New Promo Art For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Features Batman VS. Bane

New  Promo Art For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Features Batman VS. Bane

While in low-quality, hit the jump to check out this new promo for the Christopher Nolan-directed film The Dark Knight Rises, a third and final chapter in his Batman franchise...

Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ “The Dark Knight Rises” is the epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. The screenplay is written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, story by Christopher Nolan & David S. Goyer. The film is produced by Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Charles Roven, who previously teamed on “Batman Begins” and the record-breaking blockbuster “The Dark Knight.” The executive producers are Benjamin Melniker, Michael E. Uslan, Kevin De La Noy and Thomas Tull, with Jordan Goldberg serving as co-producer. The film is based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. Batman was created by Bob Kane.

Thanks to DCMF for the heads up.

Starring Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard and Morgan Freeman, The Dark Knight Rises is set to hit theatres on July 20, 2012.

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superbatspiderman - 3/17/2012, 4:42 PM
MrReese - 3/17/2012, 4:43 PM
Nice XD
revloveR - 3/17/2012, 4:43 PM
hardy needs to learn how to throw a punch. open for that straight left right down the pipe.
Asterisk - 3/17/2012, 4:43 PM
sweet. movie of 2012.
BlairCo - 3/17/2012, 4:44 PM
LennyBG - 3/17/2012, 4:46 PM
see the size of Bane ? haters _)_
thewonderer - 3/17/2012, 4:46 PM
Cool Beans
NOLANITE - 3/17/2012, 4:51 PM
One look at Both Bronson and Warrior and i know for a fact that Hardys size as Bane wont be an issue. Nolan went with the Physical and Mental challenge this time around and not a Luchador/bigfoot type.
PaulRom - 3/17/2012, 4:53 PM
Love it.
JDUKE25 - 3/17/2012, 4:54 PM
That looks pretty awesome I must say.
Ranger14 - 3/17/2012, 4:58 PM
IF the photo work is accurate on that, it means they did do some post-production size-enhancement on Bane. Hardy is in great shape, but he doesn't have that much mass.
forthesakeofnow - 3/17/2012, 4:59 PM

nope, nothing has been reported and ive not seen anything like that from set pics
forthesakeofnow - 3/17/2012, 5:01 PM

its just inaccurate promo art like alot of the stuff that has come out that isnt an actual photo. as far as i know they havent done anything in terms of post to make him look bigger and im glad of it
forthesakeofnow - 3/17/2012, 5:03 PM

thats the problem when people are married to the source material and think any and every adaptation needs also to be
forthesakeofnow - 3/17/2012, 5:06 PM

i doubt he will be any bigger than the set photos and the trailer footage we have already seen. he isnt very big at all in the prologue but he was still infinitely more interesting and intimidating like that than if he had been built like the rock.

i think nolan and his batman world have come too far to suddenly start bulking up characters with cgi to make an epic fight scene. it still makes me laugh that people thought/think forced perspective like lord of the rings was/is going to be used
NOLANITE - 3/17/2012, 5:08 PM
@fortheSake Right, this just goes to show you that tweaking a bit and creating your own story can also be good. Why pull things out of pages and make em directly what they show? Imagine if Nolan pulled the Mexican Luchador face and attempted to have bane overthrow Gotham.

@Ranger14 No post work done on Bane. there was an interview done with one of the Nolans a while back when the voice issue came about and he pretty much said what you see and hear is what were gonna get. I think Bane looks menacing and good the way he is. Mind you, he doesnt wear his coat thingy the whole time.
NOLANITE - 3/17/2012, 5:10 PM
@MarvelWeiner Armpits stink, as much sweat Bane is going to accumulate from the ass beating Bats is going to get, ill pass.
forthesakeofnow - 3/17/2012, 5:13 PM

there is a time and a place for direct by the pages adaptation (as with something like watchmen, bar certain scenes and plot points) but as some one admitedly who doesnt have a giant investment in batman (thus representing the majority market of people who will see the film) im glad of this. if i wanted to watch a frame by frame reproduction of a comic id read a comic.

