take a joke"

you wanted to start one of your little fights because i attempted to joke with you. so, you're kinda a hypocrite

happy thanksgiving, steve. be thankful for obama and morrison. and the internet, because it allows you to spread your special brand of joy :)

Jollem - 11/22/2012, 12:15 PM
i enjoy your sassiness, steven. have a good one :)
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/22/2012, 5:41 PM
What do you expect for him to blow up an actual football field with people running? lol
Azazel1 - 11/22/2012, 5:44 PM
Awesome scene! One of the highlights of the film!
Minghagz - 11/22/2012, 7:02 PM
UrbanKnight - 11/22/2012, 7:29 PM
Im thankful for Obama's"free stuff".
Im also thankful for having a job that doesn't pay nearly enough. Like medical bills for example.

On the real though, happy Thanksgiving everybody!
Azazel1 - 11/23/2012, 2:22 AM
@Steverogers- Dude, I warned you that Romney had no chance to win. Dick Morris doesn't know what he is talking about.
Look on the bright side though, the Ravens are going to the playoffs and will host at least 1 game at home.

New England will be the team to beat I fear.
OptimusPrimeTime - 11/23/2012, 10:06 AM
Houston Texans - 10-1 - Super Bowl or bust.

Can't we all just get along?! :)

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