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Batman: The Animated Series Re-scored

As a bit of fun I've had a go at writing a new theme to the classic Batman: The Animated Series opening sequence. Obviously, NOTHING can compare to the original so I tried to do something completely different and slightly more contemporary. It would be great to hear what other fans think (good and bad feedback is great!).

I intend to do a few of these if I have time so if people have suggestions for other projects, suggestions are very welcome.


ComicMans1234 - 11/23/2008, 1:37 AM
the birth of the new catchphrase..."Throwing the S"
-When you use it in a sentence: "That was so pitiful, it was like you were throwing the S at me."

crappybumbum - 11/23/2008, 4:02 AM
omg wow...this sucks lol

and Comicmans is right could work as a new term, or play on words or whatever...
TucsonRican - 11/23/2008, 2:54 PM
It's the Super Fruit Roll-Up!!
TheSoulEater - 11/23/2008, 9:28 PM
Thats what I wanted to say!!
Shaman - 11/24/2008, 7:12 AM
WOW OMFG!!!!! Okay, do you guys know what is the single solitary thing that could make this page the pinacle of perfection?!?!?!?!

What i want for Christmas ComicBookMovieGurus, is for you guys to put right under the S throwing video, the Family guy's "S" throwing video parody! It would be soooo cool not to mention Laugh out freakin loud funny to be able to see one after the other in seconds :))

RorMachine - 11/24/2008, 10:04 AM
i 2nd that! jesus i forgot about that bit for some reason..what a brain fart!
Shaman - 11/25/2008, 9:45 AM
I guess they're actually waiting for christmas or somethin huh?
DeadWebHead - 12/12/2008, 8:03 PM
Supaman has da mos awesomest powahs evar! Like the UNDO vision he uses to repair the great wall
jrhafelein - 12/16/2008, 11:16 PM
Those original Superman movies only got worse as time went on.
As a little kid, I thought they were the best thing out there, but now I can't even sit through 15 minutes of them.
I wish the Recent Superman movie was a little different, too. His "briefs" looked too much like Olympic Swimmers trunks. I don't know, there was something way too streamlined and nearly 'yawn-inducing' about least as compared to the comics or even the (dare I..?) Super Friends.
BmanHall - 3/20/2009, 2:20 PM
Hahaha Lois' facial expression is pricelss.

"Gasp, wait, WTF?"
KBMarron - 3/28/2010, 9:01 PM
Check out this funny clip
cal2clark - 5/5/2010, 7:50 PM
i just want to know who thought of this idea. Where did it come from?
The4thWall - 7/31/2010, 10:37 PM
...What was the significance of that?
davidbacallao - 8/3/2010, 2:56 PM
tayntidfayt - 9/10/2010, 10:20 AM
I truly HATE THE SHIT OUT OF IT when movies directors and writers add [frick]ing powers to heroes that clearly don't have them.... and I'm pretty sure that "slight-of-hand- magic" was NOT one of superman's many powers

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