EDITORIAL: My Personal Thoughts On The Villainous Bane In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

EDITORIAL: My Personal Thoughts On The Villainous Bane In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

As The Dark Knight Rises goes, The film was excellent to me. I feel I don't need an article to express that. However, I do want to share my thoughts about the villain who wreaked havoc in Nolan's final Bat-film. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD

At first when Bane was announced as the villain, everyone was...a bit taken aback. We all knew at that moment that regardless of whatever villain cropped up in the final film, that Nolan wouldn't disappoint. At least, most of us thought that. I know I did. There were times when my interest in Bane lowered, But for the most part my faith in the character before seeing the film never withered. I noticed Tom Hardy's performance in the movie Bronson (which, if you haven't seen, I strongly recommend watching it soon) and I was absolutely sure that Hardy would be a flawless and terrifying Bane.

I made a few articles and countless comments, showing my support of Nolan's decision to include Bane, and sometimes encountered backlash from fans who wished for a different villain to give Batman hell in the final installment. Everybody kept wondering about Bane's appearance, and if Hardy could pull of the look and capture the feel of the character , and then finally, a still was released giving the CBM community and the rest of the world our first look at Hardy's Bane. As I hit the jump to finally see what I had been wanting to, there it was...a very mysterious, yet very creepy look at the character. Bane looked unbelievably fantastic In my opinion, and the still received a large amount of positive acclaim from other CBM users who commented on the article as well as every one else who saw it.

I wanted to read the story that made Bane famous among Batman's rogues, so I picked up a copy of Batman: Knightfall vol. 1 "Broken Bat" and I must say, I saw Bane in a whole different light than what I did when seeing some portrayals in the cartoons and that ridiculous Schumacher garbage. Bane was the best match for Batman, wearing him down until there was nothing left, and then after breaking him emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, he simply picked Batman up, and physically 'broke' him by snapping his spine. The conclusion to the graphic novel left me in awe, as it ended with the last panel showing the bloodied and torn down face of Batman, with Bane as the victor, menacingly standing over his beaten body. I wanted to see Hardy's portrayal of Bane more than ever.

I waited and waited until finally, the film was released and the reviews started pouring in like heavy rain. I noticed that the majority of people enjoyed Hardy's performance as the back-breaker, but not as much as the late Heath Ledger's iconic portrayal of The Joker in the previous installment, The Dark Knight. I was able to see the film for myself, and I must say, all those comments I made, and all those editorials I posted concerning Bane and my support of him, made me feel very accurate about my predictions. Bane was cold, calculating and best of all, just simply brutal, which was the strong point of Hardy's role.

As I watched the film, Hardy won me over just in the prologue. I sat and watched his performance as Bane and more and more did I get that eerie feeling that this villain was going to be the worst that Batman has ever faced. The menace was quick and fluid in his movements, creepy and emotionless in his words, and terrifying and relentless in his actions. The sewer scene in the film as shown in the trailer (which depicts a violent showdown between Batman and Bane), was hands down one of the best moments on CBM history in my opinion. The fight was choreographed excellently and was nothing short of epic. In the heat of the battle, came the moment I was waiting for: The breaking of Batman via Bane. As displayed in Batman: Knightfall, Bane lifted Batman up in the air, and dropped Batman to his knee, dislocating his spine. I was speechless.

As for the rest of the film, Bane was as great as he was in the first half of the film, save the part when it was time for him to go. As soon as Catwoman blasted Bane off-screen, that was the last time he was seen in the film. At that, I was a little underwhelmed that Bane was built up to be such a formidable and memorable movie villain, only to suffer a quick and ineffective death scene just to basically get him out of the way. Besides the rushed death of Bane, Hardy's portrayal as the villain was one of the best interpretations of a comic book villain onscreen, and definitely washed the horrible taste of Batman and Robin's Bane out of our mouths. This may have not been that exact Bane from the comic books, but the spiritual essence of the character was kept, and to me, that's all that mattered.

To finish this off, as stated in an editorial I wrote last year, Bane WAS safe in Nolan's hands. The world witnessed a Bane worthy of being called Bane, and now hopefully everyone can forget about that other one. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it.

As a form of review, I would give Hardy's performance as Bane a 10/10.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, and Anne Hathaway, and is directed by Christopher Nolan. The film can now be seen at your local theater.

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Minotauro - 7/29/2012, 8:30 PM

"Bane WAS safe in Nolan's hands. The world witnessed a Bane worthy of being called Bane, and now hopefully everyone can forget about that other one. I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did writing it."

Supes17 - 7/29/2012, 8:54 PM
He had all the bad-ass lines in the film
Tainted87 - 7/29/2012, 9:14 PM
Bane was the best character of the movie - until it was revealed that his origin story was actually Talia's. At that point I just got angry - she was such an unnecessary role.

