In this editorial, I tackle a subject that's been deep in my thoughts recently, and that is the 2016 Superman/ Batman crossover. I'll be detailing what I want to see and even how I'd craft the story.

I'll talk about this film like I'm making it so anytime I say "should" or "must" is just purely out of my own opinion and perspective, and I'd love to hear your thoughts down below.


It's Called "Man Of Steel: World's Finest"

Although this movie would sell tickets whether it was called "VS", "Man Of Steel 2", or "The One With Batman";  the title should be an accurate heading and/ or preview of the two characters set to unfold for the first time in live action cinema. The title would actually have significant meaning to the story for the obvious reason of Batman and Superman being the finest heroes the world has produced, but also Clark questioning if it's actually Earth or Krypton who should take the credit for being the said "World".

Lex Luthor Is A Manipulator

In my version, Luthor is a young, intelligent business man devoted to rebuilding the parts of Metropolis that were ruined by the Kryptonians, and will stop at nothing to bring his beloved city back to its former glory. Nobody else wants to invest in such a large scale project, so after three years, when the city has slowly been getting mended, the Metropolis Kickstart  project finally takes off with Wayne Enterprises lending a helpful hand, and the Americans admire Luthor's triumph which is why he's the head candidate for the president... The only problem is that Luthor always gets what he wants and always wants what he gets. He'll manipulate, blackmail, and torture someone for whatever purpose and kill his own parents for his inheritance. Growing up with wealthy parents, an unorthodox street gang, and a healthy, fact-filled mind has shaped him into being the ultimate dick. (If you don't think Jesse Eisenberg can pull it off; watch "The Social Network")

The Fortress Of Solitude

I was genuinely pleased to see a refreshing take on the Fortress of Solitude with the scout ship from Krypton, but when it was stranded in the destroyed Metropolis during the climax of MOS, the only realistic direction to be taken is that it's now in military hands with Superman not being given any kind of permission to even lay eyes on it. When looking at the first film, you realise that it was an origin story in every sense of the word(s), so I think it would make the most sense that this fresh, bold new take on the classic characters was given some pay off with familiar elements, and settings in the sequel that prove this is a new Superman for old and new fans alike.  Jor-El could also make a brief appearance if Superman got hold of the small "S" key again.

Batman & Superman Swap Their Public Images

At the beginning, Gotham is a city that's slowly vacuuming it's crime with the help of the corrupt police force, but most of all the Batman. Batman is regarded by some as an outlaw and nothing worse than the criminals he's fighting, but the majority of public perception is that he's a vigilante hero for Gotham and is a force for good by using violent and technological forces of bad without actually killing anyone. Superman starts off where about 20% of Metropolis regard the destruction of that city as a mistake and accident, so naturally, the rest of Metropolis' population think of him as a terrorist, devil, and monster to wear the colours of the American flag with only Lois, Martha, Clark himself and a few others of Metropolis and the world believing he's in fact a good person. But by the end of the film, they swap and Batman becomes the outlawed vigilante in the eyes of the public, and Superman becomes the world's true protector.

Supporting Characters

The film is blending two legends with massive backgrounds, rogues galleries, and supporting characters of their own. To make the film at least feel large in scope without having cities blowing up everywhere, you have to make the world you're creating feel populated and lived in. I'm not asking for the Joker to show up and rob a bank, or Bizzaro to make a cameo, but these are the characters I'd include and I'll explain later how they'd be used... Alfred, Jim Gordon, Vicki Vale, Harvey Dent/ Two Face, Jimmy Olsen, Aquaman, and Hal Jordan.


This well known substance has had a lot of criticism for making Superman seem to be too much of a pushover in combat and has been linked to the life-long accusation that he's "boring". Although I think saying Kryptonite reduces him to a plain, uninteresting character is unfair, it does feel somewhat of a cop-out when this formidable god that has to reflect lasers coming out of his eyes on his chin to shave his beard is being beaten by an inanimate object or objects when close to it. But in this new somewhat realistic world where Superman's powers are harnessed by the sun's radiation, I think it could work if the Kryptonite was a vital ingredient used in weapons of mass destruction on Krypton and once sent to Earth blocks the radiation from the sun getting to Clark when close to him therefore disabling his powers and long term exposure could kill him.

