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GLprime2814 - 2/10/2013, 12:14 AM
Hero vs hero is cool, but until someone has the balls to write a true vs. story without some other crisis happens in the middle of their battle that forces them to work together, and in the end realize that their on the same side and they go back to their respective universes.
HAILHYDRA - 2/10/2013, 12:32 AM
Sorry Hulk, hard for anyone to win against the perfect hero. But let's see Superman relate to the modern generation. No one is interested in the all powerful hero with no character flaws and the sole weakness of some rock. Respect to Superman for being a pioneer but through and through Hulk's story is much more compelling fiction.
Seejay - 2/10/2013, 12:34 AM
Farkosaurus - 2/10/2013, 12:18 AM
He can.
Seejay - 2/10/2013, 12:35 AM
HAILHYDRA - 2/10/2013, 12:32 AM
Totally agree.
tonytony - 2/10/2013, 12:41 AM
Supermans super speed means hulk wont be able to land a punch and he could easily fly hulk into space and end battle.
agentmi5 - 2/10/2013, 12:56 AM
Fly him into the sun.
tonytony - 2/10/2013, 12:57 AM
@hailhydra its down to filmmaker not character.
People could say the same thing about billionair bruce wayne (especially after batman and robin) or Tony stark or even the norse god thor (they really could have interpreted him as something else on film) and dont get me started on silver surfer.
Calling any character unrelatable is nonsense, its donw to the story teller (Director and script writer).
Jamesx51 - 2/10/2013, 1:09 AM
Hulk finds a tiny piece of kryptonite (supermans lame weakness) and whilst he's dying on the floor, hulk stamps on his face. Match over ;)
CPIXLEY - 2/10/2013, 1:25 AM
Normal forms, close call. Pinnacle forms, nobody can beat Superman.
relentless1 - 2/10/2013, 1:34 AM
superman wins this easy, not only is he stronger than hulk but he has a vast array of other superpowers that will give him the win in the end
hush - 2/10/2013, 1:35 AM
Anyone who votes for Hulk is just bias, Supes would tear him a new green ass.
TheLokey1 - 2/10/2013, 1:55 AM
If Doomsday can kill Superman, Hulk will mop the floor with him.
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 2:17 AM
Please... Doomsday could chew up Hulk n $h!t him out...
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 2:21 AM
Superman isn't stronger than Hulk, it's tough to say who's stronger but I think accurately they are round equal...Superman can move a few planets at once while Hulk can crush an asteroid that weighs as much as a few planets...

Anyways, it's hard to say because the poll master doesent specify what version of the character they are. By strongest version it'd be Worldbreaker Hulk vs Pre-Crisis Superman, in which case Superman wins after a hard battle. But if it's current versions then Hulk wins because Superman's current version isn't quite as powerful as his old one. And the thing about Hulk is that about 15 years ago, Hulk was just a big green gorilla he was strong but his strength was only around Thing-level, nowhere close to Superman. But his current version is a source of limtless strength, anyways I think if Superman attacks quickly and decisively he can beat and/or stalemate Hulk, but if Superman holds back (which he regularly does) he's gonna get toasted. So I give my vote to Hulk...
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 2:22 AM
Hulk can bitch, moan, and fuss all he wants, Superman could kill Hulk by just staring at him...
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 2:27 AM
If Hulk couldn't land a punch then why can Doomsday land a punch?

Another part of my reasoning is that Hulk has beaten and also lost against characters with similar strength level and power as Superman....Gladiator and Sentry, Hulk has beaten both of those guys at one point or another. And also on the same note, Superman has lost against people who are similar to Hulk...Doomsday
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 2:29 AM
Even Hulk wishes he were Superman
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 2:33 AM
All of you guys are saying that Hulk couldn't land a punch on Superman, but then how does Doomsday, Lobo and others land punches on him when they don't technically have super speed either.
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 2:36 AM
The difference is simple...

Hulk has to TRY to be able to kill Superman, Superman has to TRY NOT to kill Hulk.

In other words, Hulk has to work up a ton of rage to even get close to Superman's level, while Superman has to seriously tone down his strength in order not to kill Hulk.

Deal with it
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 2:47 AM
Wrong...Hulk starts at around Thor-level strength which is already just barely below Superman's level, after about 5 minutes into the fight Hulk will have reached his level and that's only if Superman holds back a little bit. Superman would already have to struggle to beat base-hulk but an angry Hulk just might prove too much for him to handle.
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 3:00 AM
I'm sure Hulk can hurt Superman, even knock him out, But Superman wouldn't give him the chance, not just because of Superspeed, but by simply hitting harder... However, I am POSITIVE Hulk could NOT rip Superman apart physically, but I am sure that Superman COULD tear Hulk apart physically he's only human, yes super-human, but human none the less. So in that respect... Superman could kick Hulks head clean off...

