Late night talk show Conan O'Brien has landed a new gig, he'll be joining the cast of The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2. Hit the jump to find out which character he'll be voicing from Frank Miller's classic Batman tale.

It has been a busy day today at the New York Comic-Con. The latest bit of news announces that late night talk show host Conan O'Brien has joined the cast of the upcoming DC animated movie The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2. O'Brien will play talk show host David Endocrine in the film.

For those of you that don't know, The Joker's (Michael Emerson) appearance on the David Endocrine Show ends with the Clown Prince gassing the crowd with his Joker toxin, slaying all of them including Endochrine. Joker also slashes his apologist shrink, Dr. Wolper (Michael McKean), to death while on television.

What do you think about Conan joining the cast? Do you like it or are you a Jay Leno fan? Comment below. Peace.
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DaenerysTargaryen - 10/13/2012, 2:43 PM
.......ok then
poop23 - 10/13/2012, 2:44 PM
Thats awesome!
manymade1 - 10/13/2012, 3:13 PM
toco89 - 10/13/2012, 4:09 PM
This is gonna be a highlight in the film for me I think.
thanos83 - 10/13/2012, 4:27 PM
would have been awesome if they were able 2 get David Letterman for this..who the character was sly nod to.just look how he's drawn in the graphic novel.
thanos83 - 10/13/2012, 4:31 PM
ether way these dark knight returns animated films are watered down junk compared to the gritty majesty of the original work on which this is based..piss poor animation.and none of the internal dialog that made that story so powerful to begin with
Lettuce - 10/13/2012, 4:50 PM
was I the only one expecting a flaming C cameo?
MJPETTY7 - 10/13/2012, 5:17 PM
oh my lord...
gac - 10/13/2012, 5:25 PM
DC's animated features are brilliant! Can't wait for part 2!
DEATHbyEXILE - 10/13/2012, 5:42 PM

Boogie138 - 10/13/2012, 6:35 PM
great news. bring it on!
KingEmperor - 10/13/2012, 7:27 PM
The second I saw the topic, before reading the article, I knew he was gonna play David Endochrine.
Bane2099 - 10/13/2012, 7:47 PM
That came out of left field but sounds like kool news, lets see how his voice fits in with his scenes in the film, specially with The Joker :]
TheGambitFreak - 10/13/2012, 8:21 PM
CoCo and Jimmy Fallon FTW!
Chewtoy - 10/13/2012, 9:55 PM
So... Letterman said no?
RaMMaR - 10/13/2012, 10:39 PM
Cool news! i trust Andrea Romano to rein Coco in IF he gets too hammy.
sameoldthing - 10/13/2012, 10:43 PM
Letterman would have been accurate to the books but Conan is the best talk show host on tv,unlike others he's actually more entertaining & funny than the guests.

Jay Leno is a shit stain,the absolute worst host to ever appear on tv. His show is garbage,wish he would get killed by The Joker.
mrHJK - 10/13/2012, 11:34 PM
Why the frick would you put a spoiler like that in your article?? Some people may not have read the comic and now you just told them what to expect in the scene.
Guerillas - 10/14/2012, 12:12 AM
love it!
crowlers - 10/14/2012, 4:26 AM
Dynamo - 10/14/2012, 7:27 AM

Thank god we didn't get Miller's overdone and repetitive monologues.
AlexDeLarge87 - 10/14/2012, 7:53 AM
The first part was cool. Cant wait the second.
Keldor - 10/14/2012, 8:13 AM
Eerily similar to the Aurora CO shootings. Bad taste much?
Keldor - 10/14/2012, 10:28 AM
What about the victims. F*ck them too?
Keldor - 10/14/2012, 10:29 AM
Idk know what politics have to do with this...
ShadesAtKnightII - 10/14/2012, 11:42 AM
Hmmm.... I feel like it's kind of a weird and desperate attempt to get a well known celebrity in there, but ok.
SHHH - 10/14/2012, 2:44 PM
20 year old book.... can't wait for everyone to catch up...
brokeBatman - 10/14/2012, 4:42 PM
@manymade1 -I second that. Conans' awesome.
Saintsinnister - 10/15/2012, 12:49 AM
I laugh at anybody who conciders themselves a batman fan and has never read this comic. You want a spoiler alert on a movie based on a comic that is almost 25 yrs old? EVERY REAL Batman fan has read this book. Now shut the funk up and let the adults talk. Go read a book. . . On that note I love Conan but David Letterman would be the better choice.
Minghagz - 10/15/2012, 8:10 AM
TheSavorings - 10/15/2012, 10:52 AM
fcuking awesome. i know Conan and WB Animation are close (having created "The Flamming C" and other WB animation refernces on his show) and film/work on the same WB lot so it makes sense and is convient for both of them. Conan in the DKR? BRING IT

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