An Awesome Fight

Many praise the first fight between Bane and Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, but what took me out of it was the obvious fact that all punches being exchanged on screen were clearly not making any sort of connection. I won't deny that the timing and choreography was near flawless, but when the blows are blatantly not having any impact, you realise they're not actually hitting each other which makes you realise all the sound effects were added later in post-production which then makes you view this fight as rough, but certainly not grounded. I hope that the inevitable fight between two of the most popular heroes ever created is nothing short of jaw-dropping. It should only have shakey cam if needed, it shouldn't have any Krypto-gimmicks like a ring or green boxing gloves, but rather Kryptonite laced through Batman's suit adding style as well as practicality.

Brainiac & Metallo

Before you shoot me down saying that three of Superman's greatest foes in the same film containing Batman and Wonder Woman is a recipe for disaster, hear me out. As far as the story goes, Brainiac wouldn't be in any of the marketing for the film and would also be in the shadows for the first two acts having conversations with Lex until the climax where he, Metallo and Luthor go up against the threesome of costumed heroes. Brainiac's abilities include super strength, flying, healing factor, telepathy, and his popular intelligence. Metallo takes orders from Lex and is given his own Superman body suit to dress up in and cause havoc in various parts of the world pointing the blame towards the real Superman and making Lex look even more like the hero not only Metropolis deserves, but the entire globe does.

Hans Zimmer &/ Or John Williams

I loved the Man Of Steel soundtrack and thought it perfectly allowed us to let go of the John Williams theme without it feeling old and forgotten, and I recommend any Zimmer fan check out his soundtrack for the F1 biography of James Hunt and Nicki Lauda, Rush. Hans was probably on board to score the MOS sequel until it was announced that Batman would be in the picture. This must have set Zimmer back as he'd just come off doing the Dark Knight Trilogy and was maybe hesitant to create a different score for a different Batman which is why I point the finger at Williams to either replace or collaborate with Zimmer. Can you imagine if the film was total garbage, but you had the thrill of listening to two of the greatest film composers' work around you. that doesn't happen often... (just like the film).

Clark & Bruce

Even though it makes for good visual story telling, I'm tired of the recluse protagonist having having a beard to show how sad he (maybe she) is. I'm hearing rumors that Clark will have a goatee in the beginning of the movie and I really hope this is incorrect and he's in the Daily Planet spilling coffee over everyone, acting goofy with only Lois, and Martha knowing who he is, but inside he's damaged and feels he owes the people of Metropolis his help. Saving people has become an addiction for him, and he's doing it so fast, he's almost become a myth with only blurred photos and videos to support evidence that he's still alive. Enter Bruce Wayne who pretends to be a cocky, sex pest, billionaire, but at night goes to express his anger against the scum of Gotham and is regarded as a "loose hero". His real average personality is something he only exposes to a few including Alfred, and eventually Clark, Lois, and Diana Prince. Clark and Bruce agree on the protection of citizens but have different ways of achieving their goals which is what makes them go their separate paths at the end and only coming together when the time is right.


- Plot -

  • The film opens with a narration from Bruce Wayne while in the Daily Planet where loads of journalists are interviewing him. He has a cut on his nose and him and Clark share a moment of staring. While narrating, Bruce mentions the main theme which is "We all wear masks".

  • Bruce has a pure dislike for Luthor and Alfred thinks of Bruce as a "conspiracy theorist" because he believes Lex killed his own parents for his inheritance.

  • Clark has a nightmare early on about him killing Zod and it's apparent that Lois and him have discussed and argued about Clark's guilt and whether or not he was responsible for the destruction of Metropolis.

  • The first time we see Batman is when he interrupts a drugs trade with Two Face and his thugs before it even starts. It's similar to when Batman first appeared in Batman Begins but is set purely in a warehouse.

  • Jim Gordon appears in several scenes, but is definitely a supporting character along with Martha Kent

  • Vicki Vale is a news reporter who only appears a few times just to commentate on situations

  • Diana was a warrior demigoddess sent down to Earth for freeing a prisoner who she believed was framed. Luthor captured and manipulated her keeping her as his "pet". When investigating, Batman comes across her and takes her home after a grand car chase where he avoids the police and encounters Superman.

  • Luthor knows Bruce is Batman and forces him to fight Superman. Batman comes up with a secret plan and once finished with the battle, drops Clark into the river and it's revealed near the end that Aquaman looked after Clark until he woke up and was told what was going on.