I am of course referring to their physical density
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 3:08 AM
You see Superman could give a beatdown to almost pretty much all of Marvel's heroes (including Thor) but I think Hulk is probably one of the only ones who actually could beat Superman, Hulk is probably the only one who can...Sentry might be able to beat Supes...but I'm not sure on that one...
TrevT2 - 2/10/2013, 3:10 AM
Stop saying that Superman would win this easily, Thats just a Joke.. Hulk can go toe to toe with Thor, And i consider thor and supes to be pretty equal in terms of overall Power. Now if superman just goes all out on hulk right away, Hulk is gonna lose. But if Supes takes it slow and The Hulk can handle the first beat down, He has a good chance of Winning. The longer the fight the more likely Hulk Wins
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 3:12 AM
That was my reasoning as well and Superman generally does hold back a little bit, I still think it could go either way but I feel Hulk would win more often than not.
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 3:20 AM
Thor is not on Superman's level, thats a joke...
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 3:29 AM
Even if we discredit the fact that Hulk has given Thor a mega spanking and that Thor is only barely below Superman's level...we still have to look at other facts like Hulk had beaten Gladiator which was originally supposed to be Marvel's equivalent to Superman. And also that the writers at Marvel claim that they write Hercules to have the EXACT same strength level as Superman and Hulk has also beaten Herc.
AnungUnRama - 2/10/2013, 3:31 AM
- According to Hulk's regular strength level is about 100 tons.
- Superman's regular strength: In All-Star Superman he pushes 200 quintillion tons, singlehanded, without any effort, which is said to be 3 times his regular strength, meaning his regular strength is about 67 quintillion tons ( tons)

As Hulk's strength is said to be limitless as he get madder, he might have the potential to get to that level. But he most likely will get knocked out long before that. And as other mentioned before. Superman has a vast amount of other fatal abilities. Super speed, to Hulk could not even hit Superman, heat vision to vaporize Hulk instantly, etc.

One may say that Superman is ridiculously overpowered, and that therefore he is a lame character and that Hulk is much more interesting, but one cannot ignore the undeniable fact that Hulk doesn't stand a chance.
TrevT2 - 2/10/2013, 3:38 AM
@Fenix... Yeah he does 99% of the time, and that is one of Supermans biggest weaknesses, and that would be a HUGE edge for the Hulk Cause his only real weakness is that that he can get knocked out early before he does totally Ape on his Opponent. Superman is ULTRA Powerful, But The Hulk can go to Power Levels even he cant. Supes has a Limit, The Hulk Doesn't... @Knight. Umm i do Believe he is. Superman might have a slight Strength Advantage But Thor makes up for it with Mjolnir
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 3:38 AM
If Hulk's strength was only 100 tons than how does he match Thor (lifted the Earth which weighs about 6 sextillion tons) when he was at base? Hulk is much stronger than that...They've both shown the same feats I've already explained this Superman move one or two planets at once while Hulk can crush an asteroid that is the weight of two planets.
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 3:44 AM
All I keep hearing is "if Hulk did this, or if Hulk did that... or if Superman did'nt..." The fact that you put "IF" in the equation goes to show Superman would win. We are talking about both characters at peak condition at the top of their game, full powers, no weaknesses....

...Yea Superman wins every which way... this is a fight, not arm wrestling
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 3:52 AM
Superman's power literally increases every single minute of every single day since infancy. Hulk's power increases when he gets emotional...

MarkMilton - 2/10/2013, 3:53 AM
Thor FTW
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 3:54 AM
Thor sucks
sammysterling - 2/10/2013, 4:02 AM
Huh..... Superman thinks hulk is a giant mass of kryptonite and flies away......
GuardianDevil - 2/10/2013, 4:05 AM
You are being very irrational, Hulk has defeated people on par with Superman before Gladiator & Thor...fact is Hulk is already only slightly below Superman's strength level, within a few minutes in the battle he will have reached his level. And yes he would last that long, he's super durable you know...he would already be a serious threat to Superman at his base level, and he would be too much to handle when he gets angry. Not saying Superman couldn't win, but you seem to vastly underrate Hulk...

And btw Thor doesent suck, Superman's better but Thor is awesome too.
Pharaoh - 2/10/2013, 4:05 AM
my 2 favourite Super heroes gotta go with Superman, in a strict punch for punch exchange HULK might get to the strength level to tire him down but Supes could easily in the begining fly HULK into space and throw him into the sun
xXkryptoniteXx - 2/10/2013, 4:10 AM
I like both but superman takes this.
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 4:14 AM

Don't get me wrong, I too love Hulk, but that doesn't mean he can take Superman. The way your typing, i think you are picturing a boxing match of strength, where in most cases the heavyweight might win... But this is Superman, with an arsenal of powers that would even make the Thunder God weep. And YES Thor IS A JOKE Compared to Superman.

Saying Hulk can beat Superman is like saying Superman is retarded... C'mon buddy...
Danbojohnj - 2/10/2013, 4:15 AM
There is a cool vid on the net of Supes fighting Hulk....
KNIGHT3000 - 2/10/2013, 4:17 AM
Everybody here saw the AVENGERS movie right? Well Superman could have did all that by his self...

Don't believe me? Watch the Animated series when Darkseid brought his entire army to Earth, it was pretty much the same thing, but Clark was alone...
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