Full Length Great Quality Version Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES New Trailer

Full Length Great Quality Version Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES New Trailer

A full length version of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES' new trailer has found its way onto YouTube and the quality is fantastic. Check it out right here before Warner Bros. yank it down once again.

Warner Bros. Pictures' and Legendary Pictures' "The Dark Knight Rises" is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The screenplay is written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer. The film is produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Charles Roven, who previously teamed on "Batman Begins" and the record-breaking blockbuster "The Dark Knight." The executive producers are Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan, Kevin De La Noy and Thomas Tull, with Jordan Goldberg serving as co-producer. The film is based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Batman was created by Bob Kane.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES will be released in IMAX on July 20th 2012 and stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway and Gary Oldman.
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superman78 - 12/17/2011, 3:35 AM
Best quality yet. I don't know how Nolan does it. This looks so good I could either cry or crap my pants. Can't wait. Now all we need is some Man of Steel clips and my head will officially blow off.
SkullFace616 - 12/17/2011, 3:35 AM
That was a much better quality version! :o) Thanks!
astromerc - 12/17/2011, 3:40 AM
superman78 - 12/17/2011, 3:40 AM
And I'll be damned if that bit of music at the end is n't the most bone chilling thing after the chant. Nolan gets it 100% right with every detail.
Coldblood6 - 12/17/2011, 3:44 AM
Wow, that looked like shit!
DCMarvelComics - 12/17/2011, 3:47 AM
Wait Wait.. Can't Can't.. Wait Wait.. Can't Can't.. Wait Wait.. Can't Can't.. Wait Wait.. Can't Can't.. Wait Wait..
phoe1 - 12/17/2011, 3:49 AM
people need to get a grip. everyone seems hyped to the max with their brains [frick]in disabled. the trailer is lame and boring. suddenly hathaway is thrown at us, we have no idea who she is or what the hell she s on about. the whole football game thing seems random and the cheesy way in which the playing field collapses seems very odd in terms of the established universe that nolan created over the last 2 movies.

there isnt really much more than that happening. i m seeing the full 7 minutes in imax soon but the previous i ve seen here havent got my hopes up :/
Jodez99 - 12/17/2011, 3:52 AM
'Great quality'... Not quite, but better than before at least
EditNinja - 12/17/2011, 3:53 AM
Got it (outta the temporary internet files)

gothamwriter - 12/17/2011, 3:53 AM
@phoe1 Just Shut The [frick] Up We Have All The People Making Good Comments ABout This And You Have To Show And Say Stupid Like That. No One Cares Dude. TDKR Trailer 2 Isn't GGood As TDK But It Do Shows Us That This Movie Is Way On A Level More Than The Dark Knight
SactoChef - 12/17/2011, 3:56 AM
LOL!! wait for the official...
gothamwriter - 12/17/2011, 3:57 AM
I Bet The Joker Is Some Where Looking At It Saying Gotham Rouges Attack Why I Couldn't Think Of Something Like Tht Back In 2008 Go Bane Go Bane
SactoChef - 12/17/2011, 3:59 AM
P.S. @phoe1.. suck it. HARD. If you don't care so much , go away!
marvel72 - 12/17/2011, 3:59 AM
that is one shit trailer,the film will be good but the trailer isn't doing it any favors.

i can't wait to hear batman & bane talk to each other,that could be comedy gold.
Berger45 - 12/17/2011, 4:05 AM
This will be epic beyond anything we've ever seen in comicbookmovie history! I think Bane will be the most interesting villain in the saga! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!
crucifier - 12/17/2011, 4:05 AM
I'm still going to wait for the official release, but I don't get why WB hasn't released it yet. This is just stupid, with all these bootlegs floating around, what's there to hide?!
xmen145 - 12/17/2011, 4:06 AM
can't wait for next year!!
gloomypatrick - 12/17/2011, 4:08 AM
wht u type in on youtube to find it
Fantine - 12/17/2011, 4:10 AM
Would have preferred it to flow better, seemed like just a few finished scenes jumbled together.

