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With the current release of Batman Arkham Origins it seemed to be the perfect time to also take a look at the posters of Batman Begins. How did everything start off for the advertising for The Dark Knight Trilogy? Check it out!
CinemaSins present us with their latest "Everything Wrong With" and this time it is Christopher Nolan's 2005 film, Batman Begins!
Here's part 6 of my look back on the Batman franchise as I continue with Nolan's first film with the Caped Crusader
In my very first review for a feature film on this website, I take a look at Christopher Nolan's 2005 hit, "Batman Begins."
Included on the Blu Ray and the Double DVD Versions of the movie, these awesome posters were never officially used by Warner Bros Pictures to promote the movie, while they're pretty awesome, the quality is not that great.
A review of one of the greatest comic book films, and truly, one of the greatest films of all time, Batman Begins.
The greatest origin movie ever made sets the bar for future comic book films
Marxx swears that the Joker is a patient of Arkham Asylum in "Batman Begins".
According to our poll, YOU, the fans have voted overwhelmingly that Batman Begins is the greatest superhero movie of all time--so far...
Batman Begins star Christian Bale opens up about the new movie and the casting of Heath Ledger as the Joker.
The Brokeback Mountain star will be the Clown Prince of Crime in what is now being called "The Dark Knight".
Just what can moviegoers expect from the Clown Prince of Crime in Chris Nolan's Bat-sequel? Try 'creepy and very extreme!'
The Superman Returns director says he'd be willing to helm the DC Hero showdown.
The never used script from the World's Finest film that never was is on the Web.
Riding high on the success of Batman Begins and the hopes for Superman Returns, Warner Bros. is going forward on sequels.
Here's enough Batman sequel casting rumors to fill a Batcave.
There's some interesting talk about who may be cast in the planned follow-up movie.
A studio insider says negotiations are underway to shape the sequel and another name is added to the list of Joker candidates.
The Academy recognizes the Dark Knight Detective!
The villain in the upcoming Firewall and Da Vinci Code movies talks about possibly playing the Clown Prince of Crime in Batman Begins 2.
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