New Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Featuring Batman & Bane

New Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Featuring Batman & Bane

Check out some new behind-the-scenes pictures of Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, and Tom Hardy on the set of Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises is now playing at your local theater. The film stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.

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IronSpider101 - 7/27/2012, 10:12 PM

I wonder the context of the one with Bane lying on the ground. I don't think Batman ever got the upper-hand in that fight.

But yeah, cool stuff.
theInvincibleMexiMan - 7/27/2012, 10:16 PM
it was right after Batman threw those little explosives around bane.
He gets up while Bane is talking about how he's come to finish Ra's al Ghul's mission and then Batman tackles him

Bane then headbutts him and throws him off though :P
WorldsGreatestdetective - 7/27/2012, 10:17 PM
Great Pics. Love this movie.

@IronSpider101 I believe it is the point where Batman tackles Bane but Bane shrugs him off and says "you fight like young man"
otakux3r0 - 7/27/2012, 10:29 PM
This was just a great movie. You can't say this wasn't great. Like Nolan said: trilogies of trilogies.
HulkleBerry - 7/27/2012, 10:29 PM
okay im sure to most people this film wasnt as good as the dark knight and bane wasnt as good as joker but im sorry bane was such an intimidating and unstoppable force. batman couldnt even stop him he needed catwoman to finish the job. he was such a badass character from his body language to his odd but beautifully executed voice. this movie was such a perfect finale to a perfect trilogy. he even filmed the fight scenes great in this film, which is more than i can say for the other two. the joker played with the batman's mind. bane played with his mind body and soul and he did it all so effortlessly. what a great choice for a villain and the robin name drop at the end made me cheer. i freakin loved this film it is in my opinion the best comic book movie ever
Jollem - 7/27/2012, 10:31 PM
some of those pics look like comic book panels
Tony93 - 7/27/2012, 10:36 PM
flawed spectacle it is.. but oh well..
btw anne looks hot in that pose
BreakingBad - 7/27/2012, 10:40 PM
Ehh this movie definitely doesn't treat you like baby with facts, but you can find a reasonable answer to pretty much every so called plot hole and problem people are spouting.

Still, that in itself, does mean its flawed...but a ton of complaints I've seen are easy to answer with a little thought
Destroyer7 - 7/27/2012, 10:40 PM
a 900000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x overrated movie
Minotauro - 7/27/2012, 10:43 PM
Amazing cinematography and set pieces.

@Destroyer7 - 87% is an overrated movie? What about a movie that is at 92%, or 94%? I guess it's just personal taste. But doesn't make it an overrated movie.

@Nomis - I hear ya. 3 times for me as well. Amazing scope of a film.
BigHec - 7/27/2012, 10:44 PM
Best super hero trilogy ever..saw it 3 times...1 regular and twice in IMAX....I know this is crazy but Tom Hardy's BANE was up there with Heath's JOKER...kinda rooted for him to kick BATMAN's ass lol
UncleJimmy - 7/27/2012, 10:45 PM
Sabconth - 7/27/2012, 10:46 PM
Those are some fantastic BTS pics.
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:00 PM
EPIC! Why didnt they show this BEFORE the movie came out?
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:05 PM
"I hate most of you non comic fans posting on a site with "comic book" in its url though. gtfo."

Intolerance, hate, cynicism. You need Jesus.
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:09 PM
@grif You need taste.
pud333 - 7/27/2012, 11:15 PM
I don't think any source material is sacred. I think a movie is completely different than a comic book. People shouldn't expect exact interpretations. What would be the point then? I think art is best when it dares to do something different, to allow itself to be re-imagined if need be. I think that's how art evolves. Otherwise we'd still be drawing cave paintings.

I think Nolan has created a pop cultural masterpiece with these three movies. Like one beautiful work of art.
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:21 PM
Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle/Catwoman is soo hot in this film.
The things id like to do to her and her do to me...
NC 17.
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:29 PM
I got a lil lump in my throat (no homo :P) in that scene.
That was truely beautiful, emotional and powerful stuff.
A great way to connect the films too!
AsianVersionOfET - 7/27/2012, 11:36 PM
Cool effin pictures. I like the one of the "pit" the best. When Bruce climbs out of it without the rope, holy mother of goosebumps. Can't wait to see it for the third time!
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:37 PM
@Azazel1 She played her purrfect. lol. pun in-motha [frick]in-tended!
She inhabited the character.
But again that scene when she was squating by the safe...i just kept thinking reverse cowgirl. Damn. lol
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:47 PM
"@UrbanKnight, you and me both (but not together, lol). When she went "Oops", right after Bruce caught her... Damn, that was some unbridled sultry sexiness."

Ha ha! That scene was awesome. Her transformation!
How she went from shy little waitress to bad little pussy

"Lol, yeah it was mad emotional. And Gordon goes "BRUCE?"... followed shortly by the explosion and Alfred weeping, my eyes started sweating for no reason :P"

Yeah sweaty eyes, funny, happened to me too. lol.
It was such a great 3rd act.
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:50 PM
"Urban yeah but you got a better "reverse" shot later in the film when she was on the pod in front of the tunnels.

