World's Greatest Detective Proven in Third Nolan Film

World's Greatest Detective Proven in Third Nolan Film

A Batman 3 fanfic from MidKnight35...

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking "Oh crap, more fanfiction!". Obviously every fan boy is coming up with their own ideas for the next Bat film. Obviously Nolan is not going to every read some fanfic and say hey this is exactly what I'm going to base the next Batman film off of (If he ends up doing the next Batman film). BUT we do know that Nolan does want to please his fans to some extent. Obviously not mentioning villains for the next film at the end of TDK was to avoid bland constitency and to allow us fanboys to rant and rave on whats coming next.

So for the next film obviously they can not jump to far ahead. Batman is now a fugitive again and the public is out to get him. For the end of this trilogy they need a conclusion of Batman redeeming himself and being accepted as Gotham's Protector. The last two films in my opinion lacked one aspect of Batman, he is the World's Greatest Detective. None of this was ever really show in Begins or TDK. Batman in Nolan's Universe has been in the game for about a year or so. So the third film would be about a year and a half to two years, Batman should be well experienced by now and fully capable of showing his cunning and wits.

So obviously I truly believe that to make any good Comic film the villain needs to be the opposite of everything the hero is representing. So obviously Batman would be looking to keep cleaning the streets while avoiding capture, and hoping to be accepted by the public. He may not be actively seeking redemption since he did choose to take the blame for Harvey's murders. So Batman stands for acceptance/redemption in Gotham. The villain will need to stand for capturing and/or unmasking the fugitive Batman which would in turn counter-act everything Batman is trying to accomplish. The villain with the brains to do this would also have to become somewhat obsessed. The Riddler fits this description to the T. The Riddler physically can not compete with Batman but mentally is an equal therefore a battle of brains not brawn would follow.This is the stepping stone in proving Batman as the "World's Greatest Detective".

So lets eloborate of the Riddler's representation on film. He needs to be real-world esque. Obviously needs a little backstory can't just throw him out there like the Joker. Alot of people also think he is a poor-man's Joker so he needs to seperate himself from the Joker. I'm not a fan of tight wearing domino mask Riddler from the 60's TV show or portrayed by Jim Carey in Batman Forever. I've been more of a fan of the suit-wearing bowler hat Riddler in the animated series and comics. Last year a graphic novel was released called The Joker. The Riddler had a very small part in the book but, I loved how he was visually portrayed. Below is a few panels of him from the book.

So minus his limp, jeans, and red tennis shoes basically I love the look of this Riddler from the waist up. So instead have him walk upright, give him black slacks, and black dress shoes. Make his green coat a little longer and keep him shirtless underneath showing the awesome tats on his stomach. To go along with this look he needs to be mid 20ish. To go along with his brains have him be sort of a computer hacker. His crew younger also, less mob style more street gang, driving rice burners ect. So to pull off this look which actor could be used. Sure everyone rants and raves over Depp, but why have an older A-list actor when we can go with a younger actor with plenty of talent. I choose as the Riddler: Chad Lindberg. Yeah, the kid from the first Fast and Furious.

He can pull off the look and portray the smart, computer hacker type Riddler I'm envisioning. Grow his hair a tad longer and dye it a little red bingo!

So we have the villain, the look, and the actor. Whats left is motive and plot. Batman is eluding capture (thanks to a little help by Gordon) and bringing in whats left of organized crime. Since Joker overtook the city organized crime took a huge blow. The new DA wants Batman in custody and most of the police force makes it their sole priority for the death of their comrades. SO the Riddler's motive to solve the biggest riddle of all, finding out who the man who eludes capture from the police on a nightly basis and still brings in criminals to boot.

Obviously there needs to also be another villain. One to challenge Batman physically. The one peice missing from Bat's life is a love interest so introducing Selina Kyle/Catwoman seems logical. Someone to give way to Bruce getting over Rachel Dawes and challenge Batman in combat. As others have stated it would be stupid to go the innocent girl dies and gets ressurected route. Instead Catwoman needs to remain a jewel theif who's name comes from what she does: A female cat burgler.

