Possible Description For the Prologue to The Dark Knight Rises Leaks!

Possible Description For the Prologue to <i>The Dark Knight Rises</i> Leaks!

A few days ago, I posted an apparent leaked description of the 6-minute prologue to TDKR, set to debut infront of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. But I was alerted to another leaked description, yet again on the 'Official The Dark Knight Rises Community'. Hit the jump for the details...

Now, even though this information comes from IMDB, I believe that this has more of a chance than the last description of being legit. Read with caution, and remember that the person who posted it on the forums's username is "Llortamaisey" which is "yes i am a troll" backwards. This description was posted two days ago, and does pose alot of questions though. But I won't ask them now. Remember, spoilers.

"I've seen this a few times now, so I feel I can pretty accurately describe what happens. I'm probably leaving out some details, but I'll try to paint the best picture I can.

The movie opens up silently with a close up of Batman's face. We can tell he's on the Batpod on a highway of some sort.

The angle changes, and we can now see that we're starting off right where The Dark Knight left off. There's a ridiculous amount of cops chasing Batman down.

The scene changes again, and this time there's noise in the background. Gordon is hugging his wife where the cops created the perimeter at the end of TDK. She then gets in the drivers seat of a cop car and we see that Gordon's kids are sitting in the backseat. Gordon looks on as they begin to drive away.

Cop: C'mon, Gordon. We've gotta go.

Gordon nods and gets into the car with the cop. They're the last ones there. The car quickly starts and begins to move.

Then there's a cut back to Batman being chased. He's veering in and out of traffic, until finally he takes an exit onto a street.

He seems to be in the clear momentarily, until all the cars that were chasing him on the highway appear behind him, followed shortly by a whole new batch of cop cars cutting him off from a side street. He zooms ahead of them.

We cut back to Gordon in the car with the cop.

Gordon (on his radio): This is commissioner Gordon. Does anyone have a location on the Batman?

Cop chasing Batman: Yes, sir. He's heading North. Likely towards the city limits.

Cop in car with Gordon: Why would he be heading there?

Gordon: Traffic. People are still trying to escape the Joker's threat.

It cuts back to Batman again, doing exactly what Gordon predicted. He approaches a huge line of traffic and veers inbetween them with ease. All the cop cars come to a screeching halt.

Cut to Gordon again.

Gordon: Where is he now?

Cop chasing Batman: He's.... gone. Probably outside the city by now.

Cop in car with Gordon: Damn it! How can one guy outmanuever the entire Gotham police force?

Gordon: I don't know. But now, I'm betting we probably won't see him for a long time.

Cut to Batman. He's driving on what looks to be some remote highway. He takes an exit and then the scene cuts to him driving past a "You are now entering Gotham City" sign. He approaches a large, empty tunnel (probably the tunnel the Joker made a threat on is my guess).

As he enters the tunnel he pulls out a cell phone looking thing (I think it's the one he used to call Alfred in Batman Begins after Scarecrow gassed him).

Batman: Alfred, make sure there's nobody near the bunker.

He hangs up and continues to drive through the tunnel by himself for a bit.

Then, just as he's about to leave the tunnel, 2 giant trucks suddenly appear at the end of the tunnel, completely blocking his exit. At this point, he's going too fast to stop so he swerves and hits the trucks HARD. Like really, it was bad. Then he's laying on the ground, right next to the trucks.

Then Bane and his henchman emerge and slowly file out of the trucks. And yeah, Tom Hardy looks huge as Bane. I don't know how they did it. Then the henchman stand by the trucks while Bane starts to walk towards Batman after a brief pause. And I gotta say, this scene is paced extremely well. There's a lot of tension and suspense while you're waiting for Bane to make his move.

Now Bane speaks in an extremely ghastly and eerie voice. I was skeptical at first, but it works very, very well.

Bane: I've been watching you for some time. Waiting. For the right moment.

Right now Batman looks like he's regaining consciousness. He stands up and starts to try to walk away (he would never make it to the Batpod). Bane motions for his henchman to stay put and starts to walk closer to Batman.

Bane (to henchmen): He's mine.

Bane continues walking, slowly.

Bane (back at Batman): The Joker was even more formidable than I anticipated.

