Possible Spoiler Regarding 'Alfred' In The Dark Knight Rises Revealed!

Possible Spoiler Regarding 'Alfred' In <i>The Dark Knight Rises</i> Revealed!

Rumors regarding the highly-anticipated Batman threequel The Dark Knight Rises continue, with the latest revolving around Bruce Wayne's butler 'Alfred,' & a potential spoiler!

With principal photography well underway on Chris Nolan's highly-anticipated 'Batman' threequel The Dark Knight Rises, and story details kept underwraps, rumors persist. And the latest rumor involves Batman's tireless butler & assistant Alfred Pennyworth, who actor Michael Caine portrays respectively. Originated at the disputable SHH forums, heres what a user had to say.

Have been hanging around the location filming just down the road from where I live off and on throughout the day. Could tell that the majority of the filming was going on inside rather than outside. I didn't take any pictures, because all there was to see was some lighting rigs, two big Panavision trucks, a wardrobe truck and security guards. Nothing worthy of a photograph.

We did eventually talk to a security guard, who told us The Croydon Delta Point building is doubling for a Gotham hospital and Alfred is admitted as a patient

The Dark Knight Rises' story details are being kept underwraps. Although, the films stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, Josh Pence, Nestor Carbonell, Michael Caine and possibly Alon Aboutboul, the film releases 20 July, 2012!
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Dynamo - 5/31/2011, 2:16 PM
LOL So the fake trailer actually got a scene right? LOL
PaulRom - 5/31/2011, 2:19 PM
@DCMF is that page from Knightfall?
JatevinM - 5/31/2011, 2:37 PM
I have a feeling that Bane is going to do a number on good ole Alfred.
TheShadow - 5/31/2011, 3:08 PM
I TOLD YA'LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MassExecutions - 5/31/2011, 3:12 PM
Alfred's not going to die. He's going to save Batman after Bane breaks his back, by filling Bane full of bullets!
Planeswalker - 5/31/2011, 3:13 PM
@EvilEye Never having the read the cmx, is Bane that cerebral a villain? I always thought he was just a "Hulk smash!" type dude...
golden123 - 5/31/2011, 3:20 PM
@TheShadow: Who says Alfred dies? I would be willing to bet that Alfred just gets injured and survives through the film.
Retardo - 5/31/2011, 3:21 PM
I heard Bane rapes Alfred! :O
weareanydaynow - 5/31/2011, 3:26 PM
@Planeswalker In the comics hes a very brute phisical guy, but he's also quite intellegent. I won't give away the "Knightfall" story line for anyone wanting to read the comics, since it seems Nolan will pull quite a bit from them. But he masterminds a huge story arch that pushes Bruce to a breaking point. I would argue he's equally smart as he is phisical, unlike the Campy movie version we got a few years back where he had one line and he was much more of a "hulk smash" character. Bane would be like having The Hulk but with Banners Mind... if that makes it any clearer...
TheTaskmaster - 5/31/2011, 3:52 PM
Not Alfred! Nooooooooo! :P
soaponapope - 5/31/2011, 4:09 PM
calm down. he isnt going to die. just because he's in the hospital doesn't mean he's dying. bane is going to F him up bad when he attacks wayne manor
GillytheKid33 - 5/31/2011, 4:21 PM
This isnt much of a shocker. I mean Alfred always gets roughed up a bit when ever they attack Wayne manor in the comics for example in "Batman R.I.P.".

Rodimus9 - 5/31/2011, 4:25 PM
Hey Alfred!!

AlexDeLarge87 - 5/31/2011, 4:33 PM
puyguy@ I think no one doesnt whine about it cause he is [frick]ING MICHAEL CAINE!:D The badass and cold Jack Carter himself!

thanos83 - 5/31/2011, 4:34 PM
all in all interms of this film i bet were going to get a good mix of knight fall and the dark knight returns

I wouldn't be surprised if:
1.Alfred dies.(suffering from the wounds bane inflicted on his old craggly ass)thus finally sending Bruce over the edge.
2.Bruce,s identity as batman is exposed 2 the world.
3.And finally, Wayne Scarface"s his "playboy" persona and completely becomes batman thru and thru (fakes his death,or is believed 2 have died,leaving the world 2 think that Bruce Wayne has died,and the batman with him) by the end of the film,
allowing batman 2 live on as a true legend so 2 speak

just my predictions
forthesakeofnow - 5/31/2011, 4:58 PM
@puyguy I think that is because Michael Caine Alfred is more interesting than comic book Alfred.
forthesakeofnow - 5/31/2011, 4:59 PM
It must be serious if Alfred is coming back to England to see a specialist doctor in Croydon.
Organa1978 - 5/31/2011, 5:01 PM
Bane will hurt him or Talia will shoot him.
forthesakeofnow - 5/31/2011, 5:04 PM

1) Maybe, would be great dramatic tension/character development.

2)I hope this happens just because I see it as a Bruce Wayne story more than a Batman one, Batman not being a real person and all.

3)I wouldnt want this to happen as like i said im more interested in bruce wayne than batman, and anyways how could this and the identity reveal happen? he just carries on going around as batman even though all the police, citizens and villains know who he is and where he lives?

