Colorado Shooting Victim Suing WB for the Incident!!!

Colorado Shooting Victim Suing WB for the Incident!!!

One of the victims of the Colorado shooting is filling suit against WB among others! Click on to read the full story.

According to TMZ:

One of the victims in the James Holmes mass murder spree has lawyered up and plans to file a lawsuit ... because he feels the theater dropped the ball in a very fatal way.

Torrence Brown, Jr. was in Century 16 Theater when Holmes let loose. One of Brown's best friends, A.J. Boik, was shot in the chest and died. Brown, who was not physically injured, claims to now suffer from extreme trauma.

Brown has hired attorney Donald Karpel to rep him. Karpel tells TMZ ... he is targeting 3 defendants.

1. The theater. Karpel claims it was negligent for the theater to have an emergency door in the front that was not alarmed or guarded. It's widely believed Holmes entered the theater with a ticket, propped the emergency door open from inside, went to his car and returned with guns.

2. Holmes' doctors. Karpel says it appears Holmes was on several medications -- prescribed by one or more doctors -- at the time of the shooting and he believes the docs did not properly monitor Holmes.

3. Warner Bros. Karpel says "Dark Knight Rises" was particularly violent and Holmes mimicked some of the action. The attorney says theater goers were helpless because they thought the shooter was part of the movie. Karpel tells TMZ, "Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today."

I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous! This man is clearly taking advantage of the unfortunate tragedy. Here's hoping he gets nothing out of this.
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Minotauro - 7/25/2012, 1:08 PM
Like Lucius Fox said in TDK... "Good luck". ;)
Knightrider - 7/25/2012, 1:10 PM
Sad thing is he'll probably win.

What is even more worrying is background checks for guns went up 40% in the area. That is crazy.
marvel72 - 7/25/2012, 1:13 PM
it wasn't warner,nolan or anyone elses fault.

the killer is the one you should be blaming.
AlexdoxA - 7/25/2012, 1:13 PM
Actually he does make sense with the first one.
RunDTC - 7/25/2012, 1:17 PM
if he wins, our courts cannot possibly sink any lower.
SoFresh - 7/25/2012, 1:17 PM
soundwave129 - 7/25/2012, 1:18 PM
It's terrible thing that happened, but this guy is an idiot for trying to sue WB for the actions of a deranged and mentally ill man. I can understand suing the theater as their security was partially to blame, but don't sue a company because they made a freaking action film!
SoFresh - 7/25/2012, 1:20 PM
So if I go into my neighbours house right and killed them while they are watching Game Of Thrones, and claim I´m King Joffrey, and if someone survives, can they sue whoever produces the series?
Knightrider - 7/25/2012, 1:20 PM
Hate this crazy idea that games and movies kill people, why are books never blamed? They contain violence, and arguably they are worse because they make you have to imagine it all yourself.

Secondly if you are going to blame films, tv and games for bad stuff, then they need praise when something good happens.

Blaming movies etc is a way of avoiding looking at the real problem in society whatever that maybe.
Supes17 - 7/25/2012, 1:21 PM
Why blame Nolan's film?
there are FAR more violent films...
Of course, movies do encourage real criminals, Fight Club is a prime example. But that doesn't make the film industry or Warner Bros. deserving of a lawsuit...

Did Christian Bale skip him in his Aurora visit or something?
lunesta - 7/25/2012, 1:21 PM
hes probably rush limbaugh fan
Knightrider - 7/25/2012, 1:22 PM
So glad we don't/can't sue here, think it'll drive me nuts having people claiming millions for things like McDonalds making them fat or having to put up with ambulance chasers.
AlexDeLarge87 - 7/25/2012, 1:32 PM
Of course this had to happen. 8/
mawilli4 - 7/25/2012, 1:33 PM
I agree with #1. the rest are bullshit. and if he gave a damn about the people hurt he wouldn't be asking for money. he would be DEMANDING that the side door given an alarm.
AlexDeLarge87 - 7/25/2012, 1:35 PM
Mentally ill and stupid people do like they show in movies and television.
musashi - 7/25/2012, 1:38 PM
So he'll sue everyone EXCEPT the shooter? How does that work?
DraculaX - 7/25/2012, 1:39 PM
Its one thing to sue the theater, but the movie because its violent is bull crap.
JDUKE25 - 7/25/2012, 1:40 PM
I hurt my head from the massive facepalm I got from reading this. Can I sue the guy? He's the cause of my head pain.
Goliath93 - 7/25/2012, 1:41 PM
Wow... This guy is pathetic
Goliath93 - 7/25/2012, 1:43 PM
Only in America
TheIncredibleMutantBat - 7/25/2012, 1:47 PM
No, no, no, no, no just no.
ElDuce74 - 7/25/2012, 1:49 PM
I wonder if there was a way for all the users of CBM to sue him for causing more stress? Can we at least sue him for looking like a complete and utter asshead? Really, a guy that dresses like that is causing me anxiety because I want to smash his face in.
Shredder - 7/25/2012, 1:52 PM