  • Luthor becomes president and takes control of the Daily Planet. Early on, he seduces a woman who discovered lots of Kryptonite and beats her before injecting her with a truth serum making her sign contracts to hand over all the Kryptonite over to him.

  • There is a batmobile, batjet, and batbike in this and the Batcave is much more similar to the Arkham games than the Nolan films.

  • Lex speaks to Brainiac a few times throughout the film as his head is wired up like the image above and forms his grand plan with the help of Brainiac as he attempts to get hold of the Kryptonite, become president knowing that the entire world sympathises with him and Metropolis, use Batman to get Superman off the scene so he can use Metallo to make out like Superman is doing all these chaotic things, and then use sublimation to turn the Kryptonite into gas across the entire planet and make sure Superman is never to be seen or heard from again.

  • Perry isn't happy with Clark and is considering firing him because of the low standards in his work. Clark isn't very upset about this and after Bruce and Lex visit the Daily Planet, he goes to work on the construction site.

  • Bruce knows as soon as he walks in the Daily Planet that Clark is Superman. They form a good friendship where on the construction site they chat to each other about their morals, backgrounds, etc. Bruce comes to like Clark and tries to think of any solution to not kill or get rid of him once Luthor demands it.

  • Luthor has his big mechanical suit with Kryptonite as the chest piece.

  • Clark and Diana fly together in space. There's no romance between the two. Lois is the one for him.

  • Clark comes to terms with killing Zod and even has a weird dream sequence when exposed to Kryptonite that Jor-El is asking him to save the world and Jonathan Kent is pleading for him to stay hidden. Clark chooses Jor-El, but tells his human father he'll never be forgotten.

  • Lois starts to question her relationship with Clark as she finds out he's been helping people 24/7 after he bumps into Batman, but from then on he's straight with her and takes her to the Fortress of Solitude

  • Hal Jordan makes a cameo as he's being reckless in a jet and Superman spoils his fun in a montage showing how Batman and Superman deal with crime. 

  • Batman shows off his detective skills as he takes a sample of the truth serum and traces who could've supplied it to Lex.

  • There are many cameos and easter eggs pointing to the Justice League but it is by no means a trailer and has its own story to deal with.

  • Bruce says to Clark that there's no way Lex can be stopped or exposed with his public reputation and all the citizens of Metropolis depending on him, so he insists that he's misjudged Clark and he'll kill him with Batman being condemned as an outlaw. After the big showdown between the three heroes and villains, Batman's about to do it, then Superman stops him and says that he'll imprison him in the Fortress Of Solitude, and they'll say Lex has has gone missing. Batman agress but again insists that they say Lex was killed by him making his reputation go down and Superman's go up.

  • If you want to get an idea of how the ending scene would be, watch the ending of the film Rush and imagine Clark doing a narration making a total of three narrations in the film. First Bruce, then Lois when she's flying with Supeman to the Fortress, and ending with Clark as he delves into the characters and bookending the film with "We all wear masks"

​So there are my thoughts. Leave a comment...
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BatmanHeisenberg - 3/22/2014, 11:52 AM
Good work.
GoldSlayer1 - 3/22/2014, 12:30 PM
I Suggested in another editorial that brainiac should be the one who gets the kryptonite.

The plot was that brainiac had hired Lobo to retrieve a giant piece of kryptonite from a hostile planet. While lobo was being chased by Hawkman (played by karl Urban) (due to a previous job at the begining of the movie, where he stole/killed something/someone in Thanagar)

Lobo retrieves the kryptonite and is messaged with the drop location to Pluto.
He goes to Pluto and delievers the kryptonite, and brainiac disappears.

Battle ensues with Hawkman and Green lantern John Stewart (played by Dwayne Johnson) shows up to investigate the ruckus in 2814.

Hawkman and GL have a brief chat and hawkman explains to GL that he's been chasing Lobo for crimes he committed on the Thanagarian home world. (which kind of explains hawkman's origins)

Hawkman's ship is destroyed in the battle.
Lobo gets on his vehicle and tries to escape, but is shot by green lantern while in space. then we see lobo crash landing on earth, with GL and hawkman following him. then cut, cliff hanger ending which leads into JL1.

the point of this story is, that kryptonite shouldn't be found on earth. it should be brought here by an invader with the intent of killing superman.
that invader would be brainiac.

there might be some debate whether brainiac should be biological or mechanical. I think he should be mechanical that way it makes more sense for him to have some sort of connection to Zod (through the kryptonian computer systems, etc) , thus he heard of earth and superman.