Meanwhile Batman is desperately trying to limp away, but he's hurt badly from the crash (plus he already looked pretty hurt from the fall at the end of TDK)

Bane: Using Harvey Dent was a brilliant tactic.

Batman is still trying to get away, but it's at this point that Bane has "chased" him into a corner (he just walked), and the only place Batman has to go is through an open door and up some enclosed stairs that are built into the side of the tunnel. He feebly attempts to climb them, leaning heavily on the handrail.

The suspense continues to build as Bane merely watches Batman try to regain his composure.

Bane (as he's still walking towards him and watching him climb the stairs): What exactly is it you're running from? We both know where this is headed.......... Bruce. (THIS PART was so freaking mind blowing. The line delivery and the change of pace in the music were so perfect that it made it overwhelmingly epic)

And right now is basically where that little scene we saw from the teaser happens - Batman is at the top now and completely FREEZES upon hearing "Bruce". Then Bane suddenly starts to advance with surprising speed (and the music suddenly blares and gets intense) and Batman turns around and gets ready to fight even though he's definitely in no condition to. Bane then ascends the stairs and thus begins the most intense part of the entire sequence.

Now we briefly get a better view of the place and see that they're basically on a little bridge outside of the tunnel that curves around a bit and leads to more stairs that take you to higher ground outside the tunnel (where Bane's henchman is standing in anticipation underneath a highway bridge). Batman throws the first punch at Bane, but Bane just grabs his arm. Batman is unable to break free from his grip so Bane elbows it with his other arm and all we hear is a loud SNAP as Batman screams out in pain.

Batman staggers away, but Bane instantly advances on him, not missing a beat and kicks him square in the stomach. Batman is knocked back hard by the kick as Bane continues to advance. In desperation, Batman quickly pulls out his grappling gun and latches onto the bridge above him, but Bane literally tackles him in midair as he's flying upwards and they both fall down to the ground below.

Bane, of course, is basically unaffected by the fall but Batman is looking even worse than before - he's lying on the floor, breathing extremely heavy, with evident damage to his suit.

Bane: You're pathetic. I expected more.

A shot of Batman, who's basically looking like he's out for the count.

Bane: Get up and fight me.

Again, the pacing is so great here. Batman's fear is palpable as he struggles to get up and face Bane. Finally, after considerable effort, he suddenly stands up and throws a Batarang at the light that's lighting the lower level of the room they're in. We briefly see Bane looking amused before things go dark.

Now the camera focuses on Bane in a low light setting, calmly walking around the handrails through the dark without even feeling his way around. Batman has managed to disappear.

Bane (here is where Hardy really shines, performing with incredible conviction and intensity after thus far just being an eerie and powerful presence): There's no escape, Bruce. I can smell your fear.

(Here he walks without talking for a bit, the tension builds)

Bane: It does not matter how much you prolong the inevitable. After tonight, Batman is FINISHED.

(more walking, the score is a subtle constant screech)


Suddenly, Batman appears behind Bane and attempts to get him into a chokehold.

It seems to work.

...Until Bane's henchmen suddenly pour light from above onto the two dueling titans below. Batman is taken by surprise, and Bane peels Batman's arms off his neck, foiling his desperation attempt, elbows him in the face, turns around, grabs his head, and punches it with all his might. Batman begins to fall backwards.

Then, as Batman lays motionless on the ground,

Bane: Killing you would only end your agony.

Bane begins to put his arms underneath him...

Bane: ...I want you to see what I'm going to do.

He lifts him high...

...And smashes the bat over his knee. All we hear is a deafening CRAAAAACCKKK, followed by Bane tossing Batman to the ground and then walking away from the screen.

Batman lays there, motionless; his face lifeless (it's the same shot).

And the screen goes black."

All I can say is, WOAH! This does indeed pose many questions, such as how could Bane know about the Dent coverup? Was he hearing the conversation between Gordon/Bats? It's not mentioned in this description, plus Bats crashing into trucks while on the Batpod already happened in The Dark Knight. I don't believe that Nolan would use it again. It seems to indicate that Bane and the League of Shadows were behind the whole events of BB and TDK. And, if the beginning of the movie was Bane breaking Batman's back, then what would the rest of the movie be about? Maybe the set footage of Bruce Wayne entering a bar using a cane comes soon after this.

