Three Unused Posters For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Featuring Batman & Bane

Three Unused Posters For THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Featuring Batman & Bane

Hit the jump to see three posters that didn't make the cut for the marketing campaign of Christopher Nolan's third and final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises Two are individual posters, featuring Batman (Christian Bale) and Bane (Tom Hardy).

Images Courtesy of Trailer Park

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on December 4th. The film stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon, Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate.

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marvel72 - 11/11/2012, 4:49 PM
1st poster good
2nd poster alright nothing special
3rd poster reminds me of venom(teeth)
TheGambitFreak - 11/11/2012, 4:50 PM
All of them excluding the Police and Bane's Army Banners sucked.
Markus316 - 11/11/2012, 4:50 PM
Jollem - 11/11/2012, 4:51 PM
don't like all the rise within rise goin' on. i think i've seen that third poster before
Jollem - 11/11/2012, 4:53 PM
third poster reminds me of the mutant leader from the dark knight returns

TheRock234 - 11/11/2012, 4:54 PM
These poster make the movie alot better than it really is man
CharlesLord - 11/11/2012, 4:55 PM
like the last one best even tho it looks like teeth. the other ones just look like mediocre photoshop jobs
LR - 11/11/2012, 4:55 PM
Sorry, but these are blatantly fan-art!
(at least I hope they are...)
AlibiBreakfast - 11/11/2012, 5:02 PM
SanFranLand - 11/11/2012, 5:18 PM
weaponX2 - 11/11/2012, 5:28 PM
I'm a big batman fan and I loved Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but Nolan dropped the ball with The Dark Knight was a big ol' mess and a total snore fest
marvel72 - 11/11/2012, 5:29 PM
@ americanpsycho

movies of the year for me are

1st looper
2nd the raid
3rd the avengers
4th moonrise kingdom
5th the grey
ManofSteel23 - 11/11/2012, 5:41 PM
I watched the dark knight rises again couple of days ago and yeah it was waaaaay over rated,I wont be buying it
Jollem - 11/11/2012, 5:55 PM
toco89 - 11/11/2012, 5:56 PM

3 1/2 out of four stars isn't overrated. More than likely you took in too much hype. Not that any is ever necessary.
theomegasanction - 11/11/2012, 5:56 PM
can see why they decided not to use these posters, lame.
evilness - 11/11/2012, 5:57 PM
like the one with batman, the other two are meh...
thewonderer - 11/11/2012, 5:59 PM
Fantastic movie, loved it.

Not sure why people who didnt enjoy it click articles about it. Why would you even care?
Bigred20 - 11/11/2012, 6:10 PM
The ones with the pouring rain inserted were much more menacing and evil
thewonderer - 11/11/2012, 6:15 PM
The sad thing is that at least half of everyone here is calling TDKR bad because of marvel insecurities
marvel72 - 11/11/2012, 6:15 PM
@ Derpina

XD hahahahahahahaha number 4 cracks me when i see it higher than the dark knight rises.
marvel72 - 11/11/2012, 6:18 PM
@ thewonderer

could say the same about you not admitting it isn't as good as you like to think it is.

1st batman begins 4/5 very good
2nd the dark knight 4/5 very good
3rd the dark knight rises 2.5/5 average/good
graveyardtramp - 11/11/2012, 6:18 PM
What an idiotic statement to make Derpina - and people accuse the Nolanites of being blind fanboys!
LoudNoises - 11/11/2012, 6:29 PM
I bet 10 years from now if someone mentions TDKR on this site, some douche will still say "shit movie". Get over it.
thewonderer - 11/11/2012, 6:33 PM
Thank you gambit

Bad is fantastic four, X3, Spiderman 3

Are people really asserting TDKR is as bad as those?

If youre saying by Nolan's standards than fine, BUT state that! Or its horrendous slander

Marvel I loved TDKR, the 2 bane and batman fight scenes we're incredible. I loved the Bruce finding himself again in the pit idea, I loved and adored the ending so much. Thought it was brilliant.

