SDCC '14: Red Hood From BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Action Figure Spotted

SDCC '14: Red Hood From BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Action Figure Spotted

It was recently revealed that Red Hood-centric DLC will be available as a pre-order bonus with Batman: Arkham Knight, and now Mattel have unveiled an action figure based on the video game's design.


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TheBuoyWonder - 7/24/2014, 4:03 AM
Well he got his helmet!
DAGuess - 7/24/2014, 4:09 AM
That's weird. I really wasn't expecting there to be an actual helmet under there.
Haff - 7/24/2014, 4:10 AM
Darthzilla - 7/24/2014, 4:27 AM
I'm, really liking that.

Articulation on the actual figure sucks though
BATMANx - 7/24/2014, 4:29 AM
TheGambitFreak - 7/24/2014, 4:31 AM
It looks weird cause it looks like he's wearing a motorcycle helmet with a hoodie. If they gave the helmet definition, as in a black vertical line down the middle and white eyes or something, it'd look normal but whatevs. That is a really sloppy, crappy looking figure by the way. If it's 3.75", like @ImTheDoctor's penis, it makes sense, but if this is from the DC Direct 6" line, eww.
Vegeta - 7/24/2014, 4:36 AM
I'm not feeling the design, to be honest. I'm sure there will be other skins in the game though, so it's all good. Hopefully there is a New 52 skin.
DAGuess - 7/24/2014, 4:38 AM
Overall, I've enjoyed the Arkham interpretation of characters. I'll reserve judgments for when I see the character in action.
RextheKing - 7/24/2014, 4:42 AM
He has the helmet... That was all I needed to know.
TheGreenBastard - 7/24/2014, 4:43 AM
I wish theyd take that damn bat symbol off his chest.
TheGreenBastard - 7/24/2014, 4:44 AM
Batmaniac; that looks inspired by new 52 .
staypuffed - 7/24/2014, 4:55 AM
@BatManiac @ManCalledSting
It's kinda New 52-based, but not enough for my liking. Don't know why he needs a bright red hood when he already has a red helmet... and nothing to see out of.
mbembet - 7/24/2014, 5:13 AM
Batman is DC cashcow no wonder supes fanbboys hate him
SuperCat - 7/24/2014, 5:22 AM
TheGambitFreak - 7/24/2014, 5:25 AM
@ManCalledStinng, why? He wears it to mock Batsy-poo.
MrBlackJack - 7/24/2014, 5:54 AM
Tim Drake had his own Arkham Knight figure too...
MrBlackJack - 7/24/2014, 5:57 AM
omnipotent18 - 7/24/2014, 6:06 AM
awesome!!! nice find dude, alot of people were complaining about the hood instead of the mask, but man he has both.
Darktower - 7/24/2014, 6:47 AM
i cant wait for the game !
to play Redhood , that too not just some challenges map.. but on Story mode!!
It gonna be EPIC !!
dellamorte1872 - 7/24/2014, 7:22 AM
They actually gave him a HOOD that is red. His name never made sense to me I get the continuity aspect but it wasn't a hood it was a face mask/helmet not "hood"
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/24/2014, 7:23 AM
Well, now we know he isn't Arkham Knight
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/24/2014, 7:26 AM
On a side note, that figure looks really bad lol.
trytan - 7/24/2014, 10:33 AM
looks like it should have came in a paper bag with a burger and fries. God I hate mattel these days.
Gusto - 7/24/2014, 11:24 AM
My grandma used to make me wear a paper bag on my head when we'd go out.
slickrickdesigns - 7/24/2014, 11:50 AM
Lol.. My GF makes me wear one on my head anytime I'm around her.

Pinocchio - 7/24/2014, 12:29 PM
that design is awful!
Pinocchio - 7/24/2014, 12:30 PM
a hood on top of a helmet.... make sense in case it rain (sarcasm just in case)
fettastic - 7/24/2014, 12:52 PM
The Unknown Comic! Holy shit I haven't thought of him in decades!
fettastic - 7/24/2014, 12:53 PM
Hoodie = Thug

Trayvon Martin died so we could learn that.
Klone - 7/24/2014, 1:12 PM
NIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!! I love Rocksteady for always been true to the characters with necessary tweaks and making appearances that sometimes outdo the ones in the comics. I really, really hope they make a DC Game Universe with the Arkham series being canon. By the way, I'm referring the in game Red Hood picture because the figure is bad.
Klone - 7/24/2014, 1:13 PM
So does this rule out the Arkham Knight being Jason Todd?
Mothchild - 7/24/2014, 1:39 PM
2 Red Hoods?
sapach - 7/24/2014, 1:59 PM
Check this out:
BlackRobin98 - 7/24/2014, 2:11 PM
@JackBlack Thank U for the further visuals and vid Mr.Jack Black
Hulksta - 7/24/2014, 2:34 PM
Only further cementing my theory that Jason Todd is the Arkham Knight, or at the very least, critical to the story of Arkham Knight.
Tainted87 - 7/24/2014, 7:29 PM
He has a red hood, cuz his name is "Red Hood". I think Geoff Johns must've designed it.
Tainted87 - 7/24/2014, 7:31 PM
His legs make me think of Gozer.....
JoshuaDBr - 7/24/2014, 7:50 PM
So he does have a hamlet. But it is a bit different from normal.

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