An article by Soul-Eater regarding Catwoman describes her perfectly. In my version of the third Batman film this Catwoman is physically and visually would fit perfectly. If you would like to read this article here is the link:

So besides the entire storyline we have the basic premise. The villains, the looks, motives ect. Obviously Nolan can do a better job than any of us as to producing a story but, here I laid groundwork to the villains and their motives to giving a good opposite to Batman.
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TheShakeBake - 1/28/2009, 6:05 PM
Most likely riddler will be in Bat 3 but why cant they pik one that hasnt been in the movies yet k?

See Ya, The ShakeBake
iNsaneMilesy - 1/28/2009, 6:11 PM
Why not Azreal? Kick up the copycat aspect a notch.
CRUSH - 1/28/2009, 8:25 PM
I'm definitly not saying they should use all of my picks maybe 1 or 2, Here it is:

Catwoman = Rosario Dawson
The Riddler = Steve Buscemi
Black Mask = Daniel Day Lewis
Bane = Brock Lesnar or Micky Rourke
Killer Croc = Kevin Grevioux
The Penguin = Sean Astin or Jason Schwartzman
Harley Quinn = Megan Fox
The Joker = Viggo Motensen
Deadshot = Jeffrey Dean Morgan

I know that Nolan has gone the "realistic route" but Me personally I would like to see Batman in a scrap with someone bigger then him & all out getting punched in his face,I mean Scarecrow & Joker are not physical opponents to The Dark Knight it's mind games with them,and then what? Catwoman,The Riddler or The Penguin ?(like we have heard in recent rumors)three more characters that Batman would knock out in a minute,unless they used mind games with him. Is it just Me or am I the only one that want's to see Bruce Wayne Brawlin' ??
theFACE - 1/29/2009, 4:12 AM
Nolan's always got a surprise up his sleeve so who knows dude.
Shaman - 1/29/2009, 9:48 AM
Okay, since i don't like to repeat myself i will repost everything i have said on the other article that has to do with the exact same concept which is Batman 3.

"Actually, i don't want to see a bruised and beaten up batman skimping and getting discovered and having to fight all the time, getting his back broken and bitch slapped all over the place in the next chapter. This would be his third movie and he should have more experience and act like the ninja he really is. He's a shadow and i want him to be silent and frightful! I want people to be even more scared of batman than ever before in this movie and i want them to exploit his detective side as MidKnight35 mentionned. He is the world's greatest detective and so far he's been acting like a rooky. I want him to be established as undisputed in combat so that Riddler can try the other route to defeat him...wits. Of course pawns will be there to provide action for the masses but as for the main villain, i believe Brain would be better than Brawn. THEN after the third movie making him practically untouchable in hand to hand, Bane could be a nice addition as well as Lady Shiva to surprise us. To take away our "safety blanket" we took for granted having him getting his back broken. And he'll need a love interest of course which should be Andrea Beaumont. Her familly could be killed off in the fourth movie to bring us the amazing "Mask of the Phantasm" as a fifth storyline. Having her be the mask and of course have the Joker return with Harley Quinn."


"Ra's tested his phisical limits, Joker tested his values and his sanity but no one has tested Batman's intelect and Riddler would be perfect for it. THEN you can bring in Bane and Shiva to overcome him. Black mask is cool but all he has are henchmen. So he could be incorporated in the next two movies to establish his reign. But in the third movie, HE HAS TO BE BATMAN! And the BATMAN we know ain't no one's bitch! The whole point of Bane breaking Batman's back is the same concept as Doomsday killing Superman. It's to show that we shouldn't take anything for granted, to destroy our established security. And so far, Batman hasn't given us anything to take for granted. He must go beyond human limits in the next chapter. To become something bigger so that his fall in the follow up will hurt the most!"

