Batman Returns

Batman Returns Release Date: 1992 - Warner Bros.
Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Michael Keaton - Batman/Bruce Wayne, Danny DeVito - Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot, Michelle Pfeiffer - Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Christopher Walken - Max Shreck, Michael Gough - Alfred Pennyworth.
Summary: The sequel to blockbuster hit "Batman", "Batman Returns" pits The Dark Knight against monstrous menace of the Penguin. With the support of megalomaniac businessman Max Shreck, the villainous duo schemes to install the Penguin as Mayor of Gotham City. The plot is further complicated by Selena Kyle, Shrek's meek and mousey secretary who, through much abuse, transforms into "Catwoman". Can The Batman take on multiple villains at once, and will the multiple personality kinship that he and Catwoman share lead to romance or tragedy?

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10 years ago, Catwoman (starring Halle Berry) was released. And I'm sorry that I allowed that to happen. There were ways that I could have saved that film, but I didn't, because being a rich and famous movie producer means that sometimes I'm busy. And yet, I feel like I owe you an explanation. So here it is. - DrSweet
Here's a good “did you know” to bring up at your next Christmas party: Tim Burton's 1992 film Batman Returns almost featured a store stocked wall-to-wall with Batman merchandise. Hit the jump to check out behind-the-scenes images of the unused set. - nailbiter111
While talking about working with Michelle Pfeiffer again on Dark Shadow's Tim Burton recalled his time with her on Batman Returns calling it one of his favorite performances. - WaylonJones
The Bat, The Cat, and The Penguin - cdristic
He's Back!!!!!....wait...when did he leave? - ToDandy
Even all these years later, Batman Returns is still one of the most controversial, and perhaps influential, Batman movies of all time. But why does this film divide fans like it does? - jamedog
Now you can own some of Batman's "wonderful toys" from the fan favorite Tim Burton films. Follow the jump to check out some of the most detailed (and expensive) collectibles available for purchase! - multipurposeponi
The latest Rumors for both "The First Avenger: Captain America" and "The Dark Knight untitled sequel", are the female roles of the films. And both involve Emily Blunt. - DCMarvelFreshman
DC Comics is asking stores around the country to destroy tens of thousands of copies of a new Batman comic book because of a "printing gaffe" that revealed obscenities, the New York Post reported. - Galactus
“No one has talked to me about it--ever." That is what actor Philip Seymour Hoffman said when asked to confirm recent rumors that he'd been picked to play Batman villain "The Penguin." He went on to state, "I don't know if I'd make a good Penguin, to be honest." - ComicBookMovie
Alfred actor Michael Caine has confirmed with the studio that Johnny Depp will be the Riddler, and Philip Seymour Hoffman will play The Penguin... - ComicBookMovie
Commenting on the rumors that he is being cast as "The Riddler" for the next Batman movie, actor Johnny Depp responds enthusiastically. - ComicBookMovie
The actor who play's Harvey Dent, a.k.a. "Two-Face" in blockbuster comic book movie The Dark Knight confirms that he won't appear in the next movie. Says Eckhart, "He's dead as a door nail." - ComicBookMovie
"The Dark Knight" is on it's way to breaking Titanic's record. Go Bruce! - Galactus
Dear God Noooooo! But it's in the paper, so it must be true! Senior singer and ancient actress Cher, who qualifies to be a member of AARP, is said to be 1st in the running for Catwoman in the next Batman film. Director Chris Nolan himself is supposedly the head cheerleader on this one! - ComicBookMovie
Ben Stiller's hilarious new war movie "Tropic Thunder" has ended Batman's reign at the top of the U.S. box office, but not before TDK amassed enough money to pass George Lucas' 1977 original Star Wars to become the second-highest grossing movie of all-time. The only thing standing in its way now is "Titanic." - ComicBookMovie
If there has been one consistent criticism of "The Dark Knight," it's Christian Bale's gravelly interpretation of what the Batman sounds like. Love it or hate it, this fanfilm will make you laugh. - ComicBookMovie
London police let Christian Bale escape with a slap on the wrist over the supposed shoving match he had with his Mommy and sissy. - ComicBookMovie
Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. has certainly pissed away any possible part playing a DC comics character with his recent remarks... - ComicBookMovie
The Michigan man-boy who dressed up like The Joker and tried to steal a Batman display at his local theater will get a day in the slammer, 16 hours of community service, and a $685 fine for his super stupid crime spree. - ComicBookMovie
Every fanboy knows (and worships at the altar of) Joss Whedon. The famed fantasy & scifi Writer/Director is best known for his Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly series. But did you know that he's had a few stabs at comic book movies as well? - ComicBookMovie
The Dark Knight has just passed Spider-Man on the domestic blockbuster list to take the title, "biggest comic book movie of all-time" --in North America. Pirates of the Caribbean is its next target. - ComicBookMovie
"The Dark Knight" topped the 400-million-dollar mark in box office receipts in just 18 days, shattering the record set by "Shrek 2," according to figures released on Tuesday. - ComicBookMovie
They talk about the Superman curse, but Batman is now getting a curse rep all its own as the fourth tragedy happens to yet another actor involved in The Dark Knight movie. - ComicBookMovie
Not only did Batman defeat the Mummy to take the top spot at the Box Office this weekend, but The Dark Knight is #8 now in the list of all-time domestic money-makers... - ComicBookMovie