Epic shot !"

In IMAX no less! Feel like watching it again right now just talking about it! Imma catch it in Imax tomorrow for sure.
R888 - 7/27/2012, 11:51 PM
Bane vs batman first fight was awesome, no music amazingly freaking badass.

The avengers vs loki army and batman vs bane were the best fights in comic book films plus spiderman vs lizard.
UrbanKnight - 7/27/2012, 11:57 PM
@UncleJimmy You going to hell.

LOl. i was kidding. You do need to let go of grudges. Grow some common sense, and mature though. Relaxxx.
TheBatman50k - 7/28/2012, 12:38 AM
saw it for a 3rd time tonight, It was awesome yet again. Tom Hardy's Bane is awesome and so was Anne hatheway. In fact I think everybody is good in this movie.
ThatOneDude - 7/28/2012, 1:22 AM
In my opinion... The ending alone kicked the shit outta TDK
The only truly good part of TDK was the Joker, Bane wasn't perfect but this film was, in my own opinion, the best of the Trilogy.


Bring on the "Nightwing" Spin-off!!
AmazingFantasy - 7/28/2012, 1:28 AM
Movie was great, [frick]ed up the source though.

9/10. Ras being Banes father is [frick]ED UP.
ThatOneDude - 7/28/2012, 1:28 AM

YOU have no common sense

It is true that there are Extreme Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc...

But by judging them (including me) by the stereotypes and extremists just shows how stupid and ignorant you really are...

And yes I do realize there are questionable parts that even I have trouble believing, but it's called Faith, maybe you really should find Jesus, it'll at least show you what Faith is and what it means...

Then agian I don't even know why I'm arguing with you, you'll just reply in some dickhead remark because you think you're good enough to judge others by their beliefs.
SamHell - 7/28/2012, 1:55 AM
Good movie not great like TDK or BB.

Just kinda felt like I was watching the combination of the two put together.
charlie2094 - 7/28/2012, 2:01 AM

But Ra's wasn't his father, thats what we were mislead to believe early on. How about when Talia says "but he's NOT the child of Ra's al Ghul, I am"? In the end, Ra's wasn't his father, we don't know anything about his parentage.
BreakingBad - 7/28/2012, 2:23 AM
@ TheGoddamnDeadpool

Wow way to assert wrong information.
Grimfoe - 7/28/2012, 5:00 AM
There's no need to bang on religious people. One could argue it's more absurd to think we're all here by accident and that everything leading up to our creation and all the dominos that have to fall into place to create life just happened to come together on this rock instead of the eight others in the solar system by chance.....

Anyway, I'm forced to agree with the bitter and cynical Uncle Jimmy. I didn't like the movie. I'm not a huge Batman fan, but I'm shocked with how everyone seems okay with the changes to the source material.

Also, the movie just dragged a little. Not the fun, roller coaster that was the Avengers.
Ha1frican - 7/28/2012, 7:14 AM
To be honest he neverfelt like batman to me in this idk what it was but for the first time in the trilogy it just felt like a guy with a suit not like the last 2.
MrReese - 7/28/2012, 7:23 AM
3rd viewing yesterday.Incredible film.
PapaEmeritus - 7/28/2012, 8:58 AM
@UncleJimmy, you are the one who must GTFO. Why? Because you're fundamentalist dumbshit who's unable to make any kind of useful thoughts about anything in life. Shiite persons like you are brain damaged, and your comments here reafirm this sad fact.

Now shut up, grow up and try to learn something.
UrbanKnight - 7/28/2012, 1:03 PM
"religious people do not have common sense. thats a fact.
run up."

Ever seen "Religulous"? I know SOME dont, dont need to school me on that.

You're proof that atheist or agnostict people sometimes lack common sense too.

Btw, not to bring religion in the mix but, im not particularly religious.
Nubase - 7/28/2012, 1:49 PM
watched it on imax, a truly superb movie and the score was insane!, the last time l felt taken by a movie like that was when l saw LOTR Two Towers.
fadeaway1981 - 7/28/2012, 7:59 PM
Shit Yeh!!! great shots! The shot of Bane on the floor letting batman lay into him was really "In your face" that first fight scene between the two of them was just phenomenal! Watching the down fall of such an iconic character like Batman really humanised the character! GREAT MOVIE

Anne Hathaway almost stole the show with her performance!
RaisedFisT - 7/28/2012, 10:01 PM
@MrEko. I like that GIF. Is THAT what Batman told Gordon as he was taking off? Some asshole in the theater decided to have a cough attack right when those words were being exchanged. I caught Gordon saying "I never cared who you were" or something like that , then heard him say "Bruce Wayne?" Loved the relationship between Gordon and Batman thru the entire trilogy.

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