In this editorial, I give you my two cents on what I think on the highly anticipated, highly worrying follow up to Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Take the jump to check it out.

Hello ComicBookMovie community! Hope you've all been great. Well, this editorial will be about my thoughts on the three big Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice news. This includes the four major castings, the delay, and finally the name. I won't speak on Ben Affleck's Batsuit due to his being the only one revealed so far, but enough of the introduction, let's begin.

The casting for this film has been up, down, and into hell, but there are silverlinings. I loved Henry Cavill as Superman, as did many people. So I couldn't be more happy that he is returning. Then came the Batman casting. I won't lie, I was mad, but I see the potential. Not only did they get a good actor with Ben Affleck, but an amazing director also. Not only will we probably have a film about Batman, Starring Batman, but one directed by Batman, and I like that. Now onto Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot has been criticized by everyone. Almost nobody has hope for this casting and I sort of agree. You can pull the Heath Ledger card all you want, but it doesn't work. Heath Ledger was an actor, not a runway model with some acting credits. Gal Gadot is as green as grass when it comes to her acting. Zack Snyder and co. could have done much better for the Amazonian. Now for Lex Luthor. I love this casting, many fans don't, but I do. Jesse Eisenberg is a great actor. He can be charismatic, egotistical, and has the ability to make everyone in the same room look stupid. I believe Eisenberg will knock it out of the park as Lex, and I can't wait to see him do it.

When the delay was announced many fans were disappointed. We now had to wait 6 more months to see Superman and Batman on the big screen together. It's one of those things we could only dream of. Now Batman v Superman is releasing on May 6, 2016 it will come face to face with Captain America 3, and I'm sorry but there is no way Marvel is dumb enough to stay on that date. Sure people can say that Marvel can afford the hit, but that's just bad business either way. The point of business is to earn profit on everything and with Captain America 3 on the same day, the company that will truly suffer is Marvel, not Warner Bros. Batman v Superman is an event film. It is more anticipated on every level and will most likely bury the opening weekend competition, maybe even for several weeks if the film is knocks it out of the park.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many like the name, many hate the name, and some love the name. I personally like it. Sure, it's a bit cheesy, but World's Finest twice as cheesy. This name works marketing wise. It's to the point. No nicknames, it tells you "Batman and Superman are in the same movie". That alone will bring many people to the cinema. Another problem, one I originally had but not anymore, is the "v" in Batman v Superman and Batman's name being first due to this being a Man of Steel sequel.  Well there's an answer to that. The name is inspired from a court dispute or a championship fight. In a championship fight it's the challenger vs the champion, not the other way around. Batman seems to be the the person challenging Superman from everything we've heard about the film. In a legal dispute it's the same. It's the plantiff, person with the problem, against the defendant. Plantiff v Defendent. Oh and one more thing. While the "v" can mean versus, it also means "and". So technically the film is also called Batman AND Superman: Dawn of Justice, not just Batman versus Superman.

Well those are my thoughts on the three major things that involve this film since its announcement. So what do you guys think? Do you agree? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below and don't forget to click the red glove!
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sintzu - 6/4/2014, 1:30 AM
the cast

returning cast : good

gal gadot/jesse eisenberg : bad

ben affleck/jeremy irons : unnecessary

the story

old batman comes out of retiremaent,fights superman and loses,trains and comes back,fights superman again and wins

this remainds me of another movie that came out in 2012 :

old batman comes out of retiremaent,fights bane and loses,trains and comes back,fights bane again and wins

and how is a humen going to fight the superman we got in man of steel ? let alone win ?

if they are doing the same batman they did with noilan why are they recasting him and starting over ?

and why are they going with the same director ? why not have him make a man of steel sequel for 2015 and have someone else do the batman v superman for 2016 ?

MightyZeus - 6/4/2014, 1:46 AM
I'd rather have Batman and Superman team up and work together than fight each other. Reading about there friendship is more interesting then watching the two of them fight against each other. Also i'm really hoping Wonder Woman will be reduced to a cameo like Black Widow in Iron Man 2 in order to not over crowd the film. I also feel like i'm the only whose disappointed in the casting of Lex Luthor.

