SCOOP: Version of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises

SCOOP:  Version of Catwoman in <em>The Dark Knight Rises</em>

A concept artist working on the movie has dropped a golden kernel of information to me regarding which version of Selina Kyle Anne Hathaway will play in The Dark Knight Rises.

First let me start with the fact that I got this news from a concept artist who are often brought in to work on movies before there is even a finalized script. With that said, I personally have a creative background and have a lot of college friends working in California who are concept artists. One of my former mates [who I obviously won't reveal] stated that she worked on early concepts for the movie which were modeled after the prostitute version in Batman: Year One. As many of you know, the Catwoman in Frank Miller's tale, created the prostitute backstory for Selina. And from what we've seen in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Returns, a lot of the material was lifted from Miller's take.

Well, again, this isn't 100% confirmation that this is the version we will see as many of you who have seen the concept art for X-Men:First Class, Thor, and Green Lantern know that most of those interpretations [but some were] were not what we saw in the movie. However, it does reveal that this version of Selina was seriously discussed atleast during the early stages of the movie and is probably the one we will see in the movie.

What version of Selina Kyle would you like to see on the big screen prostitute, socialite, or stewardess? Sound off below on how you think this fits into the Nolan universe and if this is the take on the character you wanted to see on the big screen.

Catwoman is a fictional character associated with DC Comics' Batman franchise. Historically a supervillain, the character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, partially inspired by Kane's cousin, Ruth Steel. Kane, a frequent movie goer, also mentioned that Jean Harlow was a model for the design. Since the 1990s, Catwoman has been featured in an eponymous series that cast her as an antihero rather than a supervillain. The character has been one of Batman's most enduring love interests. Many modern writers have also interpreted her activities and costumed identity as a response to a history of abuse. Batman #62 (December/January 1950) revealed that Catwoman is an amnesiac flight attendant who had turned to crime after suffering a prior blow to the head during a plane crash she survived. Catwoman's origin—and, to an extent, her character—was revised in 1986 when writer Frank Miller and artist David Mazzucchelli published Batman: Year One, a revision of Batman's origin. She works as a prostitute in order to survive and wants to break away from her abusive pimp (and former boyfriend).


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UltimateSpidey - 7/12/2011, 7:32 PM
batmanrises - 7/12/2011, 7:35 PM
A ask if we want a hooker Catwoman...Really?

Semi-cool article, dumbass poll. Just sayin'.
TayDee - 7/12/2011, 7:36 PM
If this is true, thanks for the info!
DCwanabe - 7/12/2011, 7:36 PM
More Power to whatshisname
WorldsGreatestdetective - 7/12/2011, 7:39 PM
I thought we were over the prostitute Catwoman.
MarkJulian - 7/12/2011, 7:41 PM
@the World Lol. As I said concept art is really a representation of possibility. And it shows that it's a good possibility that this is will be her past history in TDKR.
marvel72 - 7/12/2011, 7:41 PM
couldn't give less a shit.
Superman75 - 7/12/2011, 7:42 PM
I don't think Nolan will make her a prostitute.
Superman75 - 7/12/2011, 7:43 PM
marvel72 - 7/12/2011, 7:50 PM
@ pixar

do you honestly care which one is picked ?

for all i care she can be any of the above it really doesn't matter.
Triptheorist - 7/12/2011, 7:53 PM
WellDrawn - 7/12/2011, 7:53 PM
So that's where the hooker boots come from...
hervatting - 7/12/2011, 8:03 PM
If she's going to be a prostitute, then nolan should have choosen megan fox, she would be perfect =)
superwolverine - 7/12/2011, 8:04 PM
i prefer the one where she is not in the movie at all. i got a strong feeling this catwoman in this so-called nolan-verse is going to be a epic fail.
patriautism - 7/12/2011, 8:08 PM
I prefer the frank Miller prostitute Selina, well the young and skinny one that is.
jaysin420 - 7/12/2011, 8:08 PM
Would Bruce Wayne really need to go to a hooker?
SHHH - 7/12/2011, 8:09 PM
Bruce Buys Some P#ssy..:) jk jk naw an ass kickin catwomen..:)
godzilla0000433 - 7/12/2011, 8:11 PM
think about the children
godzilla0000433 - 7/12/2011, 8:11 PM
think about the children
TaoOfTheBatman - 7/12/2011, 8:12 PM
i don't really like the frank miller catwoman. it's feels like its done for shock value only. i'd much prefer her be like in the long halloween, the daughter of a mob boss looking for revenge on the mob by stealing from them.
GPoindexter9000 - 7/12/2011, 8:14 PM
oddly enough I wouldn't mind the catwoman with goggles. hadn't heard too much about the Frank Miller version...interesting. A friend of mine thinks that JGL will be playing the Joker. Apparently there is a rumor that there will be a huge jailbreak scene and two rival gangs will face off. Since I bet Nolan will use the comic Bane who was not an idiot, but rather intelligent; the face off might be between Joker's crew from Arkham and Bane's crew. Prolly not what's going to happen, but doesn't sound bad. I like that idea, but I have faith in Nolan.

