Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers Buck Rogers is a fictional character that first appeared in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories. The adventures of Buck Rogers in comic strips, movies, radio and television became an important part of American popular culture. This pop phenomenon paralleled the development of space technology in the 20th century and introduced Americans to outer space as a familiar environment for swashbuckling adventure.
Buck Rogers is heading back to the theatres probably in 3D! - WolvieCBM
Paradox president and CEO Fredrik Malmberg told IGN that Miller was attached to direct an earlier incarnation developed by different producers and is no longer involved. - DogsOfWar
This will be "Take 2" for novice director Frank Miller, who has partnered with Odd Lot Entertainment for Buck Rogers. Do you think they will revoke this offer after "The Spirit" tanks? - ComicBookMovie