THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral: Confidential Emails & John Blake's Performance Review

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral: Confidential Emails & John Blake's Performance Review

The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign continues to chug along as has been updated with a review of John Blake's performance, and a rather interesting email exchange.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th 2012 and stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.

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FightAs0ne - 7/2/2012, 2:21 AM
I wonder if that rumor about John Blake's character was true...
invalensname5 - 7/2/2012, 2:21 AM
John Daggett? There's a Rolan Daggett in the DCU.

No denying Miranda Tate is involved in something shady and is definitely Talia. Tate sounds like the French for 'head'. Marion Coutillard (and Henri Ducard) is French, which makes sense of the fact that she would use a French word. Head is often transalated as 'Al Ghul' in the DCU.
invalensname5 - 7/2/2012, 2:22 AM
Also, John Blake's police report sounds like it could be Bruce's. Not working well with others etc. A fitting replacement if Bruce needed to retire...
Marxman12 - 7/2/2012, 2:22 AM
This sounds like it sets up The Prologue. It appears Daggett hired "mercenaries" (Bane & co.) to destroy the competition. This may explain where Bane & the CIA were during The Prologue. Africa.
JDUKE25 - 7/2/2012, 2:30 AM
Cool find. I like this kind of stuff.
TheWebSlinger - 7/2/2012, 2:33 AM
So is the rumor that this guy becomes a

TheWebSlinger - 7/2/2012, 2:34 AM
Anyways, really cool, I liked how TASM handled its viral ads, this one is cool too.
Jollem - 7/2/2012, 2:34 AM
kinda seems like scores batman would get for an evaluation...
marcuskiner - 7/2/2012, 2:43 AM
To everyone that was crying about the narrows not being addressed, I hope this suffices.
IronSpider101 - 7/2/2012, 2:46 AM
I dig it. Can't [frick]ing wait for this movie.


That was the first thing I thought of when I saw it, too.
AmazingFantasy - 7/2/2012, 2:54 AM

No but it seems @Nailbiter likes that Gif of Catwoman...I admit, her ass is so [frick]ing good in that.
superherofan21 - 7/2/2012, 2:57 AM
Can anyone read John Blake's supervisor's signature on the employee evaluation?
MitchConner - 7/2/2012, 3:30 AM
I hope Blake is getting set up tO continue this franchise
NeoBaggins - 7/2/2012, 3:46 AM
levitt is too little to continue the franchise.
AmazingFantasy - 7/2/2012, 3:46 AM
If he is Azrael, some made-up vigilante or The New Batman i'll be walking straight out the IMAX.

invalensname5 - 7/2/2012, 4:37 AM
@PatrickBateman47- Very true. A lot of people I work with don't know there is a new Batman movie coming out.
superdupont - 7/2/2012, 4:39 AM
JGL is too small and too rachitic to play a superhero like azrael (or perhaps, with some exercices and protein, he could have played spidey a few years ago) !!
he's agreat actor but he has no physical to play this kind of role .
or he would have had much more proteines before shooting ^^
look at his arms in this picture !
LorenzoVonMatterhorn93 - 7/2/2012, 4:41 AM
if after all this speculation and hard thought over JGL's real character if it turns out that all he is is some devoted cop than i will be seriously dissapointed cuz he has to be more.
Sabconth - 7/2/2012, 5:15 AM
I guess the construction sites being sabotaged is probably Bane's doing. He's making sure they won't be able to repair the bridges for a long time.