I also believe they should use "Superman" in the title. (I.e Superman: World's Finest)
Odin - 3/22/2014, 12:45 PM
This could work.
MrReese - 3/22/2014, 1:22 PM
Not bad.
GliderMan - 3/22/2014, 2:20 PM
Clark has a nightmare early on about him killing Zod and it's apparent that Lois and him have discussed and argued about Clark's guilt and whether or not he was responsible for the destruction of Metropolis.


GliderMan - 3/22/2014, 2:21 PM
I don't agree with everything, but man, this last part is just pure genius:

If you want to get an idea of how the ending scene would be, watch the ending of the film Rush and imagine Clark doing a narration making a total of three narrations in the film. First Bruce, then Lois when she's flying with Supeman to the Fortress, and ending with Clark as he delves into the characters and bookending the film with "We all wear masks"
Omarvls - 3/22/2014, 2:28 PM
Not Bad
DaVinci31 - 3/22/2014, 3:05 PM
-Have not read the plot yet-

I don't think you blow your load out just yet by having Brainiac and Metallo. WB needs to lay out a blueprint for once. Marvel's MCU has worked so well because it focuses on character while subtlety presenting the audience with it's repercussions it is to have on the MCU as a whole.

MOS while really weak on dialogue, had a very solid story and universe to build upon. The fact that the names Goyer and Nolan (they have recently both been named only, executive producers) are not going to be involved very much with BvS give me hope, because it means that there will finally be fresh blood in the DCCU. Both Affleck and Terrio have shown that they can present strong character(The Town and Argo), while a man like Snyder has shown that he can appreciate and care for a comic book character. So, the fact that Snyder is a strong advocate of collaboration, and is the writer for the story for BvS, lead me to believe that a study on characters is bound to happen with this film; Luthor, Wayne and Kal-El being the main focus in how they react to each others frequencies. Even Snyder alluded to this by stating that this movie was going to "let 'em loose. . .now that you've got these characters".

In short, there is plenty to be hopeful about.


As for everything else you're proposing (besides the plot, haven't read it yet), hell yes, man. Great editorial.

Also, "21 Jump Street" Jonah Hill for Jimmy Olsen! Come on WB, make this happen! This universe, as much as I'm hopeful about it, needs to lighten up!

GoldSlayer1 - 3/22/2014, 5:10 PM
I still think kryptonite should be something that's not found on earth and brought here by brainiac instead.

I just think it'll look cheesy if luthor just out of the blue, knew what kryptonite was, where it came from, and its effects on superman are.

if its brought here by brainiac, who has a high level intellect, who's origins also are from krypton, then it'd make sense that he would know what it is and what it does.
kong - 3/22/2014, 5:43 PM
I read most. Will come back to read the plot later. Nice work!
MightyZeus - 3/22/2014, 8:28 PM
Those are some awesome ideas.
Great work.
BoredSorcerer - 3/22/2014, 8:50 PM
This is Awesome!
ClarkKent89 - 3/22/2014, 11:47 PM
@GoldSlayer1 Luthor wouldn't know out of the blue what Kryptonite was. Brainiac would be placed in Lex's underground lair and be telling him valuable information throughout the film including what Kryptonite was and it's effects on Superman.
GoldSlayer1 - 3/23/2014, 1:30 AM
yeah thats how i think luthor should find out about it, through brainiac.

but i dont think kryptonite should just magically be found on earth, it just wouldn't make sense in the current universe.

If i remember right, Kal-el's ship left krypton, and a couple of days passed before it exploded (they had the council meeting where they were sentencing Zoz for his crimes)

but in the comics, kryptonite gets to earth via the worm hole portal created by the ship navigating superman to earth.

we didn't see krypton blow up right before the ship was about to enter a wormhole to earth.

not to mention it wouldn't make sense for random pieces (plural) to just fly lightyears in distance and land on earth.
it works in the comics because of the worm hole explanation, but it wouldn't, and shouldn't work in the movies.

Besides, kryptonite has been overdone in Superman movies.