Have Batman and Superman fight against Lex Luthor and another villain preferably a Superman villain we have not seen on the big screen yet.
Brainiac13 - 6/4/2014, 1:56 AM
What MightyZeus said. :)
sintzu - 6/4/2014, 2:47 AM

i'm sure anyone who likes lex is as well

Klone - 6/4/2014, 3:13 AM
The Good:

Zimmer returns
Terrio replacing Goyer
Seemingly and likely good costumes
Actually dealing with some aftermath MoS utterly failed on

The Bad:

Some seemingly terrible casting decisions
The name
MoS left a bad influence on people thinking that this as its sequel = inevitably shit
GliderMan - 6/4/2014, 3:57 AM
Black Widow wasn't a cameo in IM2, but I get what you're saying.

The thing is, Wonder Woman is so much bigger of a character than that. She is iconic. When Black Widow was introduced in Iron Man 2, she was not iconic at all. My point is, Wonder Woman doesn't belong in this film. But oh well.
feedonatreefrog - 6/4/2014, 3:58 AM
1) The cast is awesome and exciting.

2) The delay is fine. Thor and The Avengers were also delayed 10 months. 3 years between sequels is standard.

3) The title is epic (Batman, Superman, Justice!), interesting (v?), and cheesy (Dawnnnnn of Justiceeeee), but I was hoping for some cheese in the title, just like how Man of Steel had some 50's sci-fi/silver-age comic cheese moments. It's the same reason I think World's Finest could have worked.
sikwon - 6/4/2014, 6:13 AM
They can't start out as friends especially with Bruce (an aged and experienced batman!) being possibly the least trusting person in the world, that friendship nee d's to be developed with earned respect. And with the batman and superman friendship dynamic there's an element of respect that superman has for batman because he's such a formidable opponent. I'm actually really looking forward to this. I intend to see Cap, go eat, then see BvS a little later in the evening.
Forthas - 6/4/2014, 6:21 AM
The only positive thing I have seen about this film is the partial look of the Batmobile and that could change. The costume seems less realistic than the previous version because - again - his neck movement is impaired and he seems to have less protection.

The casting has been nothing short of atrocious and completely unnecessary. There was a perfectly good Batman in the role with a back story and even other characters ALREADY established on film. All of those actors were top notch performers. The current Batman (Ben Affleck) is a huge step down. I get so tired of people saying that Affleck is some great director when he has NEVER been nominated for best director. EVER!!!. Bringing Chris Terrio could work out but this man has only written TWO films. One of those (Argo) was ADAPTED from a book and based on real life events. That is different from creating a unique film which is what is required in this case and tellingly his other film credit (Heights) barely made the Rotten Tomatoes fresh rating of 60%- Heights scored 64%. Gal Gadot and Jessie Eisenberg are horridly miscast.

The title and the delay are the LEAST of the problems of this effort - either of which would be worth it if a good film resulted and there is very little chance of that barring something nearly supernatural.

Finally, the statement that Batman v. Superman is "...more anticipated on every level" is false! That is ONLY true in the fanboy community and quite frankly that may not be true. This film has garnered so much criticism for all of the above, I guarantee a significant segment of the audience will stay away. They thought the same thing (that people would flock to the event film) about the Amazing Spider-man 2 by shoving it full of villains. They thought the same thing about Man of Steel which started off strong and sank like a rock.

This production is doomed and I see no way out of it.

shabat - 6/4/2014, 6:36 AM
There was not much explanation on the delay...it was more Cap 3 vs. BvS.

But, since this is a movie I have only wanted to see my entire life, I'm trying to remain as optimistic as I can. This movie has the ability to go either way. I loved MOS but I can definitely recognize its flaws. Did they learn from them? One of the rumors that we've been hearing is that Clark will be in exile to begin the movie, if this is true (and God I hope it is not), then what was the point of the Daily Planet scene at the end of MOS?