Or he's looking for Batman's hideout used in the second film, which was also near a construction site.
kidz3r0 - 7/2/2012, 5:39 AM
Under "Judgement" ... He scores a 4/5 on "Use of Force" ... He's not yet a master.
ComicsBornAndBred - 7/2/2012, 5:53 AM
Blake has similar qualities to Bruce. This could be related to both of them having loat there parents. Bruce had Alfred but he was still orphaned. The evaluation of Blake not being able to work wellwith others is similar to Bruce. Both men losing loved ones at such a young age, would make it hard for them to get close to people. Also, Dagget has to be the mole who gets Bane and his boys into Gotham and Wayne Enterprises. Dagget probabl utilized Bane and his mercs' services for his raiding of a diamond mine in the past. Additionally, I beloeve Tate is involved somehow too. Blake has to replace Bruce at sometime. He has too. TOO many similarities to Robin, the orphan thing, and to Bruce. I also saw a viral marketing document tht was supposed to be like a journal of Bruce's. He spoke of how Blake inspired him and his past.
goatmilk - 7/2/2012, 7:39 AM
This movie is going to be incredible. One thing I will admit is annoying and a testament to Christopher Nolan's pretentiousness (sadly) is the name changes he does in this. The Dagget character is obviously Roland Daggett why not just call him that! It was the same thing in TDK with the Ramirez character, who was obviously based on Renee Montoya! If he does this with the Holly Robinson character too I'd find that extremely annoying! Ok. That being said, he can basically do whatever he wants cause he does make good movies.
Boomdoggin - 7/2/2012, 8:12 AM
I'm calling this now, for the record.

John Blake is either:

A) Actually Tim Drake (i.e., he's using a fake name while he's on the police force). So he's gonna use his keen cop skills to figure out who Batman really is, and will either cover for Bruce while he's healing from getting his arse kicked by Bane, or will actually fight Bane (like Azrael did in the comics) by the end of the film.


B) His name is actually John Blake, but he's going to figure out who Bruce is anyway, will cover Bruce while he's healing, and as above, will possibly fight Bane. That is, John Blake will fill the narrative role of a 'Robin', without actually being Robin.

Either way, I think Nolan's trying to include Robin in the film without actually using a 13-year old boy in pixie shoes :)
Rykoo - 7/2/2012, 8:19 AM
@Boomdoggin i agree 100%
GuardianAngel - 7/2/2012, 8:45 AM
To all you complaining about being disappointed for Blake jut being a cop, you brought this on yourselves. It has always been said he was a cop. Some people just want to believe hes not so they take every opportunity to say he is but at the end they are just disapointing themselves. Same thing with Tate. If she is Talia, then yay! But if she is just Miranda Tate then here comes all the crying fanboys complaining about something that was never promised.

@SetGecko The script says it is in Africa.
BoosterGold1991 - 7/2/2012, 10:06 AM
I've heard that Darren Aronofsky is going to direct the reboot, is this good or bad news?
Zuriel - 7/2/2012, 10:15 AM
I don't know what John Blake really is, but he has a movie masters figure for crying out loud! He will at least be a pivotal character whether he is Robin or Azrael or just a good cop.
95 - 7/2/2012, 10:16 AM
Cool stuff.
batfan175 - 7/2/2012, 11:21 AM
Maybe Blake is what Bruce aimed at when he becampe batman: he wanted to inspire people? where here ya go, buddy. john Blake is an honest cop, something James gordon probably would've never dreamt of seeing in his lifetime :D.
DukeAcureds - 7/2/2012, 11:49 AM
John Blake is just John Blake.
Miranda Tate is Miranda Tate.
They are both red herrings.
Who is Selina Kyle?
Gnyah123 - 7/2/2012, 12:14 PM
so any1 care to explain to me wat the email is about?
long story short....
ISleepNow - 7/2/2012, 12:46 PM
@Sabconth Check out the game. The construction sites aren't being raided to sabotage them but to steal enough explosives and material to launch the attack on Gotham.

@ImmortalVigilante Its what Ive been hoping for.
DukeAcureds - 7/2/2012, 12:59 PM
Gnyah@ Long story short. I don't know I skipped 'em.
Um... Catwoman's been robbing the rich? Dagget blah, blah, blah...Gotham Obsrever... no Vicki Vale...
Yeah, that's about it. Don't bother. I didn't.
DukeAcureds - 7/2/2012, 1:00 PM
Who is Selina Kyle?
GuardianAngel - 7/4/2012, 10:22 AM

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