If we do see batman and superman fight, i hope he doesn't use kryptonite, and instead uses highly concentrated red sun lamps at night.
monsterswin - 3/23/2014, 8:50 AM
Glad you aren't doing this film then.
OptionFour - 3/23/2014, 9:46 AM
Well done.

I like a lot of it, but a lot of it feels . . . crowded to me, too. There are some issues with character redundancies, and characters who add nothing to the plot. For instance, there are only going to be a small handful of things for a reporter character to handle - do we need to add Vicki Vale when Man of Steel already established four or five reporter characters? It would feel too much like shoving her character into the movie just to have her there.

Also, the absolute last thing we need from the premiere of DC's big female character is for her already problematic bondage-themes to be exacerbated by having Luthor keeping her as a 'pet' in her first on-screen appearance. We need to get away from any portrayal of Wonder Woman that makes her appear weak, useless, or sexualized right from the get-go.
Make her strong first.
The blatant T&A shots can come later.
Darktower - 3/23/2014, 10:27 AM
Nice editorial ! couldnt agree more!!
titletownreo - 3/23/2014, 12:50 PM
(just some abstract ideas for BvsS, the next solo films, and the inevitable JL movie)

-military has the Kryptonian ship

-In public, Lex Luthor describes his hatred toward Superman, when in secret he is obsessed with Kal-EL.

-Star Labs/Luthor are using human technology + kryptonian to make a clone = Bizarro. Eventually perfect process and in next MoS movie, they create PowerGirl as a weapon.

-Luthor creates his power suit out of Zod's armor left on construction site, and creates Metallo out of the Kryptonian metal

-Clark is busy with his job at the Daily planet and saving people. One of his first tasks is to interview Luthor after Metropolis's reconstruction. Luthor disses Supes when Clark is the one interviewing him = awkward

-Batman sees Supes as a threat. Bruce buys the Daily Planet, flirts with Lois because it was announced on television that she knows who Supes is.

-Batman and Superman fight...[insert JL: WAR bats meets supes scene]Supes beats Bats at first..."What are you going to do, snap my neck?...Clark!"

-After BvS, Batman returns to Gotham for a solo movie = Under the Red Hood.

-Martian Manhunter crash landed on Earth and has been imprisoned in Star Labs HQ for decades?

-Victor Stone cameos as a football player early in the movie, visits his dad at StarLabs, gets exposed to Alien technology, ...--> turns into Cyborg. Wakes up, is able to switch from appearing human to robot with cloak wiring technology.

-Aquaman is pissed off that Atlantis was damaged due to the World Machine in the Indian Ocean causing the king to surface in the first time in centuries

-Ares is hypnotizing and disguising himself as politicians in an attempt to start WW3. And even uses Arthur's anger against him making the Atlanteans declare war on the surface.

-Steve Trevor is flying a jet through the Bermuda Triangle when his instruments malfunction and is forced to crash on an island (aka: Themyscira)

-WW is nominated to be sent to Earth to stop the incoming war. Jon Stewart cameos in WW solo film as a Marine.

-Hal Jordan recruits Jon Stewart as a GL to help attempt to stop Darkseid and his army millions of light years away

-In GL film, Jon Stewart and Hal Jordan partner with other GL's and other aliens to fight Synestro and his YL's who are fighting for Darkseid

-Jon Stewart meets Hawkgirl in GL film(s) = romance

-In JL film (2 parts), the trinity calls on all heroes. = Batman, Superman, WW, Flash, GLs, MM, Hawkgirl, Cyborg, Green Arrow, and Aquaman to fight Darkseid

-Flash makes several easter eggs in Newspaper Headlines in the Daily Planet. Gets solo film after WW. During JL movie, Flash goes too fast to beat a boss, speed force becomes unstable...vanishes. In Flash solo film after JL, Barry wakes up in another universe = Justice Lords story + Flashpoint Paradox

-Captain Marvel aka Shazam gets solo film. After JL movie, the Justice League are viewed as heroes. This film will pay homage to the traditional characters of the DC universe and will explore what it means to be a hero in the eyes of a child or a fan. Maybe a scene where a younger Billy Batson is playing with JL action figures (traditional costumes), lol?