I was a bit irked by logic leaps but most if not all I found logical reasons for. For me that was the only problem. Maybe some issue with banes death but nothin else.

People complaining about Talias sudden introduction aren't watching the movie closely. Whenever she talks, you learn more about her as Talia. It's brilliant to have a reveal hinted at throughout

I give TDKR a 4.5/5, BB 4.5/5 and TDK a 5/5
Sora - 11/11/2012, 6:44 PM
rating TDKR a 2.5 out of 5 doesn't imply its good but I can understand why you feel its the weakest of the trilogy
The movie was good
a good end to the trilogy
few things were a bit plot points were off but besides that, pretty enjoyable
Skyfall was pretty damn enjoyable on the other hand
theme wise felt somewhat similar to TDKR with better execution
TheSoulEater - 11/11/2012, 6:46 PM
First Poster's epic
Sora - 11/11/2012, 6:46 PM
don't you think that 4.5 for the TDKR is a bit too generous?
it was good but to the same level of Batman begins?
Batman Begins was more concrete and well built in comparison
But I will agree that the fight scenes were by far superior in TDKR then all the other movies
as a whole, it was a great ending to the trilogy but as a stand alone film, it was good but could have been better in some aspects
harley2011 - 11/11/2012, 6:49 PM
The bane poster is awesome. Best superhero movie this year by far.
FrozenJoy - 11/11/2012, 6:55 PM
I'm going to buy it, but I'll never open it.
marvel72 - 11/11/2012, 6:58 PM
@ sora

how i rate movies

5 excellent
4 very good
3 good
2 average
1 poor

for me the dark knight rises is worthy of 2.5/5 it was average/good.alfred,gordon,the fights & chase scenes were good but its some of the stuff inbetween that bored had its faults i didn't like either of the villains.i enjoyed one scene with bane when he broke batman & don't even get me started on the ending.

also another thing that bothered me was the length of time bruce wayne was actually batman.

-bruce takes 7 years to become batman.
-he is batman for what 6-12 months in which time he takes on rha's al ghul,scarecrow & the joker.
-retires for 8 years.
-comes out of retirement to fight bane.
-gets injured thrown in pit for what 4 months.
-fights bane again.
-retires again.

batman for about 1.5 years.
Sora - 11/11/2012, 7:02 PM

Well if you put it that way then your rating system makes sense
good to know that your not a blind TDKR basher
I agree on all your points
never did realize that he was Batman for only a year and a half
oh well
one day a true comic book Batman movie will be made
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/11/2012, 7:04 PM
not bad. Wouldn't mind if they were used. The last one is kinda dumb though
FrozenJoy - 11/11/2012, 7:05 PM
These are some cool posters.
Maximus101 - 11/11/2012, 7:13 PM
@marvel those are your reviews of the batman movies but if you go online and read actual reviews from sites every single Nolan batman movie has an A lol so just because a bunch of marvel fanboys think it they are bad movies doesn't mean they are.
FanboyTrump - 11/11/2012, 7:22 PM
This movie was the biggest letdown for me this year, but was still enjoyable
FrozenJoy - 11/11/2012, 7:25 PM
1. BB 5/5
2. TDK 5/5
3. Batman 4.5/5
4. Batman Returns 4/5
5. Batman Forever 3.5/5
6. Batman and Robin 3/5
7. TDKR 2.5/5
deanwilkins - 11/11/2012, 7:37 PM
It was worse than bad. I don't consider Marvel movies a factor in making that statement. I loved the Burton Batman films. Dark Knight was great. Rises was terrible. Bane was a joke. The story was lame. Just my opinion. I really hope Man of Steel will redeem DC. I really want a great Green Lantern movie. And a JSA movie!
deanwilkins - 11/11/2012, 7:40 PM
I would rank the films:

1. Batman (Burton)
2. Dark Knight
3. Batman Returns
4. Batman Forever
5. Batman Begins
6. Rises
7. Batman and Robin

I watched the first one again and fell in love with it again!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 11/11/2012, 7:58 PM
Saw this movie 5 times.
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