Pure and simple.
Tomontherun99 - 7/25/2012, 2:00 PM
Welcome to 'Merica, where the only way to combat gun violence is to apparently buy more guns and where there's a quick buck to be made, even from the fallout of a tragedy, the opportunity will pounced on by someone.
dbapz - 7/25/2012, 2:06 PM
JDUKE25 - 7/25/2012, 2:07 PM
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CapistheMan - 7/25/2012, 2:09 PM
So he's claiming the shooter mimicked the particularly violent action from The Dark Knight Rises, a movie the shooter has never seen before? Anyone else see the giant gaping hole in this argument? It was a 12 o'clock showing and the shooter left within the first 15 min to get his weapons. So what action from the movie did he see that he was mimicking exactly? This guy is a piece of shit for taking advantage of terrible tragedy.
NateBest - 7/25/2012, 2:22 PM
@Knightrider How is the number of background checks going up worrying? It totally makes sense that people want to protect themselves after something like this happening...

I'm sure the number of concealed weapon permits will go up drastically as well, and I'm all for people protecting themselves and their loved ones.
Salfrisco - 7/25/2012, 2:24 PM
How about suing the public defenders instead that are trying to probably get Holmes an insanity plea ? That's the real problem right there. Holmes should get the chair.
jazzman - 7/25/2012, 2:24 PM
Torrence Brown Jr is a disgrace.
dracula - 7/25/2012, 2:30 PM
[frick] these people man WB already donated money to them when it wasnt there falt and now they are sueing them and after bale took time out of his day to visit them
SHHH - 7/25/2012, 2:31 PM
What A [frick]in Douche... He Won't Win... He [frick]in Lived..


ironknight - 7/25/2012, 2:34 PM

Thats awesome.
batmantattoo - 7/25/2012, 2:36 PM
I agree with the one VS the DR. Its time for the medical system to be held responsible. I lot of people become addicts or die from accidental over doses. I believe Mr. Ledger died of a accidental over dose. The medical profession has to find a way to control what people get make sure it is a medical condition and not a addiction.

I agree to a small degree with the alarmed door. I work in the commercial door industry and have for 15 years. It is not regulation for those doors to be alarmed for several reasons. Someone opens the door and the alarm goes off you have to use a key to turn it off. But the could wire a silent alarm. They can also design a system to avoid propping it open like is supposedly did. But a suit is not going to do any good.

As for the suit VS WB. Go piss on yourself.... You can't blame them for that. Their is a lot more violent movies out their. This had nothing to do with that. Also you can't sue a movie for violence when you bought a ticket to be there. That is very much a spit in the face of all victims. You were beyond willing to see the movie know that it had violence. When the unthinkable happens you want to blame the violence you went to enjoy. No!!!!!
dracula - 7/25/2012, 2:37 PM
he has my permition to die
blvdnoise - 7/25/2012, 2:37 PM
thanos83 - 7/25/2012, 2:38 PM
[frick] this guy and his greed..some lawyer smells a payday i guess
Knightrider - 7/25/2012, 2:46 PM
@Natebeast It is worrying because the solution to gun crime is not more guns! Imagine next time this happens everyone pulls out their gun in the chaos no one knows who is shooting who more lives will be lost.
Asterisk - 7/25/2012, 3:09 PM
This isn't right. [frick] this guy. Seriously, [frick] him.
AlexDeLarge87 - 7/25/2012, 3:15 PM
Holmes should be put down like a sick animal cause thats what he is.
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