Anyway, what do you think of this? Which description do you prefer? If this description is real, then Nolan is really giving us a treat! The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cottilard, Morgan Freeman and Joseph Gordon Levitt. It's released on July 20, 2012!
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superotherside - 10/22/2011, 10:53 AM
Probably not true, but it sounds awesome just the same... :)

Great find @MovieMaster
PaulRom - 10/22/2011, 11:01 AM
Wow, sounds phenomenal. Great find dude, hope it's true.
ComicBuzz - 10/22/2011, 11:23 AM
If this is true I will leave the cinema after seeing MI4 and probably go into hibernation till the TDKR comes out. Thanks for sharing.
Rises33 - 10/22/2011, 11:53 AM
total BS,but creative BS..how is that this guy has seen this?
he hasn't cause he made it up.kind of funny how he knows every line if this is true which its not,but if it is then that means that batman will use the laz pits to heal himself.
And that ra's is reincarnated into banes body.hence he knows batman is bruce and during the dark knight he was recovering and getting stronger.laying low watching the joker do his thing
this movie is gonna be a masterpiece
we are all blessed by the movie gods for this one
thank you nolans goyer bale hardy etc you are gonna make me a happy man beyond belief next july :)
Rises33 - 10/22/2011, 12:10 PM
nolan isnt gonna put out a 6 minute preview.maybe a 2-3 minute preview with new footage we havent seen.
whoever heard of a 6 minute trailer of a movie, 7 months before it comes out.lool lying fools
MovieMaster - 10/22/2011, 12:13 PM
its not a trailer. its a prologue. the bank heist from TDK was shown infront of i am legend
BooYah - 10/22/2011, 12:38 PM
Damn I hope this is true. If it is ill go watch Missing Impossible 4.
BooYah - 10/22/2011, 12:47 PM
LucasMend - 10/22/2011, 12:53 PM
Holy damn, it sounds amazing, but just like u said, many questions comes to hand like how he knew The Whole Thing with Harvey. wow well
TheMonsterIsAStar - 10/22/2011, 1:40 PM
Not sure what people mean about Bane knowing the cover up, never said anything about him know that all it says is that "using Dent was a brilliant Tactic" wouldn't say that implies he knows, as much as he was maybe behind it all.. As well makes no scense to say that because bane knows that's Bruce that it's Ra's recarnated cause Bane was able to know Bruce was the bat by his body jesters in the comics so that would make more scenes. And Bruce using the Lazarus pit serious? Come on I myself still skeptical Nolan would use the Lazarus pit as a fountain that can regenerate ppl or make ppl immortal isn't really realistic!?! (rise33) All aside that description sound pretty sweet and on screen done would look awesome can't wait to see!
LogicError - 10/22/2011, 2:30 PM
It is fake. The lines are too cheesy to be written by Nolan and things don't add up. If you look at the set pics... there is a prison built to honor the memory of Harvey Dent. So the whole Bane thing takes place more than a year or so after TDK. Remember Gordon's speech at the funeral? Things in Gotham get better first, the a while after, things get worse when Bane shows up. Otherwise the Batman's sacrifice in the TDK wasn't necessary. Sorry folks... That so called prologue is as fake as a homemade $100 bill.
CraptainAmerica - 10/22/2011, 2:30 PM
Even if that was 'fan fic' I'm well and truly impressed! If it's real, I can't [frick]in wait!

Well done sir. Well done.
mamamachine - 10/22/2011, 2:36 PM
gotta say even if its fake (which im sure it is) its pretty well done, lines sound a bit too simplistic for a nolan flick but otherwise the whole setup is awesome
MovieMaster - 10/22/2011, 2:42 PM
since this is about Bane, i thought i'd share this fan-made Bane theme with you all :) its [frick]ing brilliant i must say
antonio - 10/22/2011, 2:53 PM
@Rises33 yor're joking right? What was the 5 1/2 to 6 minute prologue of TDK that was at IMAX screening's of I Am Legend then?
goatmilk - 10/22/2011, 2:53 PM
This is for sure fake. The only thing convincing/interesting about it is that the guy wrote little comments about his observations, like that Hardy looked really big, his voice sounded cool, what was happening with the soundtrack etc. Those things sort of made it seem like he'd actually seen this but everything doesn't really add up. No way Banes gonna show up right then on that night and the dialogue doesn;t sound very real either. Parts of it were cool over all though, and it's getting me even more pumped for December!
SkrullWar - 10/22/2011, 10:19 PM
The say is bullshit,but I think that the first scene in the chase and hit Bane's truck could be true,the idalog and Bane leaving Batman practically dead,that sounds fake

