COMICS: The Bat-Family Set Out To Save Damian In BATMAN AND ROBIN #34 Preview

COMICS: The Bat-Family Set Out To Save Damian In BATMAN AND ROBIN #34 Preview

"Robin Rises" continues in this first look at Batman and Robin #34, and the Caped Crusader is going to have to bring the Bat-Family together if he truly wants to bring back his some from the dead. However, how does the Justice League's newest member Lex Luthor fit into all of this?

Batman’s quest for Damian’s body is about to take him further down the road to damnation than he’s ever gone before! His first stop: the Justice League's Lex Luthor?!

Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Pencils & Cover by PATRICK GLEASON
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staypuffed - 8/19/2014, 6:25 PM
Ew, Patrick Gleason.
ScottMontgomery - 8/19/2014, 6:25 PM
I wonder how old Ace is in dog years...
DCGuy - 8/19/2014, 6:26 PM
I miss Grayson :'(
pesmerga44 - 8/19/2014, 6:27 PM
I thought it was retconned that Tim Drake was never a part of the Bat family and that he became Red Robin himself due to being inspired by Dick Grayson as Robin. To have it make more sense how there have been 4 Robin's in 5 years
InfiniteMonkey - 8/19/2014, 6:27 PM
Batgirl is hot.
Battabing - 8/19/2014, 6:59 PM
There isn't a comic book family as great as the Batfamily.

Period. Full stop.
SAMURAI36 - 8/19/2014, 7:12 PM

That's not correct. The only Thing that was changed, was that he was never called "Robin", but rather "Red Robin" the entire time. Also, that his name was because he was placed in witness protection.

Everything else s exactly the same.
koolaidbag - 8/19/2014, 7:21 PM
How has Jason not made the point that this could make damian like him.
KalElOdinson - 8/19/2014, 7:28 PM
@DCGuy I miss Grayson too. It doesn't seem right him not being there....
storyteller - 8/19/2014, 7:38 PM
Wow Tim has gotten insanely tall in the timeframe of the new52.

Back when they took that group painting. Tim was a nice heads shorter then Dick who was like a dwarf compared to Bruce. I do think the artist at the time just screwed up the heights because he simply didn't want Dick to be Bruce's equal in height.

Jason was more Bruce's height and of course taller then Dick. Now Tim is taller then Jason. That's a massive growth spurt. And also he's got much more bulk on him. Before is was very slim but now he's like a linebacker.

Also why is Jason the only one smart enough to wear a helmet?
DeusExSponge - 8/19/2014, 7:48 PM
What happened to Grayson?!
Tempestjohn - 8/19/2014, 7:55 PM
How come he didn't them the truth about grayson
BraxtonHicks - 8/19/2014, 8:04 PM
Am I the only one who read Red Hood as Jensen Ackles???
dracula - 8/19/2014, 8:43 PM
to bad nightwing had to fake his death, the scene seems uncompleted without him
KingRainbow - 8/19/2014, 9:54 PM
Haha... Batman telling the truth to them?! What about starting with where is Nightwing :/

@Dracula: Yeah... He was the first to start this whole "Bat-Family" (aside from Alfred). They should've had him there D:
pesmerga44 - 8/19/2014, 9:56 PM

Hmm I don't know the Fantastic Four are definitely up there.
Snotzo - 8/19/2014, 9:56 PM
Might want to edit "some" to "son" in the intro there.
TheSoulEater - 8/19/2014, 11:37 PM
I give it a month
TheNerdwork - 8/19/2014, 11:51 PM
@TheWolfman yes. Agreed.
topshotta352 - 8/19/2014, 11:54 PM
I think red hood should have stayed more of a villain.
Parkerluckpersonified - 8/20/2014, 3:15 AM
I think there should be a law where any comic character who dies has to stay dead for a set amount of time, few years at least. And also any writer that kills or brings back a title character should then have to move onto a different title as they have clearly run out of ideas.
breakUbatman - 8/20/2014, 3:27 AM
"have to bring the Bat-Family together if he truly wants to bring back his some from the dead"

His some, why not all of him? :P
GentlemanlyBatman - 8/20/2014, 4:52 AM
No more secrets Bruce says = Not telling the family that Dick is alive.
It's okay, Batman is allowed to lie... 'cause he's Batman!
Dedpool - 8/20/2014, 6:06 AM
@GentlemanlyBatman - I'm sure Dick will catch wind of this and he'll pop up. He's not going to let this just go without talking to Bruce, and they should all know Dick is alive, cause he's family. So hopefully he'll tell them.
GentlemanlyBatman - 8/20/2014, 6:23 AM
@Dedpool I hope so, after all the Batfamily are able to keep a secret and it would be cool to get a reunion.
MrDeadRabbit - 8/20/2014, 6:31 AM
The art in this comic is awful as the writing is.

The best DC has is Batman and this is the quality of their stories?

I can see now why month after month Marvel owns them in the sales chart.

Batman is so overhyped it's not funny
MrDeadRabbit - 8/20/2014, 6:31 AM
MrDeadRabbit - 8/20/2014, 6:32 AM
Also the cover is awful it seems done by a 12 years old kid
feedonatreefrog - 8/20/2014, 6:55 AM
And you sound like a 12 year old kid.

This is not the Batman comic. This is Batman & Robin. One comic does not indicate the quality of the entire line-up.
MrDeadRabbit - 8/20/2014, 7:49 AM
But at 12 I would have done a better cover than that : )
scapegoatjones - 8/20/2014, 8:01 AM
overheard at DC:

"so Black Panther is basically the Avengers watered down Batman? hey lets make Lex Luthor into OUR Ironman!"
"YEAH Great Idea!!, but can we make him really like green instead of McDonald's colors?!?"

ibravosp5 - 8/20/2014, 8:21 AM
@storyteller that jason comment about being the only one smart enough wearing a helmet is the best question I've ever heard....
MutantEquality - 8/20/2014, 9:59 AM
This is funny. It seems he would never resurrect any of them. Lies to them and sends them away. While the worst one Damien is gonna be brought back by Batman. Even Jason puts his tail between his legs agrees. Sad. I miss Grayson as Batman.
duncboy - 8/20/2014, 10:09 AM
Except that Bruce is lying to all of them right now by not telling them that Dick Grayson is alive and well! Oh snap!
MagnusRex22 - 8/20/2014, 12:17 PM
This is the best bat-book besides Snyder's Batman. It was slow after they killed off Damian but now it's back to former glory. I never liked Damian until Tomasi and this book and right as it was hitting stride and getting very good Morrison killed of Damian.

I don't like when they bring people back from the dead, but I'd rather have Damian as Robin over Harper Row or Carrie Kelly
thewolfx - 8/20/2014, 8:12 PM
Batman is an asshole

That is all
write33 - 8/21/2014, 1:28 PM
that's really good writing but man, they gotta get Gleason off ASAP, the Bat family isn't supposed to be fit yet awkward & ugly.
ManDeth - 8/21/2014, 3:42 PM
I was just reading the news. Then I came here and clicked this. Funny how real life is now more dynamic, crazy and intense than superhero fiction.

JayJayCAW - 8/21/2014, 4:50 PM
and ta da, Batman has already lied to them by not letting them know that Dick is still alive. Ah how I love how [frick]ed up Batman is and how he continuously lies to those closest to him.
DrKinsolving - 8/21/2014, 5:31 PM
The Artwork is awesome. I have to pick up this series....
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