Kevin Smith Will Address BATMAN v SUPERMAN Fake Script Rumor Tomorrow

Kevin Smith Will Address BATMAN v SUPERMAN Fake Script Rumor Tomorrow

Last week, Movie Web reported that Kevin Smith was behind a fake Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice script that has been floating around the internet and tomorrow the Clerks director/screenwriter will address them.

Last week, lots and lots of tantalizing rumors about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were released. There were new villains and heroes, but then a report from Movie Web threw some cold water on all the fun. They claimed that an anonymous source deep within Warner Bros. had sent them a letter informing them that the information was from a fake script - written by Kevin Smith. A wild claim, but a claim that has caught the interest of the internet. Smith hasn't addressed the claim, until now.

BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE - Zack Snyder will direct. It's written by Chris Terrio, from a screenplay by David S. Goyer. The film stars: Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent and Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne. The cast also includes: Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Ma Kent, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. Will arrive in theaters May 6, 2016.
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nickman - 7/7/2014, 11:48 PM
He totally did. I have read it and feels like Spiderman 3. #woops
ALegendaryPanda - 7/7/2014, 11:50 PM
I can't wait to hear this shit! Lol
nickman - 7/7/2014, 11:51 PM

Well, I am assuming this is what he wrote.
TheGambitFreak - 7/7/2014, 11:57 PM
@nickman Thank you so much! I've been scrounging for the fake script!
MrBlackJack - 7/7/2014, 11:57 PM
I just got done reading the supposed Smith script myself. I honestly want an explanation for this conundrum.
MrBlackJack - 7/7/2014, 11:59 PM
The script itself is pretty poor. It's clearly fake, but it seems too fake. I can't tell if Smith wrote and made it lazy on purpose, or if some random fan wrote it and tried passing it off as Smith's script.
JAC - 7/8/2014, 12:03 AM
Itsbeenfun - 7/8/2014, 12:03 AM
Can't reveal my sources but check this out guys! :)

MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:04 AM
It's got fanservice up the wazoo.
JAC - 7/8/2014, 12:04 AM
@MrBlackjack My exact feelings. It felt like a really unbalanced, unfocused Justice League story, and the writing (and especially the dialogue)didn't seem remotely close to Chris Terrio level. It must have been Smith.
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:05 AM
The fight between butchers the lines from the comic at first, but once they start throwing punches it gets cool.
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:06 AM
@Sipprelle: Yeah, it's either Smith or some fan that got lucky. If Smith did indeed write it, then all those grammatical errors that make it seem like some random high schooler wrote just kinda adds to the brilliance of the situation.
JAC - 7/8/2014, 12:06 AM
@MrBlackJack Batman does kick some serious shit though, I'll give him that. But everything else is just (fricking) no.
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:10 AM
@Sipprelle: He does a couple out of character things, which Smith has done before, which just makes you wonder if Smith really wrote it and [frick]ed with it on purpose even more so.
JAC - 7/8/2014, 12:12 AM
@MrBlackJack It's so baffling though, because the MovieWeb source said that it was based off one of the early drafts/basic story line, but even the plot in a broader context seemed really, really out there in terms of every other sentence has another character being introduced and so many random story line are intersecting. LR just got demoted to negative on my Credibility List.

Oh, and this is the funniest (fricking) thing you'll ever see. What a fuc(g)ing idiot.
3DWitchHunt - 7/8/2014, 12:13 AM
If that truly is the script being passed around, then the people reporting on it must be stupider than i previously thought. How the [frick] can anyone possibly believe that script is legit? It oozes fan-fic.
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:16 AM
@Sipprelle: I know, if it really is from Smith, then LR and ourselves got trolled by Silent Bob. If it's from some random fan, then LR and ourselves got trolled by, well some random fan (even worse). And I only watched a couple of seconds of that video. I cringed as soon as he opened his mouth.
Jollem - 7/8/2014, 12:17 AM
am i the only one who doesn't care what kevin says about this movie anymore?
Humperdink - 7/8/2014, 12:17 AM
That's all fine and well, but when will Gusto address that album he dropped in the 80's?

McGee - 7/8/2014, 12:19 AM

McGee - 7/8/2014, 12:20 AM
Two can play this game nail!


MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:20 AM
Martha HUGS Clark and lays her head against his TORN SYMBOL
of HOPE.
Things will change. Someday the
whole world will see you for what
you are. Just like I do. And your
Father did.
When you say it I believe it.
That's right.
(loosens her grip and
looks him in the eyes)
Now let me fix you some dinner.
That's Ok Mom.
Oh can it. We do this every time. I
already have a plate out.
Ok. Ok.
She lets him go and starts to MARCH up the steps.
And take off that damn beat up
suit. No capes at the table.
Elvis wore a cape. You love Elvis.
Elvis was Elvis. He could wear
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:20 AM
Ugh, it's terrible at parts.
TheRedCondom - 7/8/2014, 12:20 AM
There is something I don't like about this guy, don't know what it is yet though
JAC - 7/8/2014, 12:21 AM
@MrBlackjak Just.... what?
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:23 AM
(starts to cry)
You did it. You saved us. You saved
us all.
I love you.
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:24 AM
"You saved us. You saved us all."
Humperdink - 7/8/2014, 12:25 AM

You guys are reading the fake script?
Jollem - 7/8/2014, 12:25 AM
@TheGreenCondom - i like when he makes movies
JAC - 7/8/2014, 12:26 AM
@Humperdink We finished it today.
McGee - 7/8/2014, 12:27 AM

MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:27 AM
@Humperdink: Yep. Already did too. I think it's undoubtedly fake. The real question shouldn't be whether or not Goyer/Terrio wrote it, but whether or not Smith wrote it.
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:31 AM
@Sipprelle: LMAO @that video. I went back and tried watching a second time.

"That Batman vs Superman script, there isn't a false note in that script"

Yep, that's why it repeatedly says "Louis" instead of "Lois".
breakUbatman - 7/8/2014, 12:32 AM
Kevin Smith is like that user who recorded GOTG and Cap footage from comic con last year and kept drawing that shit out

"Check my instagram", "here's 0.5 seconds of the elevator scene","here's a screencap"

That dude was hilarious
JredTheRed - 7/8/2014, 12:34 AM
big news for stephen amell tomorrow too. coincidence?
JredTheRed - 7/8/2014, 12:36 AM
watch it not be BvS:DoJ at all and its really a JL movie....
OnePunchBaldy - 7/8/2014, 12:39 AM
It's true that it's fake then. He would've debunked it. I just can't wait to hear the full thing
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:40 AM
Gawd, that video.

"Why would WB want to send out false information?!"

Jee, let me think...
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:43 AM
He's talking to us guys! Better listen up!
MrBlackJack - 7/8/2014, 12:44 AM
Josh, he be using fighting words! Grab your weapon of choice!
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