-Somewhere after more sequels and solo films, Superman: DOOMSDAY. Doomsday is destroying everything and all other JL members are incapacitated except a couple from the original seven. Batman breaks Luthor out of prison, and Supes asks for his help (he enhanced Doomsday). Lex agrees because he knows what a huge threat Doomsday is, and because he's been in prison for years. Lex gets secret-awesome-power-suit (that was meant to fight Supes with) helps Supes fight Doomsday. Batmobile gets destryoyed, Batman almost dies, Luthor in his one act of goodness dies trying to save the Earth. Lex's impactful death causes Superman to fly Doomsday into space and throw him into the Sun. But no amount of sunlight can heal him now, and Superman falls from space to Earth in dramatic Dumbledore fashion. Funeral Scene = TONS OF APPEARANCES. At funeral, MM gives epic quote, "The immigrant from the stars that taught us we could all be heroes."

-blah, blah, blah, Superman comes back, blah, blah, blah

-Last movie = Man of Steel: Kingdom Come. Yeah, baby! Badass Old Supes and Bats! Focuses on the path of the new generation of heroes, the deaths of several members of the JL, and Bruce's and Clark's friendship.
Lhornbk - 3/23/2014, 12:53 PM
No. Just no. Especially to how you introduce Wonder Woman, having Luthor keep her as a "pet"? Really? And you want Clark to be a terrible reporter? Yeah, I'm very glad you have nothing to do with making this movie.
ratticus58 - 3/23/2014, 1:05 PM
Dwayne Johnson is just the right size for Martian Manhunter since he towers even over Superman himself. He's way too huge for the John Stewart Green Lantern. Sadly though, Jon Jonzz will most likely be overlooked in the JLA roster even though he's a founding member.
solidsnake512 - 3/23/2014, 1:06 PM
This is very good
GoldSlayer1 - 3/23/2014, 2:35 PM
John Stewart is a former marine, is the concept of a marine being big like the rock too crazy?

I've stated a couple times before that some characters need to be motion capture/CGI

Martian Manhunter is one of them, unless he's shapeshifting to a human.
Doomsday and darkseid are other characters that i feel should CGI or motion captured.

Because you're not going to get good CB accurate character with practical effects doing doomsday or darkseid, unless you want them to small like humans.
(If i remember right, Doomsday was like 9 feet tall? and the JL: War Doomsday was even bigger)
GliderMan - 3/23/2014, 3:56 PM
Lhornbk always says "No. Just no."
ratticus58 - 3/23/2014, 4:15 PM
GoldSlayer1- I disagree with some of your points as far as Martian Manhunter is concerned; he is not the Hulk or 9 feet tall. I think we need to find our way back to practical effects,creative make-up and just plain good acting. While there are certainly plenty of people with the Rock's proportions I think it would be a waste not to cast him as a more physically imposing character. We've become much too reliant on CGI for everything and too lazy to find practical solutions. We'll probably see a CGI Frankenstein monster next time they remake that story.
GoldSlayer1 - 3/23/2014, 5:24 PM

Im not saying he should be 9 feet tall.
Im saying you can do a human sized MM and still be motion captured.

it helps with a couple things,
like getting an actor based on acting skills instead of if he looks the part for the role or not.

and makes filming somewhat easier, as the actor wont have to prep for 2-5 hours just to get into costume.

and stunt work is also much easier, as you can do a motion capture for the stunt man instead of having to find a look alike stuntman and then also do the make up and costume on him as well.

(TMNT is doing motion capture, and i think its a GREAT direction, because there's no way they could get FOUR similar looking actors that are also in good physical shape.)

You can do practical effects and get it to look somewhat good, but practical effects only take you so far.
Snyder is a good visual director, so he could definitely make MM look amazing if its motion captured.

As far as the rock's role is, I'd still contend that he could make a good Green Lantern. and if he did do a solo movie, it probably wont flop like Reynolds version did.

Having watched the JL/U show, I never considered MM to be physically imposing. more like a strong, silent, distanced observer.

While John Stewart is more of a no none-sense, strategical fighter.
acheronmagnuz - 3/23/2014, 7:11 PM
I don't like everything, but this is a very good editorial.

Thumbs Up!
robfatland - 3/23/2014, 7:27 PM
Ah the article suggests an amusing moment:

Bruce sees Clark for the first time at the Daily Planet.

Bruce double-take, (thinking) "That looks like Superman... is it?"

Bruce, smiling, politely shakes hands with Clark; but ramps his grip up to maximum crush.