Who is Geoffrey Poindexter?
ellispart3 - 7/12/2011, 8:23 PM
When batman year one released, frank had a knack for taking the prestine and shiny and making it dark. daredevils gf was turned into a drug addict. It was ground breaking at the time. but that was after year of a brighter batman. We've had the dark batman for some years now so the need to make selina a prostitute isn't there.
not to say it won't happen. it would give batman a different element in the movies so far. we've seen him with jim gordon, lucius fox, harvey dent, and rachel dawes; the clean cop, the honorable businessman, district attorney, and vlassy love interest and assistant da. to pair him with a prostitute will kinda show where batman is in his career. he is the dark knight, the hero no one really likes, but does what needs to be done.

then again, i'm just talkin sh*t.
hervatting - 7/12/2011, 8:26 PM

So what needs to be done is f#ck a prostitute?
TaoOfTheBatman - 7/12/2011, 8:27 PM
i think jgl could pull the joker off but he is not going to play him. nolan has made it clear the joker is not in this film as heath's death just makes trying to add him too personal. i really hope dark victory inspired some of the dark knight rises, i like the way bruce and selina's relationship is done in that book. I'm also hoping for the inclusion of robin... now before everyone tries to hang me for saying that let me explain: it only works if they show bruce at a circus witnessing the death of the grasons and having him adopt a young dick grayson as a way to help deal with the loss of rachel or something like that..but no actual robin fighting crime. i think a scene like this could only work at the end of the movie kind of like the joker card in begins. this way the trilogy ends but theres something to make us know the story continues even if this particular take on the character is ending.
BrandonLi - 7/12/2011, 8:35 PM
Of course ! What's wrong with funking a prostitute who dresses up as a cat while wearing a bat costume ?
FrankGarret - 7/12/2011, 8:37 PM
I vote they make her a socialite with implied poor beginings, but not really delve into it. As she was in Ed Brubaker's run on the title.

TaoOfTheBatman - 7/12/2011, 8:42 PM
makes you wonder how or if bruce wayne and selina will interact in the film. i'm really hoping for a dark victory or hush version of their relationship.
hervatting - 7/12/2011, 8:43 PM

'' He has a special signal he shines in the sky ,it's in the shape of a giant cock ''
superman78 - 7/12/2011, 8:49 PM
I vote they make her a deranged psychopath with scars on her mouth that make her look like she's always smiling. Then, any time she gets ready to kill someone, she puts a blade in their mouth and says, "you wanna know how I got these scars?" That would be the best Catwoman. Wait. The best Catwoman would be NO Catwoman. Damn.
Jer3miah - 7/12/2011, 9:11 PM
I think the socialite story is boring, especially the stewardess one. I'd rather a prostitute plot, but if I know Nolan, he'll make any of the stories work to perfection, so its whatever to me.
ellispart3 - 7/12/2011, 9:12 PM
if that's his perogative i guess..i can just see it being a sign of his status in the city with his allies being a prostitute instead of the higher end socialites of the city who had his back. then again to serve the same purpose, she could be a stewardess (not to say that stewardesses and pros are one in the same, but they are not socialites).
ellispart3 - 7/12/2011, 9:20 PM
yea i agree..catwoman is exactly that, a master thief and con artist. Selina Kyle is where I think the discussion is focusing on though. I would hate to see a prostitue catwoman, or a socialite catwoman, or a stewardess catwoman lol. but selina kyle might be one of those 3.
sbdc1939 - 7/12/2011, 9:22 PM
she could be a hooker who became a socialie by stealing but that kinda needs its own movie in its self. So i dont care really as long as she is recognizably catwoman through her dialouge and actions
ArtisticErotic - 7/12/2011, 9:24 PM
Well she's gonna be a prostitute in the Batman Year One animated movie and in Arkham City she seems to be more like the Batman TAS mixed with the current comic book version.

I say just make her different entirely in this movie series. I mean she will only be in one movie for this franchise so go all out.
hervatting - 7/12/2011, 9:25 PM

I'm not so sure about catwoman and bane, just like many people we're doubting about heath and he turned out one of the best villains ever, anyway, i just hope anne hathaway can deliver ( not saying she doesn't have talent, i mean she's even been nominated)
ellispart3 - 7/12/2011, 9:54 PM
I'm not too worried, not to be on nolan's jock, but he picks great actors. Huge fan of Hardy..and Hathaway isn't bad. I'm just anxious for a good story, Selina Kyle can work at Safeway as long as the story is good
deadpoox - 7/12/2011, 9:59 PM
I agree frank miller!!
hervatting - 7/12/2011, 10:02 PM
Is a much higher budget so nolan can pull incredible stunts on this one , but even though almost always higher budget means storytelling failure i'm not concerned about that because , you know, inception. And I don't have doubts about hardy ( bronson) per say but I do about how bane will look like
impenn8 - 7/12/2011, 10:17 PM
The Dark Knight Rises better not be named the dark knight rises. lol its just, just need to be name something else u know? haha soemthing more interesting, i mean don't get me wrong i like the bat films, so yeah, needs to be name something else.
savedrockstar - 7/12/2011, 10:19 PM
socialite for sure. and is anyone else sick of these freaking google ads?! they're popping up over text and comments now!! WTF?!
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