But you know,the TDK prologue was also very action packed

And with all the caos,I think nobody in Gotham will be notice by some trucks in the bridge,so it be true
CBMfan001 - 10/23/2011, 1:03 AM
well if its true its a mind blowing opening,tats all i can say but probably it isn't true
Caedus137 - 10/23/2011, 2:34 AM
What a load of bollocks... Sounds like a 12 year old's "Write a Batman Story" English Homework... There's no way Nolan would just have Bane show up from nowhere, say "I AM BANE!" then break Batman's back with no further explination of who he is or where he came from... Bollocks. Like someone else already said, the end of the Dark Knight has already moved the story on from the Police chasing Batman after Dent is killed. It shows Gordon smashing the Bat Symbol, it shows Dent's memorial service, so why would Nolan then move the story back in time to the moment when the injured Batman tries to escape? In my opinion, whoever sat and completely made up this fake prologue simply hasn't thought it through.
MovieMaster - 10/23/2011, 3:01 AM
@WesleyGibson- actully, I posted that here a few days ago. it came from the official TDKR facebook group aswell. it was panned all across the net and demolished on here, so when i saw this i deleted that article because it was just total bullshit
MovieMaster - 10/23/2011, 3:46 AM
@WesleyGibson- yeah. the thing is, why weren't all these descriptions popping up before we heard of the prologue?
NOLANITE - 10/23/2011, 9:13 AM
@movie master: because people like to rant and guess! Which isn't a bad thing actually. This write up real or not is pretty hooking. If it were actually true id walk out with my jaw on the floor. No one but Nolan and his close group of bandits will know what this prologue shows. All I can say is that Nolan knows he can astound us and will do so. Whedon has made his move and a not so great one if ya ask me so I say again, MAKE YOUR MOVE NOLAN. YOUR MOVE NOLAN. and in the end he shall say " checkmate". :)
MovieMaster - 10/23/2011, 11:15 AM
Nolanite! Haven't seen you in a while! I thought you got banned for retardness... jokes of course :P after christmas the race will truly begin and the winner will either be The Avengers, or The Dark Knight Rises. cant wait to find out!
PaulRom - 10/23/2011, 11:17 AM
After some consideration, this is definitely something I'm taking with a big grain of salt. Although, those who've read the script has said that the opening is mindblowing. Also, that one scoop CBM got about Batman getting his back broken said that it was during his first clash with Bane. So this is definitely something that shouldn't be dissed right away, IMO.
DoctorSnide - 10/23/2011, 11:18 AM
It's not real. One of the best fan made thought out sequences. The guy should go to school to become a writer. It's not real though I can absolutely without a doubt promise you that. None of these descriptions are true so don't get excited about any of them. You'll see shortly what the real deal is.
Calpurnius - 10/23/2011, 11:40 AM
The chase stuff reads like a lot of the footage we've seen from Los Angeles.
Fantine - 10/23/2011, 11:48 AM
That sounds epic, hope its true. Probs not though.

Was hoping we would get a look at Selina Kyle :( though.
TheDarkAvengersRises - 10/23/2011, 12:07 PM

Very good dialogue... for a fan. But not for Christopher Nolan. FAKE. Nolan wouldn't EVER, EVER, make Bane say: "I AM BANE, AND I CAN KILL YOU." Nolan is more creative than that.

TheDarkAvengersRises - 10/23/2011, 12:12 PM
"Focus my efforts on Gotham City.."