If he is outed as batman he would be forced to save gotham as bruce wayne and for me and at a character/story stand point that is more interesting than the idea of him carrying on as batman forever.
forthesakeofnow - 5/31/2011, 5:05 PM
@balegirlbrazil WOW Talia will have to have an amazing aim or magic bullet to kill Alfred FROM OUTSIDE THE WORLD OF THE FILM!!! lol soz, im just being a d*ck. =]
Frostbite - 5/31/2011, 5:06 PM
The plot thickens...always wanted to say that!
forthesakeofnow - 5/31/2011, 5:08 PM
@AlexDeLarge87 lol as great as the film is, that trailer makes it look ridiculous. =]
GillytheKid33 - 5/31/2011, 5:13 PM
Hahahahahaha!! THANK YOU! Im still shocked people think Tali will be in this *cough* *cough* @balegirlbrazil.
forthesakeofnow - 5/31/2011, 5:23 PM
@GillytheKid33 Cheers =]

and i think the talia dilemma is that its far too obvious, and if it was to be true it was be what the germans call uberlame as it would be a plot twist that everyone knew about before the film was even made. The closer it gets to the release date the more people that would find out about it and it would end up that 99% of the people seeing the film would know one of the main plot points that they werent suposed to know. all evidence ive seen so far states that Coutillard is playing a small role but people still want to hope i guess.
GillytheKid33 - 5/31/2011, 5:34 PM

Again, THANK YOU! Ive been saying the samething. My thinking is that its wayyy too obvious like you said. If weve already "figured it out" then its clearly not ganna happen. Nolan is too unpredictable. Plus looking at this from Batmans perspective, I would think that if the worlds greatest detective got this stunt pulled on him twice... by the same family nontheless, he wouldnt be a very great detective. So I think we just put the rumor/speculation to rest.

*Fist Bump*

Btw I think I'm ganna start using "cheers" from now on. I noticed it alot in all the First Class interviews lol.
Bandrews1 - 5/31/2011, 5:52 PM
batmanrises - 5/31/2011, 5:58 PM
Talia will be in this. Guaranteed. Liam Neeson was announced as playing Henri Ducard....Think about that...

Alfred won't die...I'm thinking he'll be roughed up.
forthesakeofnow - 5/31/2011, 6:00 PM
@GillytheKid33 haha yeah i always forget that not a lot countries say cheers in that way. and yes it would be funny if it did happen, bruce gets screwed over and then remembers during his training seeing a picture of ras and talia in ras's office at the league of shadows (all terrorist organisations are like MadMen when they arent out doing terror stuff in my imagination)and thinking she was hot. lol

im sure the speculation will continue until about 3 months after the film is been out lol

*Fist Bump then the Jay-Z double side high five and salute handshake* lol
CorndogBurglar - 5/31/2011, 6:04 PM
@ puyguy

i think its because this is early in Batman's career, so naturally Alfred would be a little younger looking.
CorndogBurglar - 5/31/2011, 6:05 PM
anyway, Bane is going to break into wayne manor and rough up Alfed while he's waiting for Bats to get home, just like in Knightfall.
GillytheKid33 - 5/31/2011, 6:13 PM
haha that would be pretty funny. Bruce thinks to himself *Shes pretty hot, Maybe I should burn this guys house down and see if she stalks me down as a person who will work with me in the 3rd film*

And I like how @batmanrises above you is saying that Neeson is playing Ducard/Ra's again.................................................................... which I'm pretty sure was never confirmed.

Lol, kids these days and their ideas. :)
Cheers, lmfao!
deanwilkins - 5/31/2011, 6:45 PM
Why doesn't the "report comment" feature work.

llb41r is obviously spam.
NeoBaggins - 5/31/2011, 7:04 PM
Ooohh, I rememeber this!!!!

Batgirl: Alfred's sick.
Batman: Alfred's not sick, he's dying.
Robin: Dying? Why didn't he tell us?
Batman: You know Alfred, he wouldn't say anything, but I can tell.

CorndogBurglar - 5/31/2011, 7:28 PM
@ batmanrises

um, where do you get your news, man? Liam Neeson was not announced as anything, lol.

supposedly Ra'z Al Ghoul is going to be in the movie, but no one said anything about Neeson playing him. it will more than likely be in a flashback, unless those set pics really were the Lazarus Pit. Either way, Neeson hasn't been confrimd for anything.

like GillytheKid said, "these crazy kids, and their crazy VD...i mean ideas, yeah, their crazy ideas..."

i think he said something like that...
RunDTC - 5/31/2011, 7:56 PM
why oh why would Bruce ask Alfred to be Robin? is Gotham out of 13 year old boys?
TheHierophant - 5/31/2011, 9:35 PM
I don't think that Alfred will die in "The Dark Knight Rises." I think that if they kill Alfred, that's almost a guarentee that the series will continue. Alfred dying would fuel Bruce's reasons for being Batman. I'd like to think that Alfred will save Bruce, but I think that it will be Gordon who saves Bruce. I think Gordon will figure out that Batman is Bruce Wayne, and realize that Bane is going to kill him. I also still think that Bane will be in the employ of the GCPD, FBI, or something similar to that. He'll be hired as a merc to take out Batman when nobody else can...
Jefferys - 6/1/2011, 12:59 AM
Not Alfred! He gets picked on to much. Half of the graphic novels have him saving bruce. If he dies, I'm going to walk out of the cinema pissed.
batmanrises - 6/1/2011, 1:06 AM
GillytheKid33 I meant he was announced as playing Henri Ducard for Batman Begins, slow one. Use your brain.
batmanrises - 6/1/2011, 1:09 AM
CorndogBurglar read my comment above, slow one. I was comparing the news that Marion Cotillard was announced as playing someone named Miranda Tate for the Dark Knight Rises in 2012 to the news back in 2004 that Liam Neeson was playing someone named Henri Ducard in Batman Begins. We learned that this was just an alias towards the last half hour or so of the movie. Jesus, does it really need to be spelled out like that?

Kids these days, using their keyboards before their brains.
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