BATMAN V SUPERMAN Scribe Chris Terrio Courted To Write JUSTICE LEAGUE

BATMAN V SUPERMAN Scribe Chris Terrio Courted To Write JUSTICE LEAGUE

After rewriting and nailing the script for Zack Snyder's Justice League prequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Chris Terrio is being courted by Warner Bros. to also pen the DC superhero mashup!

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Chris Terrio was hired back in December last year to rewrite the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script, which was initially written by David Goyer. And after "absolutely crushing" the prequel to Zack Snyder's Justice League, which is said to be filming back-to-back, Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is now courting the writer to script the most highly-anticipated DC superhero team-up movie too. "Sources say one of Terrio's tasks with the Batman v. Superman rewrite was to set up the Justice League," reports The Hollywood Reporter. Anyhow, expect some official updates from Warner Bros. tomorrow during its big Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, where big Dawn of Justice surprises are guaranteed. We may also get an official release date for Justice League, in which Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ray Fisher and Jason Momoa are among others expected to reprise their superhero roles. What do you think?


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, with Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, and Holly Hunter. The film, written by Chris Terrio from David S. Goyer's screenplay, and directed by Zack Snyder, hits May 6, 2016!

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Abary - 7/25/2014, 3:02 PM
I'm sure if they want him to do their biggest movie of all time that they want to destroy Avengers, they are pretty [frick]ing proud of Batman v Superman.
Abary - 7/25/2014, 3:04 PM
DC wins the hour! *looks at Ant-Man disgusted*
BatmanHeisenberg - 7/25/2014, 3:04 PM
WELL DUHH!!! If he comes back, and his BvS script is amazing, this might beat TDKT.

1. MoS
2. BvS: DoJ
3. JL

MrBlackJack - 7/25/2014, 3:05 PM
This was expected, but hearing it from Deadline is cool nonetheless.
blackandyellow - 7/25/2014, 3:11 PM
Awesome news. Terrio and Affleck are a great team.
AlphaMasterFlex - 7/25/2014, 3:11 PM
WB surprise me tomorrow!
WayneCEO1 - 7/25/2014, 3:11 PM
JAC - 7/25/2014, 3:11 PM
That's f*cking awesome!
BigMikeReviews - 7/25/2014, 3:11 PM
This is good news indeed...
Jollem - 7/25/2014, 3:12 PM
@TheAbaryMan369 - MoS already destroyed the avengers. movie-wise
charlie2094 - 7/25/2014, 3:13 PM
Kind of expected, but must have done a good job with Batman v Superman then! Hopefully we get some BvS stuff tomorrow, can't wait.
JAC - 7/25/2014, 3:13 PM
Screw Goyer!
Desrow - 7/25/2014, 3:13 PM
WB/DC please...

EhMaybeSays - 7/25/2014, 3:13 PM
Finally a decent writer is actually being considered
WayneCEO1 - 7/25/2014, 3:14 PM
Have not seen one interview with Terrio since he signed on to write Dawn of Justice. Hope he is at the Warner Bros. panel.
DannyRand1225 - 7/25/2014, 3:15 PM
AWESOME!!, he is a very good writer
ALegendaryPanda - 7/25/2014, 3:16 PM
Hell yeah! I knew the script would be great with Terrio and Affleck involved!
DannyRand1225 - 7/25/2014, 3:17 PM
as i said, i expect a short teaser for Batman V Superman, a confirmation of Rock as Shazam and Momoa as Aquaman, a confirmation of their movie lineup and a picture of the Trinity
SpiderFraud - 7/25/2014, 3:17 PM
Nah, just get Kurtzman and Orci.
TheRedCondom - 7/25/2014, 3:17 PM
This could only be a good thing
blackandyellow - 7/25/2014, 3:19 PM
Ezio, I think you're expecting way too much from WB haha.
DaVinci31 - 7/25/2014, 3:19 PM
TonyChu - 7/25/2014, 3:19 PM
So it does seem that WB/DC are slowly pushing David Goyer out.
CommanderShepard - 7/25/2014, 3:19 PM
Well that is good news. I really hope he crushed the BvS script!! I really hope it is one of the best CBMs of all time!
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/25/2014, 3:19 PM
Warner must really like what he did with this film. Wish he screenplayed MoS.
Jollem - 7/25/2014, 3:20 PM

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 7/25/2014, 3:20 PM
I thought all the great news is supposed to be today? Apparently it's tomorrow.
CommanderShepard - 7/25/2014, 3:21 PM
No, I think they (WB) love Goyers story telling ability. Just not his scripts.
Jollem - 7/25/2014, 3:21 PM

TheRedCondom - 7/25/2014, 3:21 PM

The only thing The Man of Steel destroyed was Metropolis
Battabing - 7/25/2014, 3:22 PM
I'm sure Ben will convince him to stick around, considering he brought him on board for BvS. On top of that BvS and JL are filming back to back.
ekrolo2 - 7/25/2014, 3:22 PM

I agree, Zod and his machine wrecked that place good.
ALegendaryPanda - 7/25/2014, 3:22 PM
With a great script and Snyder's visual style this could be one of the greatest superhero movies of all time!
DannyRand1225 - 7/25/2014, 3:23 PM
BlackandYellow-yeah ,i think am..haha..oh well if i get even one of fine
Jollem - 7/25/2014, 3:24 PM
@TheGreenCondom - yeah, i've heard the "destruction" thing many, many times
CommanderShepard - 7/25/2014, 3:24 PM
Jollem, those are Awesome!!

WB, I expect big things tomorrow!
ALegendaryPanda - 7/25/2014, 3:24 PM
I actually don't hate Goyer as much as some people on this site and I thought he did a really good job for the most part with Man of Steel. But Chris Terrio is no doubt a superior writer
Omarvls - 7/25/2014, 3:25 PM
The Trinity Photo
Dawn of Justice teaser
List of upcoming movies

Jollem - 7/25/2014, 3:25 PM
@CommanderShepard - mr. ross is a shiny golden god
Jollem - 7/25/2014, 3:25 PM
kurtzamn and orci got skills
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