As for your choice of riddler, i hate him. Riddler shouldn't be a bum kid that's good at riddles. Riddler is a sociopath obsessed with Riddles and getting revenge on the society that has cast him out. A bum kid that's car crazy and has ADD couldn't fit that profile even if his own life was on the line. Your idea of wanting to unmask Batman as Gotham's new menace is a good one, he could want to achieve that to get back into society's good graces. But yea-NO BUM KID!
Joker1zero - 1/29/2009, 6:38 PM

check this
Shaman - 1/30/2009, 10:34 AM
Here's how riddler should be as i have posted on the other article:

"The image of what Riddler should be just came to mind. If you watch the monumental crap fest which was "Once upon a squat in Mexihole", you can notice Depp's performance as a cold blooded, conscienceless yet calm and proffessionnal killer. That's what i'd like Riddler to be but smarter and absolutely obsessed with riddles meaning he couldn't have a conversation with someone without giving them one. "
CRUSH - 1/30/2009, 12:39 PM
The Riddler = Steve Buscemi

Shaman - 1/30/2009, 1:54 PM
Crush i think Buscemi could be the scrawny and timid ventriloquist with a spilt personnality. That's a role i'd love Buscemi to play :)) And not to mention that it would fit perfectly as a less important but reoccuring and realistic character in Nolanverse!
CRUSH - 1/31/2009, 12:35 AM
I can deffinitly see it now....
he's perfect for the role, Buscemi is the F'n Riddler dude.
TheDurkinKnight - 2/1/2009, 4:06 PM
Okay Midnite, I dig what you're saying about Riddler being obsessed with determining Batman's identity, however that WAS one of his motivations in Forever, and I think Batman's has been challenged on an emotional level adequately by the Joker. I think Riddler is FAR too weak to carry the third and most likely LAST installment of the Nolanverse Batman on his green shoulders. I also feel that Batman portrayed his detective skills well enough in Dark Knight, I want to see someone present a physical threat to Batman. I want to see Bane! I know Shaman doesn't agree with me, but in the comic books, Bane was a genius. I think it would be lame to have him break Batman's back, but I would like to see Bats get smacked around and finally face someone who is far superior to him in combat. I agree that in the Joker graphic novel Riddler was done well, and I like your idea of his look in the movie, but I'd rather see him marginalized like Scarecrow!
CRUSH - 2/2/2009, 12:51 PM
thats what I'm sayin' Durkin Knight !! BANE !
Shaman - 2/3/2009, 10:55 AM
The problem with Bane is that he isn't far superior to Batman in combat. He just overpowers him. Shiva is far superior to him. That would be a kick ass movie. Bane is a tool and would be a cool tool provided he be Shiva's.
MidKnight35 - 2/4/2009, 12:18 PM
Thank you everyone for their feedback. I know many of the fanboys want to see an all out action flick with plenty of fight scenes which is why they want Bane. I just do not see Nolan selling out and making a senseless film involving Bane. I also was watching something I recorded on my DVR along time ago. A little made for TV movie called the Librarian III: Curse of the Judas Chalice. Not the best flick but entertaining none the least. I have not seen the first 2 Librarians and this movie left me interested. BUT the point of all this is the main character is played by Noah Wyle. I have not watched alot of his work but, I remember him as the Professor in one of my favorite movies Donnie Darko. The guy has lots of talent and looks the part of Riddler. I cast him over my last pick of Chad Lindberg. Let me know what you think everyone.
Shaman - 2/4/2009, 1:32 PM
I very much like Noah Wyle and he could do a very good performance as the riddler. One that we've never seen him do before. Of course he was pretty good in ER but he also did a great performance in "Enough" along side J.Lo and Billy Campbell!!!
james4 - 2/9/2009, 12:42 PM
how about Joaquin Phoenix as Riddler?
MidKnight35 - 2/13/2009, 2:07 AM
Joaquin Phoenix has retired from acting to pursue a career as a R&B singer

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