Looks like the fan-nerd who made this fake scene tried a little too hard to sound Nolanistic.

jmenardo - 10/23/2011, 1:18 PM
While I agree that this would be fantastic to see in December, I think everyone is forgetting something quite obvious: With only 6 minutes to spar, the scenario laid out here is entirely too long. This footage, if factual, would take at least 15-20 minutes to get through. That said, I think that this may be how the movie begins, but won't be the footage Nolan uses for the prologue. I think they'll show Bane busting out of prison for that.
coderaven - 10/23/2011, 2:11 PM
fake, fake, and fake
NOLANITE - 10/23/2011, 4:04 PM
@moviemaster: nah im too good of a Nolan addict to be getting the boot. Just had to stay low key for a while, people trolled me for no reason. Damn it! I'm going to go with tdkr only because of quality where as avengers has quantity. ( One too many clown idiots)
PapaEmeritus - 10/23/2011, 6:39 PM
Damn, i wish some parts are true... but unfortunately is FAKE! Nice job, but fake... well, at least we can have a glimpse of some phenomenal possibilities that TDKR can provide!
Idio7 - 10/23/2011, 7:40 PM
Ok how the hell do you know for a fact any of this is real OR fake? Are any of you apart of the film crew? Have any of you read the script? And for the people who said that Nolan wouldn't go back in time sequence do you know what a prologue is? Do you realize that batman wasn't in ANY of the scenes that involved Gordon smashing the bat signal or in any of the scenes during Dents "funeral". Take a moment to think about Nolan showing exactly what transpired after TDK, which means 1)cops chasing batman is true 2)after they lose sight of batman in the supposed scene description above Gordon could then be smashing the bat signal during the same time as batman having his altercation with Bane for the first time which would 3)explain the rumor of batman having his back broken in the beginning of the movie hence 4)the dark knight RISES meaning he has to rise up from his back being broken and redeem himself as Gothams savior and clear his name. So anyone who says fake without knowing more than anyone of us actually know then please stfu! Yeah, I don't like false rumors but at least have a lil skepticism to be open to anything we hear. If this is false its a pretty good fabrication to say the least and I for one would love to see this happen cause we haven't seen batman get his ass kicked or had a true pyshical challenge yet. And for those who said something about Nolan using better written dialogue for bane, just wtf do you think bane WOULD say? Do you think he's going to be articulate and speak elaborately or do you think he's going to do as we all want him to do...Break the bats back! Simple. Plain and simple. Bane doesn't need to focus on speech, his intellect and brawn will be all that's needs to make him a faithful adaption.
Alexandre - 10/23/2011, 10:17 PM
the one reason i think this isn't so much bs is because in the trailer or teaser whatever you wanna call it, in the part where bane and bats are about to fight there is this guy in the background who is in a position that looks like he is holding a gun and the guy looks like he has some sort of vest on, kind of like bane's henchmen. and now having a pretty solid idea on how bane's henchmen will look like because of the Pittsburgh leaked pics, that guy in the background in the trailer does kind of seem like it could be one of bane's henchmen.
Alexandre - 10/23/2011, 10:49 PM
now what doesn't seem all to right is the part where in the description bane says,"The Joker was even more formidable than I anticipated." if this is true, then does it imply that the joker is part of the league of shadows? i always thought of the joker as a one man wolf pack not so much a team player. but his actions in tdk does kind make u question his motives. like why is the joker so concern with trying to corrupt gotham's soul rather than just play with batman as he would put it. was he just a mad crazy guy who liked doing evil things or was he doing all those things because he was told to? in batman begins we learn that the league of shadows were responsible for gotham's poverty and tried to use that as a way for it to destroy itself but when people like Bruce's father tried to help the city their plan failed. so their next step was to turn his son into one of them and with his help destroy the city but that to didn't work cause Bruce becomes batman and saves the city. now whose to say that after many failed attempts by the league their next tactic is, very much like the mob in tdk, to turn to a very unconventional form of help and that would be the joker.
Caedus137 - 10/24/2011, 1:07 AM
darkseidpawns - Yes I realise that ("realise" spelt correctly) but I respectfully disagree. He does sound like a 12 year old.
Caedus137 - 10/24/2011, 1:14 AM
Idio7 - Okay ... By your logic, anything said about TDKR which can't immediately be discredited as a lie should at least be considered, right? Okay... Well a "source" close to the film told me in confidence that Rachel Dawes actually comes back from the dead as a Zombie after using the Lazarus pits, and ends up marrying Bane and together they have 6 kids, all of whom wear those Bane mask things, and thats how the movie ends, with a nice Bane family scene... Consider that, you f.ucking hack...
MovieMaster - 10/24/2011, 2:25 AM
^^ im 12 and i wrote the article
Caedus137 - 10/24/2011, 2:30 AM
There you go then...
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