Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. has registered yet another possible title for Zack Snyder's Batman/Superman film. This title would be Man of Steel: Fight Or Flight. Whatcha think?

Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman/Batman film currently is untitled. Fans have been itching to know what this film will finally be called. Why the delay? Don't know. Perhaps, Warner Bros. wants to save that reveal for Comic-Con, or they just haven't come to a final decision on the matter. What we do know, is that Warner Bros. has been secretly registering potential titles over the past year through internet brand protection company MarkMonitor. In the past they registered: “Man of Steel Battle the Knight”, “Man of Steel Beyond Darkness”, “Man of Steel Black of Knight”, “Man of Steel Darkness Falls”, “Man of Steel Knight Falls”, “Man of Steel Shadow of the Night”, “Man of Steel The Blackest Hour” and “Man of Steel The Darkness Within." None of those went over all that well. And today, a new potential title has been uncovered: MAN OF STEEL: FIGHT OR FLIGHT. Thoughts?

Snyder will direct the film from a screenplay being written by Chris Terrio from a screenplay by David S. Goyer and a story co-created by Goyer and Snyder. Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman film stars Henry Cavill, reprising his role as Superman/Clark Kent, and Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne. The film will also reunite “Man of Steel” stars Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Ma Kent, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. Zack Snyder’s untitled Superman/Batman film which will now be arriving in theaters May 6, 2016.
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CPIXLEY - 2/5/2014, 5:05 PM
Hopefully this is just a site for some marketing campaign.
MexicanSexyman - 2/5/2014, 5:07 PM
Sounds like a mobile game name.
ScorpioRisin - 2/5/2014, 5:07 PM
That name is pretty awful.
TheVirgin - 2/5/2014, 5:08 PM
Man of Steel : The Battle OF THE TIGHTS
DrDoom - 2/5/2014, 5:08 PM
lol no
TheVirgin - 2/5/2014, 5:09 PM
Man of Steel: Bruce Wayne buttsecks Lois Lane in a Jet Plane
JordanKing - 2/5/2014, 5:10 PM
LOL, for their sake I certainly hope it isn't.
ALegendaryPanda - 2/5/2014, 5:10 PM
Oh HELL no.
Ironnick - 2/5/2014, 5:11 PM
Oh, is this that new after school special Warner Bros. was talking about?
whoa123 - 2/5/2014, 5:12 PM
I think it's for a marketing campaign. Remember a while back when someone reported that WB will launch a "Choose your side" type of website, so maybe that's it.
NoMore - 2/5/2014, 5:13 PM
Niklander - 2/5/2014, 5:15 PM
Oh man those titles it's like WB doesn't even care
Jollem - 2/5/2014, 5:15 PM
they could call it "Monkey Waffle Didgeridoo Until It Snowflake How: Trading Unseen Light Whether 77 Juxtapose" and i will still see this no less than 9 times in the theater
Viltrumite - 2/5/2014, 5:16 PM
This does sound more like a promotional site (potentially with a flash game of some sort) or a mobile tie-in game. I'm really hoping it's not the final title.
MexicanSexyman - 2/5/2014, 5:16 PM
@TheRealistStarLord, perfection.
brazilianbatman - 2/5/2014, 5:17 PM
please no
manhunter212 - 2/5/2014, 5:19 PM
*gets on two knees and prays that it's for a Rocksteady Superman game*
ezra - 2/5/2014, 5:19 PM
Sounds like a video game to me.
Mrcool210 - 2/5/2014, 5:19 PM
[frick] NO, whats so wrong with "MAN OF STEEL: WORLDS FINEST" or since Wonder Womans in it. "MAN OF STEEL: TRINITY"
JGAR - 2/5/2014, 5:19 PM

There! IS IT THAT HARD?!?!?
manhunter212 - 2/5/2014, 5:22 PM
When you type it in, it takes you to the man of steel movie website
CaptainObvious - 2/5/2014, 5:23 PM
It sounds like the title of a mobile phone game.
Steelers4190 - 2/5/2014, 5:25 PM
Why do all these registered titles sound so bad haha. Just call it MOS 2 or World's Finest. Sometimes less is more
manhunter212 - 2/5/2014, 5:25 PM
If it was created back in 2013, why are we just now hearing about this?
frova - 2/5/2014, 5:26 PM
That's got marketing all over it. No way they'd have the film name be so shitty
Nomis - 2/5/2014, 5:26 PM
pesmerga44 - 2/5/2014, 5:26 PM
Oh man that is a bad title for a movie I think I like Batman vs Superman better as a title then that and I don't like Batman vs Superman as a title.
GeneralZod1138 - 2/5/2014, 5:27 PM
I call BS.

Not a chance.
JosephKing - 2/5/2014, 5:27 PM
Obviously not.
blackscienceman - 2/5/2014, 5:27 PM
I'm hoping for the reveal of "World's finest" as the real title in the teaser.
Jhuntdaprodigy - 2/5/2014, 5:27 PM
Man Of Steel: Knightfall would be a good title for the movie in my opinion, all those other rumored names are corny. Really I think they should just call it Man Of Steel: World's Finest.
GeneralZod1138 - 2/5/2014, 5:28 PM
World's Finest or GTFO!!!!
LoneShadow99 - 2/5/2014, 5:28 PM
Terrible name. I hope they throw that in the trash immediately
OcciferPing - 2/5/2014, 5:29 PM
Why don't they just call it Superman: World's Finest? Or have Superman in the title? He goes by Superman now, correct?
Nick56 - 2/5/2014, 5:29 PM
Likely some mobile game or something
theowl - 2/5/2014, 5:29 PM
LastAvenger99 - 2/5/2014, 5:29 PM
Sounds like the title to maybe a children's book for the film
JosephKing - 2/5/2014, 5:30 PM
That's clearly for some derived product, of course they won't call the movie... that.
sanyaya - 2/5/2014, 5:30 PM
they should called it Batman [frick]s Superman either way ill go see it
typicalfanboy - 2/5/2014, 5:30 PM
amazing spiderman 2 is called "enemies unite", right? since that is what the website is called?
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