if i wanted to watch a cinematic reinterpretation of a character from a comic who has transcended the medium he was created in, ill wait until midnight of the 20th of july.

im not a nolanite or a dc fan boy, im a cineaste
DCnerd46 - 3/17/2012, 5:17 PM
I still have my concerns, but Bane is looking more Baney. Gives me a bit of hope over the underwhelming, non-Batman-like things I've been seeing the last few months.
Ranger14 - 3/17/2012, 5:20 PM
forthesakeofnow@ To each their own. I like to see a comic book come to life on the big screen, whether it be DC or Marvel, not be diluted into something different. I just wish Bane was somewhat larger in stature than Batman, rather than being smaller. Bane was intimidating in stature and intellect. Looks like they will be relying on intellect with this one. I would have rather seen both. Different strokes.
NOLANITE - 3/17/2012, 5:24 PM
@fortheSake Cineaste. I like that but....ill stick with Nolanite. There arent too many on here that admit it. they hide behind covers and bash away at marvel in hiding.

Im really looking forward to this. I think after all is said and done, Bane and TDKR will be a never forgotten imprint into our minds of yet another good character and story brought to life by an outstanding director and writer.
NOLANITE - 3/17/2012, 5:26 PM
@Ranger Ya cant tell me that if you laid there broken and beaten and some dude with a mouthpiece hovered over you and looked at you in the eyes after causing more chaos to a city once thought was saved, and said "When Gotham is have my permission to die..." YOU WOULDNT PISS YOUR PANTS?!
AVEN - 3/17/2012, 5:26 PM
Badass photoshop
MovieMann - 3/17/2012, 5:38 PM
I can't wait for this movie

but i don't know if you all know (it doesn't seem like it)
But this image is digitally rendered BIG time, this isn't a screenshot
Asterisk - 3/17/2012, 5:45 PM
I still think Bane looks badass.
MrPagBrewster - 3/17/2012, 5:46 PM
@forthesakeofnow, HELL YEAH!! CINEASTE!!
antonio - 3/17/2012, 6:02 PM
@MovieMann that's why its called "promo art".
cmax - 3/17/2012, 6:08 PM
Bane shaves his pits. That's all this picture really told me.
rocky - 3/17/2012, 6:14 PM
I'm laughing at people talking about Bane's size and using the picture as reference.
NOLANITE - 3/17/2012, 6:16 PM
Guess what everyone?! The Avengers opening weekend and cumulative estimates are out! Not looking good. Check out my article under editorials!
JasonCYates - 3/17/2012, 6:24 PM
If you can't post the pic any bigger, why bother?
antonio - 3/17/2012, 6:43 PM
@JasonCYates did you not read the article? LOW-RES!
Ranger14 - 3/17/2012, 7:16 PM
"The Avengers opening weekend and cumulative estimates are out! Not looking good"

Since when is $155-370 million for an opening weekend not good? TDK opened at $158 million. I guess that wasn't good either. That has to be one of the most humorous things I have read on
NerdByBirth - 3/17/2012, 7:42 PM
Does anybody else think Bane sounds like a british Dr. Krauss? That's the impression I got when I heard the trailer. I really like it.
95 - 3/17/2012, 8:03 PM
Costume looks good with the exaggerated CG muscles.
SageMode - 3/17/2012, 8:17 PM
This is only PROMO ART, this is not the actual actors. Lmao. SMH, mm mm mm.
Supes17 - 3/17/2012, 8:30 PM
Looks awesome!!
Supes17 - 3/17/2012, 8:31 PM
Lmao $370 million opening weekend?!
Ninja please
Supes17 - 3/17/2012, 8:33 PM
Yeah we know its promo art.
But if someone were to say that about the Avengers promo art they'd be shot down
theomegasanction - 3/17/2012, 9:28 PM
isn't everything touched by photoshop anymore? Bane looks good, true not a giant, but big enough. Like the voice
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