How does Clark respond?
acheronmagnuz - 3/23/2014, 7:33 PM

I like the idea about kryptonite not coming from earth.
And the same must be a very scarce substance.

And yeah, no way that humans can capture Wonder Woman without igniting a war for the Amazons.
localman22 - 3/23/2014, 7:37 PM
For Batman Meets Superman, I think all of that is too complex. Shortly after Man of Steel, I thought that this should be the plot:

Lexcorp and Wayne Enterprises are two of the main contractors for rebuilding Metropolis. Lex has decided that the Kryponians are the greatest threat to Mankind, even though the Government sees all the good Superman is doing and accepts him as a good guy (somewhat reluctantly). Since the government is too stupid to see the threat, Lex feels that he must protect Mankind by finding a way to kill Superman. He gets some of the Kryptonian technology and is able to develop his own solutions. He discovers how to convert some Kryponian materials into Kryptonite. Lex uses the Kryponite and other tech to make a "solution" for Superman -- maybe Metallo?

Bruce is suspicious of Superman and decides to investigate as Batman. He discovers that Clark is Superman. He feels he must come up with a way to defeat Superman until he can be sure of Superman's loyalties. He discovers the Kryponite made by Lex, takes some and eventually confronts Superman, battles him and defeats him . . . until Lex's solution becomes a threat to everyone. Batman decides to team up with Superman to defeat Lex's creation. At the end, they realize that there may be threats that are greater than what the two of them can handle, or more likely, such a threat may appear (Brainiac would be great), and decide to recruit other heroes into a League. Wonder Woman and any others will simply make a cameo at the end, showing the formation of the Justice League.

That is simple, there's room for fitting in Alfred and the other Superman characters, but this is supposed to be Man of Steel 2, not a Batman movie. That can come later.
cimmerian - 3/23/2014, 7:38 PM
Nice effort. Now if only WB will take note.
acheronmagnuz - 3/23/2014, 7:42 PM
Guys, I was actually thinking of the same thing (including Batman in the MOS sequel) right after watching MOS.


Posted this sometime in June 2013.
GoldSlayer1 - 3/23/2014, 7:56 PM
I really like the idea of Bruce buying The Daily Planet.

Would be a hilarious reaction from clark or louis when they find out batman is also their boss.

As for Batman's first encounter with superman
I really think it should be similar to the B:TAS and S:TAS crossover episode.
Where superman finds batman investigating something and they have a brief altercation, then superman peaks into batman's mask and finds out his identity.

What superman doesn't realize is batman put a tracker on him, and batman tracks him down to his metropolis apartment. and batman finds out he's clark kent.

Then Bruce comes in, and buys the daily plane.
Then they can have an awkward type interaction at the daily planet between bruce and clark and louis wonder wth is going on.

sorry if that sounds too fanboyish but that would be some major fan service to the 90s and 00s fans.
MeanDeanMachine - 3/23/2014, 9:55 PM
Wreaks of fan fiction. The only thing similar this will have to the movie is the characters.
loki668 - 3/24/2014, 12:54 AM
I think that kryptonite (if introduced) should be INCREDIBLY rare and PROHIBITIVELY expensive. That way, every Tom, Dick, and Bruno doesn't break it out as a "get away from Superman free" card. The problem, in my opinion, is not with kryptonite, per se, just that it is frequently OVER-USED. I think that only people like Luthor and Wayne should have ready access to it and they should mention that they had to pay through the nose to get it.
Demigods - 3/24/2014, 4:57 AM
For the most part I like it a lot! Very good and very well thought out.

However, I think that introducing Aquaman without any real base would be a little too "out of left field". He would need some introduction before this point. I'm shaky with Wonder Woman being in this without any introduction, as it will be hard unless they make it a wonder woman begins film that Superman and Batman happen to be in.

Also, I think that brainiac, if used, should be used as more of a background figure for a future JL movie. Metallo would be great though.
supermanlives - 3/24/2014, 8:58 AM
@grifdeadpoolteabag The Kryptonian ship was in tact when it crashed it survived they showed it right as he saved lois from the black hole.
ComicsToFilm - 4/4/2014, 10:54 PM
I know I'm late to the party, but I quite enjoyed the article. I definitely think the display of Superman's strength and health residing once aboard the Kryptonian atmosphere ship was a set up towards Kryptonite and the explanation of why it so greatly effects him.

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