As far as casting, Gal Gadot is the one I'm most worried about. Can she sell Wonder Woman? Can she pull of the confidence (and yet awkwardness) of her character? Can she be ferocious when fighting and actually sell a punch?
Lhornbk - 6/4/2014, 8:10 AM
@Forthas, you are seriously delusional if you think that a large portion of the cbm community will stay away from this movie. Even the ones who don't like DC will watch it, just to be able to criticize it. And I don't remember anyone other than some delusional Spiderman fanboys saying that TASM 2 would be an event movie because of the villains in it. And making over $600 million, as MoS did, isn't really sinking like a rock. And you clearly know nothing about how popular culture works. I guarantee that general audiences are extremely interested in this movie. It's Batman and Superman, and whether you like it or not that alone will be enough for at least $100 million on opening weekend, even if Cap 3 stays there. (If Cap 3 moves and if it gets good reviews, it'll have a shot at $150-200 million that first weekend.)

@Sintzu, who said there would be 2 fights between Batman and Superman in the film? That's what some fanboys speculate, but no one knows for sure. I think it's more likely that there is one battle before they join up to fight Lex.

As for the casting, I think it's fine. No one knows how Gal will be, she hasn't been in enough good movies to really evaluate her acting ability. Affleck will be ok, and I think Eisenberg will be good. As for the title, I would have preferred that it be "Superman/Batman" instead of the v, but I like the Dawn of Justice part and it's much better than World's Finest, which general audiences wouldn't have understood.
xMichaelxScottx - 6/4/2014, 9:22 AM
I'll see it, but I fear it might be a terrible movie.
Forthas - 6/4/2014, 9:23 AM
@ SniktBub

That is nice! But most of your friends are not representative of the general audience. Given that they are your friends they probably have many of the same interest that you do including comic book movies (given that you frequent this site) so that is in no way surprising.


So are the heads of Sony’s movie studio’s “some delusional Spiderman fanboys”?


Didn’t Warner Brothers “guarantee that general audiences are extremely interested in…” their movie before?


Apparently there are people who know a lot less about “popular culture” than I do. People like you can keep repeating the Warner Brother’s talking points that there is so much anticipation that it is guaranteed to make a lot of money, which it might do, but far too much has happened and fans are more and more frustrated with the direction of this film that it is NOT going to come close to the Avengers in terms of box office receipts. Man of Steel had MORE wind behind its back and audience interest than this film. If you may recall, its advanced ticket sales were outpacing Iron Man 3 (you know that movie that made over $1 billion world-wide). Man of Steel broke the record for a July opening…and most importantly for you to understand, Man of Steel had nowhere near the casting, tonal and story controversies that Batman v Superman has and it STILL earned about half of what Iron Man 3 did the same year. You have no proof that Batman v Superman is as “anticipated" as you say other than that is what Warner Brothers says.
xMichaelxScottx - 6/4/2014, 9:23 AM
I'd rather see Cap 3, and I'll see it opening day or on one of the early showings. BvS is getting the weekend treatment as I like to call it.
xMichaelxScottx - 6/4/2014, 9:25 AM
xMichaelxScottx - 6/4/2014, 9:31 AM
"When the delay was announced many fans were disappointed. We now had to wait 6 more months to see Superman and Batman on the big screen together."

I can wait.
xMichaelxScottx - 6/4/2014, 9:35 AM
"Now Batman v Superman is releasing on May 6, 2016 it will come face to face with Captain America 3, and I'm sorry but there is no way Marvel is dumb enough to stay on that date."
xMichaelxScottx - 6/4/2014, 9:48 AM
After reading this I've come to the conclusion of your mental problems.

Moohika - 6/4/2014, 10:08 AM
I completely agree with you about Eisenberg. I've always supported the Affleck casting, but I've really come around to loving the idea of Jesse Eisenberg as Lex. It is strange, weird and completely unexpected, but just crazy enough to work. For God's sake, when Kevin Spacey (who was the prototypical Lex Luthor) couldn't give you at least a somewhat memorable Lex, you know you have to try something different.
Moohika - 6/4/2014, 10:11 AM
Eisenberg as Lex...

rora - 6/4/2014, 1:13 PM

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