Want To Know What The Chanting At The End Of The TDKR Teaser Means?

Want To Know What The Chanting At The End Of The <i>TDKR</i> Teaser Means?

Since the viral site launched and that strange chanting was heard fans have been wondering what the Hell it meant. Well, I can tell ya, just click away..

The above chanting is actually Moroccan. And it means "He Rises, He Rises." That's it! Nothing Earth shattering, but believe it or not the only way I was able to obtain this info was through a source that actually worked close to those recording the chanting! Although it's not a huge reveal, it did have everyone stumped.

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SuperDude001 - 7/14/2011, 4:38 AM
"He Rises!" Awesome but it changes towards the end so what does that mean?
RorMachine - 7/14/2011, 4:39 AM
Apparently it's just looped around a bit/repeated..but that's all they are saying.
SuperDude001 - 7/14/2011, 4:42 AM
Eh I still find it pretty cool. I'm guessing it means Bane is being refered to as Fire (because The Fire Rises I assume) by whatever people (League of Shadows?) and he rises (as a warrior or leader?).
Just saying this because I doubt they mean the Dark Knight is rising.
SuperDude001 - 7/14/2011, 4:48 AM
grif @ Are you never happy? I mean I know you almost never are and always negative but come on, be optimistic once in your life little Grif.
RorMachine - 7/14/2011, 4:49 AM
Tea, I think that chant should be from the latest Holmes trailer. Between the Camp on display and the lame innuendo I was expecting Kenneth Williams to pop up and say "Ohhhhhh Matron!"
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 5:00 AM
why don't people just leave Griff alone? lol

he goes into every article, says his piece without insulting a single person, and then he leaves.

its not like saying anything to him will change anything, lol.

also, Griff is a very long time member of the site, he's family to us other longtime users.
SugarYumYum - 7/14/2011, 5:01 AM
I was just thinking about what the chanting means actually. Thanks for sharing. Yeah, although it's nothing particularly ground breaking, it still manages to be pretty spine tingling.
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 5:03 AM
@ tea

the guy has been catching so much crap from newer people that just don't get it, lol :)
SuperDude001 - 7/14/2011, 5:06 AM
CorndogBurglar @ I am leaving him and I know all that man. Just saying ya know with all his negativity wouldn't he be happier with a little happiness, rainbows and sunshine in his life :)
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 5:09 AM
@ superdude

lol, maybe, but y'know what? he's probably actually a happy guy in life. he doesn't hold anything back, thats for sure!
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 5:09 AM
@ tea

haha, and in no way love the cock, lol
SuperDude001 - 7/14/2011, 5:11 AM
teabag @ I know, I'm just to happy a person to love his negativity, I'll just admire it for now :)
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 5:11 AM
anyway, to the article, lol. (almost forgot what i was doing here, lol)

The chanting will probably make a little more sense in context with the scene, which we have none at this point.

Hellsing - 7/14/2011, 5:11 AM
the movie version of Ra's al Ghul clearly isn't from a nomadic arabian tribe like the comics, so it would be interesting if they ever tell us how he got the name, which is arabic. I know I am totally off topic but I find it intriguing as to how he got the name.
Hellsing - 7/14/2011, 5:12 AM
the chant sounds creepy at times
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 5:13 AM
@ logica

grif says what he has to say and leaves. but at least he isn't constantly arguing with and insulting people.
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 5:14 AM
@ hellsing

Bane is also an actual word too, y'know? like the "bane of one's existence."

or in simpler terms, the "enemy" of one's existence. I'm pretty sure thats where the creators came up with his name.
RealDCGuy - 7/14/2011, 5:15 AM
Been going to these forums for a long time and only decided to join recently. And to tell you the truth, Grif is a landmark of good negativity. Haters are just whiny little bitches living in a dusty old basement.
reverendjonnynemo - 7/14/2011, 5:17 AM
Or it's entirely possible the bloke knows shite when he sees it.
RealDCGuy - 7/14/2011, 5:20 AM
@ teabag Thanks
bilthebullet - 7/14/2011, 5:23 AM

He might be family, but sometimes family can be turd burglars.
RealDCGuy - 7/14/2011, 5:25 AM
Wait a minute.. Maybe Bane is morroccan? Maybe Ra's Al Ghul is morroccan? Maybe those rumors about rumors about rumors about a young bane in a village having some increased invulnubility to pain and Ra's witnessing this ability first hand, has some truth. Maybe Bane will be shirtless the whole film.
marvel72 - 7/14/2011, 5:28 AM
we still love ya grif,say what you want i do as do many others.
Tankpjh - 7/14/2011, 5:31 AM
I've been a member of CBM for a few years and I only post when I feel the need.

I agree with teabag and CBD, I see Griff as our ageing grandad who sits in his chair yelling random words at anyone who passes by. God bless him.
EditNinja - 7/14/2011, 5:31 AM
Bit early for easter eggs but I'll eat it.
Shieldofpower - 7/14/2011, 5:37 AM
I was kind of curious what the chanting was all about, well, that explains it, then! Thanks for the info, Ror!
Jefferys - 7/14/2011, 5:46 AM
I remember this one time that Grif, said something, and dident include a video of sumone run'en into a pile of shizz.

He Rises? Who rises? Why is he rising? And why does it have to be a he? Why is never a female rise?
reverendjonnynemo - 7/14/2011, 5:54 AM

Cuz ladies don't got the equipment.
Hulkson - 7/14/2011, 6:01 AM
@ Ror

Is it Berber or Darija? As far as I know there is no such thing as a moroccan language. They speak mostly arabic down there.

I just ask because I couldn't find any correct translation to "he rises".
jjmeylar - 7/14/2011, 6:04 AM
I love the fact that the chanting was in one of the fake trailers, as well. It's odd.
Ryden - 7/14/2011, 6:05 AM
Yeah Darantino's right, the prodominent language in Morocco is classic arabic, and using google translate "He Rises" repeated doesn't sound like the translation.

Where exactly did you find this out from?
Knightstalker - 7/14/2011, 6:06 AM
Every now and then, if you pay attention, Grif will actually post something without the video and say something nice about a topic. It really does happen.
Hulkson - 7/14/2011, 6:10 AM
@ Ryden

Correct, it sounds completly different, I tried that too. :) Maybe it's because the chanting is from some kind of old dialect maybe.
SuperDude001 - 7/14/2011, 6:11 AM
Knightstalker @ I love how you say that and your name has "stalker" in it lol
abeslayer - 7/14/2011, 6:12 AM
it looks like spanish and maybe they are saying: yes yes kill him, but i am not sure it sounds weird i barely can understand it and trust me spanish is my first language, i think cbm is right and they are speaking in moroccan but it sounds like they are speaking spanish a little xd.
RorMachine - 7/14/2011, 6:17 AM
It's reliable info, the guy said by the end of the recording it was drummed into everyone's heads. I'll see if I can find out more about those different dialects.
CorndogBurglar - 7/14/2011, 6:19 AM
@ penguinlover

welcome to the grind, my friend :)
Hulkson - 7/14/2011, 6:20 AM
They say "It is hotter water", so probably it sounds more Teabaggish to me! :D
Hulkson - 7/14/2011, 6:28 AM
@ Tea
Well, yes....ahem.....ok! :D

@ Ror
Thx, would be nice if we could translate this sucker the right way!
ThaMessenger07 - 7/14/2011, 6:31 AM
I doubt that is Moroccan, I'm part Moroccan and my family speaks Castellano, French, Portuguese, Classic Arabic & a Moroccan Dialect. This sounds like none of these.....but it could be the audio quality......

Well, everyone should checkout my The Dark Knight Rises Editorial

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