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In a fun appearance on last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the host jokingly spoils both the ending to Gone Girl AND Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by revealing that "Superman defeats Batman" in the highly anticipated movie. Ben Affleck's reaction? It's priceless...
For quite a while now, fans have been treated to a friendly rivalry or sorts between directors Zack Snyder (Batman V Superman: DOJ) and J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: Episode VII. In the following video interview, Ben Affleck tells us how it all got started..
What's more challenging? Living up to the expectations which come with starring in a big screen adaptation of best-selling novel Gone Girl or playing an iconic character like Batman? The answer won't surprise you! Ben Affleck also discusses donning the Batsuit...
Amy Adams (American Hustle) reprises the role of Lois Lane in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the actress has been spotted on set wearing...well, let's just say it could be considered a potentially huge spoiler if we mentioned it here! Read on for details...
As expected, Man Of Steel director Zack Snyder will return to Chicago to film the Metropolis scenes for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The Windy City is already gearing up for the November shoot, and you can see a video report from Fox 32 after the jump.
You might remember back at SDCC an image of Ben Affleck as Batman was spotted on the rear screens during the Batman V Superman: DOJ panel. Well, though that still hasn't been officially released, we do have a closer (though pretty lousy quality) look for you..
Ben Affleck (Gone Girl) talks here briefly about the Comic-Con footage and the influence that Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns has had on Zack Snyder's vision. Oh, and what happens when he's asked to do that Batman voice? You'll have to hit the jump to find out!
That's right, Ben Affleck has taken inspiration from two of the members of The Avengers cast for one aspect of his take on Batman, and you can find out who and what right here! The actor also reveals the six figure sum Warner Bros. wanted when he asked to take the suit home...
We've heard a few rumors over the last few months that after the events of Man Of Steel, there would be a lot of people blaming Supes for the destruction of Metropolis. Well, the following set snaps of protesters carrying signs saying things like "Super-Death" definitely seems to confirm that..
We've rounded up another set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice interviews with Ben Affleck for you, including an appearance on The Today Show where he discusses the fan reaction and how the movie is being conceived in a "new and interesting way". All that and more right here!
The inevitable showdown between The Dark Knight and the Man Of Steel is one of the most anticipated (if not THE most anticipated) comic book movie sequences ever. Hit the jump for fifty ways the Man Of Steel could crush Batman in the 2016 release.
In an interview to promote David Fincher's Gone Girl, Ben Affleck reveals what makes Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice different to his past roles, along with his love of the script, director and more! Also, does this set photo reveal Bruce Wayne's fancy new ride in the movie?
Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is currently filming scenes near Brush Park where the rumored Wayne Rumor is situated. Hit the jump to see videos of the Gotham City Police Department vehicles pulling up in front of the dilapidated home.
Some set photos of what appear to be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's Wayne Manor have found their way online and it's a lot different to The Dark Knight Trilogy or any other previous Batman movie. It also sounds like we'll soon see Alfred on set as well...
Like it or not, the next movie on the DC Cinematic Universe will be historical, since the two most famous and most iconic superheroes in the world will face-off for the 1st time on the big screen. Check-out what most loyal fans are hoping to see on this momentous event.
This week TWP team with special guest co-host comedian Tommy Dassalo break down news on Batman V Superman, Ghostbusters 3, the announcement of a Deadpool solo movie and more! Plus we talk our favourite animations of all time!
Harry Lennix (Man of Steel) will reprise the role of General Swanwick in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and he talks briefly here about why fans of The Dark Knight Returns will be very happy with the highly anticipated 2016 movie. Hit the jump for details!
It's hard to tell if this one is official, but it appears to be full-body shot of Ben Affleck as the Caped Crusader in silhouette from Zack Snyder's currently shooting follow up to Man Of Steel. Take a look after the jump and see what you think..
A possible spy picture from the Michigan Russell Industrial center shows the man of steel casting a rather large shadow.
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