UPDATE: Jesse Eisenberg Briefly Talks Playing 'Lex Luthor' In BATMAN VS...SPIDER-MAN?

<span style="color:#FF0000">UPDATE:</span style="color:#FF0000"> Jesse Eisenberg Briefly Talks Playing 'Lex Luthor' In BATMAN VS...SPIDER-MAN?

The actor dropped by the Today Show to chat about his new movie The Double, but also spoke briefly about playing the iconic villain in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel sequel..in which he'll be going up against Batman and our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man apparently.

Are Marvel and DC planning a crossover?? Not quite. Jesse Eisenberg is quizzed about playing Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder's follow up to Man Of Steel on Today, which one of the hosts mistakenly refers to as "Batman VS, Spider-Man". just a slip of the tongue no doubt, and although Eisenberg doesn't correct her, his face is priceless. But more importantly, what does he reveal about the role? Well, predictably, not much! "It's an interesting character. The movie is really good," he offers. "But yeah, if I say anything beyond that, somebody will probably descend from the ceiling."

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UPDATE: Eisenberg also spoke to The Schmoes Know Podcast about playing Lex, and one again he didn't spill too much unfortunately. But, he did tell the lads that he was "very impressed with the script, saying it was a GREAT script; which ultimately led to him taking on the iconic role." Also, he reveals that he will begin shooting his scenes exactly one month from now.
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SonofBatman - 5/12/2014, 8:41 AM
Nomis - 5/12/2014, 8:42 AM
HELLS YEAH! That's the movie I'm waiting for!

Ramiel - 5/12/2014, 8:43 AM
Spidey would win.
PrinceOfCrime - 5/12/2014, 8:44 AM
what the hell.. kill that woman!!!
batcheeks8 - 5/12/2014, 8:44 AM
"Batman vs Spider-man".. fail
Omarvls - 5/12/2014, 8:44 AM
Batman v Spiderman

Starfox - 5/12/2014, 8:44 AM
Batman vs. Spiderman? Is Marc Webb Directing?

..,I hope not
batcheeks8 - 5/12/2014, 8:45 AM
To get on topic I'm really warming up to the idea of him as Lex.
Omarvls - 5/12/2014, 8:45 AM
So there are DC Snipers too
Ready for the kill in case they open their mouths
ruadh - 5/12/2014, 8:45 AM
Ah, glad you fixed that. The original lead-in made it seem like you were saying Eisenberg made the flub himself, which would probably have set the tone for all the comments. That it was the host who did it instead would have set the tone for all the comments a totally different way, complaining about how you misled them.
Highflyer - 5/12/2014, 8:46 AM
Omarvls - 5/12/2014, 8:46 AM

Same here he's a great actor and could pull the role off
Nomis - 5/12/2014, 8:49 AM
@ Starfox - Directed by Marc Web and co-Directed by Joel Shcumacher!
Klone - 5/12/2014, 8:49 AM


In all seriousness, it was an honest mistake, so let's not crucify him like a heathen or anything :P
soforizo - 5/12/2014, 8:49 AM
LMAO!!! Dumb b*tch! Would be a cool movie though! LOL!!!
Starfox - 5/12/2014, 8:50 AM

CoulsonLives - 5/12/2014, 8:50 AM
HOLY SH*T! Why wasn't I told about a Batman vs Spider-Man movie?
That's DOPE.
Klone - 5/12/2014, 8:50 AM
Jezze Isenbitger
BlackIceJoe - 5/12/2014, 8:50 AM
I'm not going to lie I would see that movie. Most likely Spider-Man would win but if Batman knew of him before the battle Batman wins.
Doopie - 5/12/2014, 8:51 AM
for all the talk of disney crossing over with fox/sony etc, wouldn't it be cool to see a marvel/dc crossover on film?
Klone - 5/12/2014, 8:51 AM
That scrambled egg see made him look like a nerd bitch trying to be cool that would back down as soon as you stared him down.
GreenLantern519 - 5/12/2014, 8:52 AM
Even though he didn't really say much, it's cool to finally hear him talk about the role.
DefcoN - 5/12/2014, 8:52 AM
sKeemAn - 5/12/2014, 8:52 AM
The DC SWAT team will take out Eisenberg for talking to much.
SuperCat - 5/12/2014, 8:53 AM
Brainiac13 - 5/12/2014, 8:54 AM

Silly woman!
quas666 - 5/12/2014, 8:56 AM
lol his face is priceless
CoulsonLives - 5/12/2014, 8:57 AM
"Batman vs. Spider-Man"

blackandyellow - 5/12/2014, 8:57 AM
Reminds me of the time I caught SuperCat working on his kissing technique.

whoa123 - 5/12/2014, 8:58 AM
It looks like he wants to laugh loud haha! I'm really excited for The Double too, looks pretty damn good.
FastFlames - 5/12/2014, 8:59 AM
Haha stupid sauce up in her
SuperCat - 5/12/2014, 8:59 AM

I used to kiss my school desk too!
Pedrito - 5/12/2014, 8:59 AM
Batman vs Spider-Man
Featuring every single character imaginable from both DC and Marvel, when it's actually supposed to be a sequel to Green Lantern.
Desrow - 5/12/2014, 9:00 AM

CoulsonLives - 5/12/2014, 9:01 AM
What's next?
Samuel L. Jackson is Laurence Fishburne?
ComicsBornAndBred - 5/12/2014, 9:02 AM
That movie would actually be interesting. Next step fanboys---in 50 years we'll have DC vs Marvell heroes and VILLIANS films haha
ALegendaryPanda - 5/12/2014, 9:02 AM
ralfinader - 5/12/2014, 9:03 AM
One of my favorite comics in my collection was the last Spidey/Bats team up vs Kingpin and Al Ghul.
Gusto - 5/12/2014, 9:03 AM
Looks like all that doorknob practice is finally paying off!

ALegendaryPanda - 5/12/2014, 9:03 AM
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