Regardless of what I say about the movie, the acting was outstanding - everyone delivered.
GreenHalJordan - 7/29/2012, 9:19 PM
See that is what I loved most. Even though everything else differed extremely from the comics, the emotional aspect was still there. A monster, smart, cold, quick, and an unstoppable force of pure terror! Hardy did it perfectly and he truly was the perfect match for Batman.
95 - 7/29/2012, 9:26 PM
I completely agree. In fact, Tom Hardy performed better than I thought he would. The way he transformed his body, the way he pushed out his gut, the way he brought out his muscles, it was all rather brilliant. Bane was just cool, his mannerisms were inspiring. And you're definitely right about that Sewer Confrontation. Wow, just wow. Totally respect the actor.
allykins98 - 7/29/2012, 9:31 PM
Very good editorial! i agree 100% i loved bane in the movie i was not disappointed i thought Hardy did a excellent job.
SHHH - 7/29/2012, 9:44 PM
Good Write Up.. Nolan And Company Do A Good At The Source Material And Original Idea's..
SHHH - 7/29/2012, 9:45 PM
What StarScream Said..
webheaded - 7/29/2012, 9:52 PM
Yeah, Bane was done near flawlessly. I just can't forget the first fight between Bane and Batman. It was so incredible. THAT WAS BANE!!
CPBuff22 - 7/29/2012, 9:54 PM
After I reread Knighfall and its follow up books and watched the interactions between Bane and the other Batman characters as well as his interactions with The Batman himself, I felt the movie did a horrible job portraying a master mind. Someone who took over the city on his own. Not only did they fail to get his ethnicity & look right but they had him as a flunky of Talia Al Ghoul.

Comic Bane answered to no one, he was his own man and was only out to prove he was better than The Batman, not to inflict some kind of end days for Gotham. Christopher Nolan completely altered the Bane character to the point of non recognition. No one can honestly say that if he was not referred to directly as BANE, you would know who he is suppose to be. And that is why I feel Christopher Nolan failed to do Bane justice.
AsianVersionOfET - 7/29/2012, 9:54 PM
Nice article!
AsianVersionOfET - 7/29/2012, 9:56 PM
superbatspiderman - 7/29/2012, 10:09 PM
Bane was a complete badass in this film and he was the perfect villain for a movie like this. I don't know if anyone else noticed but The Dark Knight Rises is the first live action Batman movie where we see Batman get his ass beat which was a great way to make tension.

I never doubted Hardy because I knew he was a solid actor from watching Bronson and then Warrior. The think I loved the most about Bane in TDKR is how big they made Hardy look which answered everyone's concerns towards the height problem but BAne looked like a beast.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/29/2012, 10:10 PM
Badass villain.
MayoBros - 7/29/2012, 10:26 PM
I liked how bane was kill. Its ironic and I love irony! He got distracted by wanting to kill tha bat and BAM!!! I loved it! Batman had already kicked his ass anyway!
CaptainAmerica31 - 7/29/2012, 10:27 PM
Man hardy was good, the first fight scene Is going down in history. That was iconic, and one of the reasons it was iconic was becasue bale put on a great performance. I got Chils watching it the first time and when he broke his back I was like SHIT!!! I didn't think he was gonna do that haha. I knew batmans fate and it felt bad. I liked the last fight too I was jiddery when batmans started punching him in the mask and he started stumbling back.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 7/29/2012, 10:29 PM
Batman saved Catwoman's life, she saved his at the end. They are even. I liked the symmetry, sure it was lame that she shot him. But it's more believable than her kicking his ass. That being said, I am upset I was denied a Talia, Selina cat fight. But, over all I understand why he died like that.
MisterBabadook - 7/29/2012, 10:39 PM
You know, the moment TDK ended, I KNEW the only villain that could top the two best Batman villains in the same movie would be Bane. While I thought a 3rd would be even darker than TDK, I pictured a much different take on Bane. I pictured the 3RD and final movie culminating into the last 30 minutes being "the gauntlet" in Knightfall. What we ended up getting was something completely different. I think the route the team went with was far different than anyone expected, and I'm alright with that. We got a batman movie with the most comic book references out of any installment. Very satisfied.
Lizardking310 - 7/29/2012, 10:41 PM
BANE !!!! was bad ass i agree though i didnt like how they took him out in the end
Tainted87 - 7/29/2012, 10:44 PM
Bane should have had a building dropped on top of him, or died in a flood (similar to how Fox would have died). Something symbolic of Gotham resisting him.

Sounds silly pointing this out, but the scenes were written with purpose. Selina killing Bane with a cannon was there for a reason, not just because they didn't know how else to do him in. I think it was the wrong decision, likewise with Talia.
BreakingBad - 7/29/2012, 10:50 PM

Talias death was VERY deliberate and perfect imo. The music cue, in fact, IS THE EXACT same cue from Ras' death in Begins. Both were in a vehicle that fell off its structure, the irony.

The bigger irony, is that Bane, Talia, and Ras ALL died because they didn't mind their surroundings.

So while I too was a bit let down with Bane simply getting shot by the batcycle cannon, I couldn't help but admire the quote
Mego - 7/29/2012, 10:50 PM
One of the most flawed parts of the film was from the beginning of the 2nd Batman VS. Bane fight until the part where Selina kills Bane.
The Talia secret was no secret. And when she stabs Batman, just as he had won, in that moment Batman FELL right back to where he started, injured and beaten.
Batman got 5 minutes of prime time in the film and then its back to being injured and impaired.