But what I did see was great, Hathaway is awesome! She really feels like Selina Kyle in those scenes. Loved her line "A storm is coming Mr Wayne"
Hulksmasher1988 - 12/17/2011, 4:18 AM
The trailer looks great but I'm looking more forward to The Avengers and The Hobbit next year but this is a must see next year:)
marvel72 - 12/17/2011, 4:19 AM
@ ruka

talk show could be fun or adverts about why you shouldn't smoke.
Nubase - 12/17/2011, 4:35 AM
@teabag lol..thats great way of explaining it

There nothing warner bros can do with these bootlegs to the trailer, this was perhaps someone who works in a movie theatre and recorded it.

l have still not watched the boolegs just seen the screencaps from the other version that was put up a few days ago, still trying to hold on but its getting unbearable now.

The officail trailer will be released next week and who knows its could be slightly differant but doubt it.

For me this movie will be the hit of 2012, no other CBM or other movie coming out will even come close and theres nothing that anyone can say on this site that will convince me other wise.
heisei24 - 12/17/2011, 4:42 AM
so, download link please?
IamNotLegend - 12/17/2011, 4:43 AM
@crucifer WB hasn't released it yet because they want people to pay money to go see it before another one of their movies...Sherlock Holmes. It's pretty sound marketing in my book. They know we'll buy our ticket for Sherlock just to see the trailer. I know I will. I'm not watching these bootlegs, I want to go in as a blank slate an experience it on the big screen.
DioFoRio - 12/17/2011, 4:45 AM
so is that still considered a touchdown? Getting really excited for this flick man! That batwing thing looks sick in the trailer.
DividedIStand80 - 12/17/2011, 4:58 AM
Trailer is still shitty even on a good quality recording. Nolan Shumacher-ed this franchise.
JDUKE25 - 12/17/2011, 4:58 AM
Is it just me, or has Alfred's accent gotten thicker in this "8 year" span?
NeoBaggins - 12/17/2011, 5:00 AM
A CBM in the form of a real movie. Awesome.
BIGBMH - 12/17/2011, 5:00 AM
nope. still not gonna do it. holding out for HD glory.
Kayo - 12/17/2011, 5:02 AM
@tea: times like this we need more Gifs.
goneforever - 12/17/2011, 5:09 AM
Awesome. So are the rumors true that it's coming out on Monday on the site?
SunfireUrA55 - 12/17/2011, 5:10 AM
*yawn* Can't wait for the Joes though! Go Joe!
ArtisticErotic - 12/17/2011, 5:22 AM
Suck on that Marvel, your lame ass Avengers movie ain't gonna touch this.

Bandrews1 - 12/17/2011, 5:25 AM
I don't get why Warner Bros wont officially release this online already, but anyways when I saw this last night with Sherlock Holmes me and my brother's mouths literally hit the floor at how awesome this movie is gonna be. All the haters can shut the [frick] up.
dahamma - 12/17/2011, 5:27 AM
Is it me, or that CGI during the quake scene looked gloriously FAKE
Name - 12/17/2011, 5:32 AM
I'm looking forward to this but that wasn't anything special and the quality is good enough to not be a factor in my position on this.
CuteAsian - 12/17/2011, 5:33 AM
i think it's pretty clear what the story is going to be from a few scenes in the trailer.

bane will reveal the truth about harvey dent and the rich and powerful in gotham will be locked up in arkham, whereas the poor and the criminals will be free to roam the streets under bane's rule. that's how bruce ends up in the prison along with the rest, and when bane tells him 'he'll have his permission to die when gotham is in ashes' he's addressing him as one of the elite, not batman.

to support this theory, you can see bane's army rampaging homes of the rich and elite and throwing them out of their houses. also think back to what selina kyle told bruce:

'there's a storm coming' & 'how you could ever think you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us'. here she's talking to bruce as a member of the elite class in gotham, not him as batman as what others may have thought.

still have no idea 'what' exactly will 'rise' or is worshipped by bane's people, could it be ra's al ghul as part of talia and bane's deal?

NeoBaggins - 12/17/2011, 5:35 AM
Best trailer so far for 2012. Now we just need to get the Hobbit.
graceflanger - 12/17/2011, 5:48 AM
@superman78 watching a bootleg doesn't do it justice, you have to see it in theaters to truly experience it.
Kloster - 12/17/2011, 5:48 AM
Avengers shit won´t touch this, this is superior stuff!
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