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Blade Movies Blade started its movie run August 21st 1998, and is considered to be the first GOOD movie from Marvel comics, and is honored as the spark that ignited Marvel's characters onto the big screen. Unlike their earlier efforts (Punisher, Fantastic Four, Captain America), this was no straight-to-video feature. Blade had decent production value and they stuck to the comics history. Plus, it helped to have their character played by a fairly big star in Wesley Snipes. Its success at the box office ($131 million) guaranteed 2 more movies would be made.

Blade - Blade II - Blade Trinity
Although the movies weren't made by Marvel Studios, Blade was technically the first successful Marvel character to get his own movie franchise. It would make sense for them to revisit the "day walker" in Phase 3 or 4. Read on for my thoughts.
Now, after Dredd I finally will take another look at an R-Rated comic book movie. Not just any one, but THE R-Rated film, Blade as requested by Inhuman! How do you advertise such a film? What do the posters say about it? More just a click away!
Is the Carrier of the Reaper virus the movie version of Morbius the Living Vampire? Hit the jump for my thoughts!
Blade, Ms. Marvel, The Runaways, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange...these were the names included in a recent report about films Marvel Studios has in development. If you want the skinny on where each of these films currently stands, continue on for a quick rundown.
The Daywalker himself just recently walked out of prison. However, he's not 100% free just yet, the actor will still be on house arrest. Would you like to see him return to glory with another Blade film?
We recently heard from the writer/director about the possibility of a Blade reboot from Disney/Marvel, and now he reveals whether or not he would be interested in working on the character again in the future.
While promoting his new series on Starz, Da Vinci’s Demons, David Goyer talked about the likelihood of a Blade reboot, says barley anything about whether Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in Justice League, and his work on a Magneto script that ultimately found its way into X-Men: First Class.
Comedian/actor Patton Oswalt shares some entertaining behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Blade: Trinity. Including stories about Wesley Snipes being stoned during most of filming.
CBM has been given a special opportunity to see behind-the-scenes on the Blade Animated Series DVD. In this clip, we learn about the blood-suckers of the Pacific that Blade battles...
Dracula is actually kind of a wimp.
Hellboy is about to make Blade his b*tch!
The Blade Anime series is set to premiere this Friday and to get ready for it Marvel has released a new clip and a couple of screen shots to give us a taste of things to come.
Could Blade cameo in Avengers? Just a idea on how they could introduce Blade into the MCU.
Just a review and praise of my most beloved Comic Book movie throughout my years of CBM collecting and watching, as well as Blade's impact on the future of Marvel films.
Despite being in jail, actor Wesley Snipes has revealed that he'd like to return to the vampiric role, while also commenting on the importance of the Blade movies and what would convince him to play the character again...
It Began, then it went into Knight, then it Rises again...
Actor Stephen Dorff in talking with io9, briefly spoke out on a Deacon Frost movie and described the Marvel Cinematic Universe as weird.
Joe Quesada has confirmed that the studio have their hands back on Blade, as well as commenting on future Marvel Studios movies and showing off a clip from The Consultant featuring Agent Coulson and Thunderbolt Ross...
Want to check out Blade the anime now?
Click the link to watch the teaser for the brand new anime series featuring Blade set to debut in July
Hit the jump to check out character designs of Blade, Deacon Frost, and more from the upcoming Blade anime series...
New 30 second trailer online for Blade Anime
EDITORIAL: Vampires Losing Their Faith?

Blade’s suckheads have a hard time mixing religion with science.