GOTHAM: Casting Spec For Young 'Bruce Wayne' Released

GOTHAM: Casting Spec For Young 'Bruce Wayne' Released

With no actors said to be in the running yet, the search is on for Fox and co. to find the future Dark Knight of Gotham in the new tv series. The following spec will give us an idea of what they'll be looking for - while confirming that Bruce will be a series regular.

Looking forward to which kid gets this coveted role. Hopefully it is an UNKNOWN so that we get kind of a clean slate with the character.
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Pasto - 2/14/2014, 7:29 AM
Pasto - 2/14/2014, 7:30 AM
Lol, you need to edit this thing like crazy. The rules for submitting an article can not be in your, well, article.
Jollem - 2/14/2014, 7:32 AM
ty simpkins
NightWatcher - 2/14/2014, 7:35 AM
You just crossed a line you shouldnt
JoeMomma29 - 2/14/2014, 7:35 AM
@ Pasto

Why put a gif up like that? Heck you are going to drive Gusto insane at work today........
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 7:36 AM
sorry my first. I'll edit it now :)
Pasto - 2/14/2014, 7:37 AM
No need to apologize, nice find by the way.
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 7:39 AM
Ty Simpkins came to mind for me also but probably because I don't know many child actors that fit Bruce Wayne middle school
Pasto - 2/14/2014, 7:42 AM
I believe there is a requirement for number of words in a submission. Anyways my point is you should add a paragraph or 2 so that no one deletes this.
ForMeToPoopOn - 2/14/2014, 7:45 AM
Has there been confirmation as to the setting of the series, time-wise?

As cool as having it set in the 70's would be, Ben Affleck turned 11 in 1983 and I'm hoping that it's the 80's and dovetails with the DCU.

Perhaps the Goldbergs could make a cameo.
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 7:45 AM
I figured other would be putting up the specs also so I didn't really see this staying up. It was just kind of neat seeing what they are looking for in such an iconic character- somehow gets summed up in 2 lines.
Pasto - 2/14/2014, 7:49 AM
And use HTML, you can never go wrong with HTML. It can make an article with crap for substances look like a 5 star dinner (Not saying you article is crap, just making an illustration). I linked an article that'll help you out:
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 7:53 AM
Well I trimmed it up and thanks for the link!
I figured as much bitching as I do about Fox and X-Men that I may as well make positive contributions to balance it all out. ;)
Pasto - 2/14/2014, 7:53 AM
I just realized you posted your picture in your teaser. YIKES! You need to fix that as soon as possible.
QuestiontheAnswer - 2/14/2014, 7:53 AM
Looks more like Gusto's wishlist for Valentines Day.
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 7:56 AM
what? That young Bruce from Arkam Origins?
Pasto - 2/14/2014, 7:57 AM
No, the picture of the casting call, you posted it in the teaser box. You HAVE to post that in the article box.
THABATMAN - 2/14/2014, 7:59 AM
I'm not liking the idea of this show. There are many other Batman characters that could have a great show... Like Nightwing!
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 8:00 AM
Done. See trial and error...

Glad I didn't start with the Mandarin editorial I'm working on
Pasto - 2/14/2014, 8:01 AM
There you go. Uh, interesting way to use the blockquote technique, usually you'd use that for quoting someone from like and article or interview, but, nice job.

beto - 2/14/2014, 8:03 AM
They need to find the IM3 kid.... then get someone completely different
SaxoWolf - 2/14/2014, 8:04 AM
Will this show be filmed in Vancouver?
JoeMomma29 - 2/14/2014, 8:09 AM
What the hell is dick water??????
FirstAvenger - 2/14/2014, 8:11 AM
Grif... You ok?.
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 8:16 AM
Oh Grif you know that would be so awesome if they actually had the nerve to show this kid drawing bats in crayon and his teachers thinking he is a bit off his rocker ;)

GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 8:29 AM
^^ ?
GeekyCheekyChic - 2/14/2014, 8:38 AM
lol I would too but I feel like it will happen. I hope not because I just started reading Gotham Central and Im actually onboard with a Detective Gordon show now
6of13 - 2/14/2014, 8:38 AM
So, they start filming next month already.

Nice find, Baroness.
JorL5150 - 2/14/2014, 5:11 PM
already better than agents of shield.
mgeoff88 - 2/14/2014, 5:28 PM
Good find and congrats on your first article!

I'm curious how much Bruce Wayne will feature in the series.

@SotoJuiceMan The only thing a 11 year old Bruce Wayne would draw is a picture of a bat, which looks similar to the Batman symbol. That's probably about it.

He's not going to be drawing the Batmobile or Batarangs like Grif said lol. Bruce conceptualized those ideas after he came back home from traveling around the world.

I would say he was 24 when he came up with those ideas, because he suited up as Batman for the first time at the age of 25.
Deschain - 2/14/2014, 7:45 PM
i get a turner and hooch vibe from this where hooch is bruce.... sick em boy
TheDemonsHead - 2/14/2014, 7:47 PM
Lmfao I'd rather the show be the time in between Bruce going around the world to train in Gordon's point of view (In Gotham) and the show have an AB storyline with Bruce training and Gordon doing what Pigs do
RexDartEskimoSpy - 2/14/2014, 11:19 PM
Young Bruce will be the weak link in this show. Watch him get written out after a few episodes - off at boarding school or something. The show should be about the GCPD.
WarmAndGushy - 2/15/2014, 12:55 AM
I don't want BATMAN to be responsible for the freaks in Gotham,lets have an update of the character where the Bat puts on a costume because of his origins and the fact Gotham is a living Carnival filled with freaks and BATMAN puts on the Bat suit is nothing weird as the freaks in Gotham are already dressed up.
musicsuperhero1 - 2/15/2014, 9:04 PM
Penguin should be a cool mob-style villain. I hope we see some Court of Owls references too since they were In Gotham since it's earliest inception.

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