Nolan seems to be so hung up on realism, he forgets to entertain.
Even tragic films like Titanic, had some fun here and there.

The story just wasn't ready for filming.

Nolan seemed to start a War in the city but had no idea what to do with it. We saw very little of the fighting in the streets. Actually the fan made videos of the filming made it look bigger than Nolan did.

I don't mind Catwoman killing Bane but damn was that scene flawed and insulting to the viewer.

How would Catwoman know where Bane or Batman was? How did she know exactly where to bust in the room? Or to come in on the Batpod like she did?

The bad things about Nolan's flaws here are they are big giant cracks that everyone sees.
SageMode - 7/29/2012, 10:51 PM
Tainted87 - 7/29/2012, 10:55 PM
I don't understand "BINO"....
breakUbatman - 7/29/2012, 10:57 PM

But Bane has worked in groups before, it was his own decision to protect Talia from the beginning. She was the hope to his despair. The league ties bring the story full circle and are part of the storytelling, just as the Avengers all have a history with the Tesseract.

And I can honestly say I would have known who he was if he wasn't referred to as Bane. You can't tell me that as someone who reads comics you can't see Bane there. In the entire Batman rogues gallery who could that possibly be?

How can ethnicity be such a problem when Fury is black, and Charles Xavier is English.


Looks like Bane to me, I tell you if Nolan's movies were Eath One or Elseworlds books no one would complain and if Earh One was a movie people would be outraged
UncleJimmy - 7/29/2012, 11:05 PM
yawn. complacent comic noob high fiving.
SHHH - 7/29/2012, 11:06 PM
Who Would Want The Nacho Libre Attire?
SHHH - 7/29/2012, 11:07 PM
Cue The Marvel Fans And Thier Vast Knowledge Of All Things Right ;)
Tainted87 - 7/29/2012, 11:07 PM
Ah, ok. These acronyms, they kill me.

When SLJ was announced as Nick Fury, racists complained that Marvel's decision was flawed, insisting that they wouldn't make Luke Cage or Blade Caucasian.

And then DC took one of their few Latino characters, in fact the only Hispanic villain anyone would be able to name off the top of their head... and made him white.

It's ironic, but not worth throwing a tantrum about. The furthest thing from my mind when I saw Bane was that he's white. Tom Hardy didn't play Tom Hardy.
BreakingBad - 7/29/2012, 11:08 PM
Theres even more irony in Banes death now that I think about it.

Ras explicitly states "I warned you about compassion". Compassion is the reason EVERYTHING in this trilogy goes to hell. Joker killing Rachel led to the retirement of Batman.

Batman trusting Miranda led to his back being broken and Gotham being almost destroyed. Banes admiration for Talia is the reason he died.

God I love Nolans Bat Trilogy

In Begins too, Ras says to Bruce "You're welcome to explain the situation to them" right before Bruce insults all his guests out. This is a clear foreshadowing to the "hope leads to more despair" message of Rises.

God damn its amazing
Tainted87 - 7/29/2012, 11:09 PM
113 - 7/29/2012, 11:19 PM
Tom Hardy's Bane is just as good a portrayal as Heath Ledgers Joker imho.

WildCard12 - 7/29/2012, 11:20 PM
Bane was just an overall badass in whatever he said or did fantastic portrayal!!
Fenlion - 7/29/2012, 11:20 PM
Daggett: "But I've paid you a small fortune."

Bane, (his left knuckles resting on Daggett's shoulder): "And you think... That this gives you power over me?"

Great line. And his first line gives me a thrill every time I hear it:

"Or perhaps he's wondering why someone would shoot a man, before
throwing him out of a plane."- AWESOME
thetrojan - 7/29/2012, 11:22 PM

S H I T E !





I did cry at the end though?????

I will be posting this on every forum here which pops up to give the dark night rises anything other than total criticicsm. youre attempts at rewriting history are atrocious.
RidiculousFanBoyDemands - 7/29/2012, 11:25 PM
Writing in caps makes things more important.
IIIAdamantiumIII - 7/29/2012, 11:25 PM
DR ZOIDBERG! , lol naw but for real he sounds like hes doing a sean connery impression. I really enjoyed bane so don't think im knocking him down. Like most say the film could have been "better" but it was good. The performances were wonderful but I thought the story and the flow of the film could have been played out better.
breakUbatman - 7/29/2012, 11:25 PM
Bane is of mixed heritage, looking at him you can't even tell you'd just think he's white.

People get hung up on these things too much, the movie canon is movie canon and the comics are their own thing. Which is why Dave Gibbons is right about Snyder's Watchmen not being the same as his and Alan Moore's.

I only have problem when 616 Fury is replaced by Black Fury, when we already have Ultimate Fury and Ultimate Iron Man is given the movie armor. And I'll never read a Marvel Cinematic Universe comic, MCU is meant to be watched not read.
BreakingBad - 7/29/2012, 11:32 PM
suck my dick, trojan
breakUbatman - 7/29/2012, 11:33 PM
"Where's Santa Prisca "

A good distance from Gotham? But definitely not near Wakanda
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