Blu-ray Special Feature For THE LEGO MOVIE Reveals "History Cops" Spoof Trailer

Blu-ray Special Feature For THE LEGO MOVIE Reveals "History Cops" Spoof Trailer

One of the many special features on the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release for The LEGO Movie, this "History Cops" spoof trailer answers a question we've all asked over the years. What would happen if Michaelangelo and Abraham Lincoln teamed up for a buddy cops movie?

The original 3D computer animated story follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.

The LEGO Movie stars Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman and Alison Brie, and is set to be released next week! 
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McNyagano - 6/11/2014, 4:15 PM
themidnightking - 6/11/2014, 4:15 PM
First! @Maven can suck it! Hahaha!!!!!!
Bekss - 6/11/2014, 4:17 PM

This is so funny
themidnightking - 6/11/2014, 4:18 PM
Bekss - 6/11/2014, 4:20 PM
I don 't know why but this movie wasn't as big in other countries as in the US.
I saw it 4 days ago and only like it thanks to the third act.
themidnightking - 6/11/2014, 4:22 PM
This is not my day
*Fades back into the shadows*
patrat18 - 6/11/2014, 4:34 PM
Can't wait to get this.
OnePunchBaldy - 6/11/2014, 4:51 PM
LeonardTheWise - 6/11/2014, 7:35 PM
Thats amazing, specially taking into account that it was made in real stopmotion!
Liderc - 6/11/2014, 9:43 PM
Not funny at all, maybe I'm missing it.
Berserker187 - 6/11/2014, 11:27 PM
Don't get it.😌
NeoBaggins - 6/12/2014, 12:04 AM
"I release you from the shackles of freedom"
NoAssemblyReqd - 6/12/2014, 3:17 AM
THE LEGO MOVIE was not stop-motion. It was CG animated to simulate that style.

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