Scoot McNairy Changes BATMAN V SUPERMAN Attire, But Keeps Green Socks In Latest Set Photo

Scoot McNairy Changes BATMAN V SUPERMAN Attire, But Keeps Green Socks In Latest Set Photo

The Argo actor has returned to the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Detroit, wearing a different suit, but with the same pair of green socks that offer a clue as to who he's playing. Check it out

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Pasto - 8/22/2014, 1:20 PM
Watch as SuperHeroReport crops the watermark out of this one to.
yossarian - 8/22/2014, 1:29 PM
COREY6487 - 8/22/2014, 1:32 PM
hes making a sales pitch next door from batman v superman


Pasto - 8/22/2014, 1:33 PM
Here's a thought:
What if his character just so happens to have robot appendages?
driver - 8/22/2014, 1:33 PM
He has a wedding ring, dressed like a man from 60's and something digital will replace that green shit. So, who it is..... MR.Ballsack from Tales of Funny #3.
JoeMomma29 - 8/22/2014, 1:35 PM
Maybe just maybe he is a pirate with two wooden legs!!!!!

Pasto - 8/22/2014, 1:36 PM
JAC - 8/22/2014, 1:36 PM
@Pasto That shit is so [frick]ing annoying. I was telling BN they should try to claim copyright infringement on their account but idk.
cipher - 8/22/2014, 1:37 PM
I get the feeling they're just going to add Maisie's face in post-production.

That means Clayface.
DrKinsolving - 8/22/2014, 1:38 PM
I'm thinking that, his character got injured in the finale of MOS and STAR labs works on him first, to give us a glimpse of what their capable of before they go all out with Cyborg
TheRealRemyLebeau - 8/22/2014, 1:42 PM
He will have booster rocket legs with floating sandals. ;p
charlie2094 - 8/22/2014, 1:42 PM
I get the feeling it's not much, maybe just someone who got injured during the events of Man of Steel (maybe a politican going after Supes), maybe its STAR Labs' work. Don't think he's the Flash, possibly Metallo at most...
driver - 8/22/2014, 1:43 PM
I just read the script and he absolutely fits the description of a character named BallSaXo based of on a comic book character - MR.BALLSACK from Tales of Funny #3.
DrKinsolving - 8/22/2014, 1:43 PM
Galaxy - 8/22/2014, 1:44 PM
He can be playing Lex's bodyguard who ends up being Metallo, just like in the animated movie, "Batman/ Superman: Public Enemies".
MrCBM56 - 8/22/2014, 1:46 PM
@ciph- Hahahahahaha
Faris - 8/22/2014, 1:50 PM
He's probably playing the Green Sock, a member of the Green Suckers League (including Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter).
Brainiac13 - 8/22/2014, 1:50 PM
driver - 8/22/2014, 1:53 PM
I remember when I was a kid me and my friends will run from school to buy a new issue of Mr.Ballsack -Revenge of BallSaXo. It was a Funtime.

I even dressed as BallSaxo and picked a lot of chicks on Halloween (ok, that part might be not true, and in fact I got a black eye from a bum that woke up when I was passing by his junk box house).
yossarian - 8/22/2014, 1:53 PM
TankD - 8/22/2014, 1:56 PM
Metal legs bro
wookiefit - 8/22/2014, 2:00 PM
Maybe he has varicose veins?

DrKinsolving - 8/22/2014, 2:01 PM

EhMaybeSays - 8/22/2014, 2:03 PM
Just announce the shit already.
MrBlackJack - 8/22/2014, 2:05 PM
He changed his attire?
blackandyellow - 8/22/2014, 2:06 PM
Nice crocs.
blackandyellow - 8/22/2014, 2:06 PM
yoss, holy shit that's from KIDS. I haven't seen that movie in ages. Talk about a [frick]ed up flick.
LexHairFight - 8/22/2014, 2:08 PM
I like my current moniker, but something is really driving me to rename myself based off Scott McNairy's green leggings in crocs. Just gotta think of a good one that is a play on an "ite".
yossarian - 8/22/2014, 2:08 PM
Yeah. I didn't like KIDS.

Is he wearing a skinnier tie than Charlie Cox?
cipher - 8/22/2014, 2:11 PM
blackandyellow - 8/22/2014, 2:12 PM
That's not a skinny tie. Upon further investigating, Cox's tie wasn't TOO skinny either so he gets a pass.

The first pic we saw he was sitting and it looked skinnier because it was cocked.

Then we saw him standing from the front and it looked much better.
yossarian - 8/22/2014, 2:14 PM

blackandyellow - 8/22/2014, 2:16 PM
cipher, that tie tells me that the person has an Arts degree and makes a dynamite vanilla frappuccino.
blackandyellow - 8/22/2014, 2:16 PM
God damnit look how ridiculous those people look. Disgusting.
cipher - 8/22/2014, 2:16 PM
cipher - 8/22/2014, 2:17 PM
cipher - 8/22/2014, 2:17 PM
Alright, gotta go.

Have a good weekend, you beautiful degenerates.
yossarian - 8/22/2014, 2:19 PM
Later Ciph.
blackandyellow - 8/22/2014, 2:20 PM

Later cipher. Don't serve anyone wearing a skinny tie.
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