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I realised something about Batman when rewatching The Dark Knight Trilogy.
A couple of never-before-seen photos of the late Heath Ledger posing in his Joker makeup with fight trainer Justo Dieguez have popped up online. There's also a new one of Christian Bale in his Batman gear. Check 'em out after the jump..
Just released!!! Rare publicity photos show the late Heath Ledger as Joker and Christian Bale as Batman during THE DARK KNIGHT
Writer John Lees provides an incredibly insightful review of what many consider the greatest comic book film to date and Christopher Nolan's opus, The Dark Knight.
Is Bruce Wayne really the main character in this one?...Really?...Really?...Think about it.
Make-up artist John Caglione Jr. has posted some never before seen pictures of the late Heath Ledger, including one of his last day on the set of The Dark Knight.
As part of generating buzz for the award show the Oscars have been releasing posters with the tag line We Showed You on them. Check with one out of Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight.
One of the worlds most renowned experts on exorcisms, The Reverend Bob Larson, thinks that Heath Ledger might have had a little "help" while playing The Joker. Click here to see his wild claim about Ledgers legendary performance as The Clown Prince of Crime.
The former Prison Break actor looks back on what it was like being a part of that tense IMAX shot opening scene in The Dark Knight and comments on the influx of Brits playing superheroes...
Will she rock the tight leather outfit better then Michelle Pfeiffer did? From the looks of these pictures I say Yes!
Heath Ledger won an Academy Award for his portrayal of The Joker in The Dark Knight, but did he really earn it? Or was it out of sympathy for his untimely death that he received the coveted award?
How do you get Bane and Catwoman into this movie?
After months of speculation, the villains for "The Dark Knight Rises" are revealed. Now what is the next step in the never ending rumor mill?
How did this film succeed? What is success? What is The Dark Knight?
This year's DC Comics anniversary has provided fans with droves of exclusives,; now you own never-before-seen footage from their most successful comic book film. Find out how after the jump...
Some creative gearheads built a replica of Batman's Batpod from The Dark Knight and are auctioning it off!
The question that has plagued everyone's mind since 2008. Who will win?
This months report of 'People that were involved in making 'The Dark Knight' that have no knowledge of a sequel' news is getting deep. My prediction is that soon everyone involved making 'The Dark Knight' will sooner or later step forth and say they have no knowledge of a 'Batman 3.'
PLUS: CorndogBuglar brings up the very excellent question: "Should The Joker and Robin be in the third Nolan Batman Film?"
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