Captain America Writers Talk The Avengers; Say They Have Turned In Outline For Cap Sequel.

<i>Captain America</i> Writers Talk The Avengers; Say They Have Turned In Outline For Cap Sequel.

Captain America: The First Avenger scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely sat down to talk about a couple of different thing related to Cap including The Avengers, the sequel, and a Howling Commando movie.

Captain America screen writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely sat down with IFC To talk about numerous things Cap. Subjects that were touched on include seeing Steve in The Avengers trailer, where they might take the sequel, and that they have also turned in the outline for the sequel. Another interesting tid bid is the possibility of a Howling Commandos movie.

On Cap In The Avengers:


"It's exciting, because at least from the scene where he says something about Tony Stark underneath his armor, you can tell he's still 1940s Steve Rogers. He hasn't become gum-chewing, wise-cracking, internet guy - so I'm glad we started him off in a sufficiently character-driven way that now we can pop him into the present and it will serve him as a character. He doesn't just vanish into the woodwork."

On writing the Captain America Sequel:


"We needed to read Joss' 'Avengers' before we could go on and do 'Captain America 2.' We needed to see if he did anything different, character-wise - and he hadn't, he's an excellent writer - but we also needed to see what he had done in terms of Steve poking around the modern day and dealing with it."


"So much of Captain America's adventures occur in the present day, so there are a lot of things I'd like to touch on. That said, we did leave the center section of 'Captain America' baggy enough to let him have adventures you didn't see [in the first film]. So, we kind of have enough room to play with [for the sequel]."


"Still, if he had another adventure entirely set in World War II, the stakes are kind of lessened, because you know he survives and you know what happens to Bucky and you know the Howling Commandos survive long enough to have a toast in a bar."


"You know Cap wins and you know that whoever he was fighting didn't destroy the world, because you've already seen things that happen after it. So the stakes are, well... But then again, did that bother anyone with the second 'Indiana Jones' movie?"

On a Howling Commando movie:


"They're certainly cool, and in a different movie, we would've certainly had a little more 'Kelly Heroes' or 'Magnificent Seven". thing going on.(Talking about if they had more screen time)


"It would've been like 'Inglourious Commandos."


"Personally, I'm a big fan of that type of movie - the ne'er-do-wells banding together to fight a common cause. So I'm open to it, but... well... I'll just say I'm open to it."

You can pick up Captain America: The First Avenger on blu-ray and DVD on October 25, 2011.

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MovieMaster - 10/21/2011, 11:14 AM
cool find dude. i agree with them that theres no point setting the sequel entirely in WW2 because we all know what will happen. i think it worked with indy because hardly any people knew it was a prequel, lol
marvel72 - 10/21/2011, 11:22 AM
cool,we do need a modern day set captain america with flashbacks to the war.

baron zemo & crossbones should be the villains.

maybe add winter soldier to the mix.
ComicBuzz - 10/21/2011, 11:37 AM
Great find!
HelaGood - 10/21/2011, 11:43 AM
BARON ZEMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kayo - 10/21/2011, 11:43 AM
i second with what Marvel72 said
Shaman - 10/21/2011, 11:44 AM
Winter Soldier needs to be used but i wouldn't be against having it all take place in the present.
MassExecutions - 10/21/2011, 11:45 AM
@marvel72 - If Zemo and Crossbones are the villains, Crossbones needs to double-cross Zemo at the end when he finds out Red Skull is still alive.

Crossbones is who I really want to see on screen. I love to hate that guy. He's even more of an anti-cap to me than Red Skull, because he's just such a hands on bully who doesn't give a damn about anybody. Cap is kind of the ultimate representative of the idea that people and ideas matter, and you should care about how they're treated. Crossbones is the ultimate representative that nothing maters, do what you want if you can get away with it. His recent one shot was pretty great.
sexymuppet - 10/21/2011, 12:01 PM
crossbones is the cat's tits [frick] yeah
jazzman - 10/21/2011, 12:10 PM
they need to add The Falcon but base him on the Ultimate Falcon

tomasocelot - 10/21/2011, 12:12 PM
bring on US Agent !!!
blvdnoise - 10/21/2011, 12:13 PM
Hear Hear, to a modern day Cap! Flash backs are a must!
sexfoodcomics - 10/21/2011, 12:17 PM
I really hope the change baron zemo to be Russian , and do a winter soldier storyline with baron Zemo the guy who converts Bucky.
FrankGarret - 10/21/2011, 12:18 PM
Winter Soldier.

Make it so.
MassExecutions - 10/21/2011, 12:19 PM
@jazzman - Nah, I like street smart Falcon WAY better than military scientist Falcon.
marvel72 - 10/21/2011, 12:20 PM
@ massexecutions

i agree,captain america 3 could see the return of the red skull,crossbones joins him & maybe introduce sin.

then have someone team up with cap against the trio maybe winter soldier or falcon.
whatevillurks - 10/21/2011, 12:24 PM
After credit scene should be a Russian patrol stumbling across Bucky in a snow drift.

Have Zemo be running Roxxon Oil. Then we can get two hours of Cap taking on the "1 percent". Seriously.
MassExecutions - 10/21/2011, 12:30 PM
@marvel72 - Yes. Sin and Falcon definitely. If I was writing the script I would have it turn out that Red Skull has actually been back LONGER than Cap and has all kinds of entrenched Hydra infrastructure and sleeper cells. You could make it almost like 24 where cap doesn't have time to Assembly the Avengers before something big happens.
TheDpool - 10/21/2011, 12:57 PM
Winter soldier would be a good idea because it can be done and lets face it modern day adventures of cap is what we want to see
GodzillaKart - 10/21/2011, 1:07 PM
I'd like to see The Winter Soldier. That story arc could be really effective with the actors they have. If not WS, then bring on Crossbones!
MassExecutions - 10/21/2011, 1:14 PM
I think Winter Soldier might have more punch if they introduce him later, like Cap 3. Get Cap more used to modern time and then shake his whole world up again.
nld3 - 10/21/2011, 1:15 PM
Keep Capt in the present day. A Commando's movie I'll pass there are to many other Marvel movies I would rather see first.
marvel72 - 10/21/2011, 2:34 PM
@ jla2014

now lets see which movie has more chance of a sequel.

green lantern earned $19,851,172 over its budget.

captain america earned $225,736,567 over its budget.

its not rocket science which movie has more of a chance of getting a sequel.
MatioShack - 10/21/2011, 2:54 PM
The Captain America that people (who are still alive) know is the one from modern times. Everyone is aware of his history, but the whole "man out of time" element is SO crucial to Cap that it would be a mistake to not address it in his proper sequel. There's just so much mileage in that. I'd save Bucky's return for the third movie personally because in the second Steve's got enough to deal with with his own return.
Freshkicks1212 - 10/21/2011, 4:38 PM
@marvel72 Lmao Well Said dude.
marvel72 - 10/21/2011, 4:57 PM
@ freshkicks1212

i ain't got problem with anyone saying what they think,i do but when someone makes a comment about a film not earning enough pennies when its made $200,000,000 profit is a bit of a stupid comment.
MaddMonkk - 10/21/2011, 7:40 PM
DPeterParker - 10/21/2011, 7:57 PM
if they make a sequel it should be in the present. its stupid to go back to WW2 after the the comics there are plenty of steve rogers adventures in the present...use that
Talontd - 10/21/2011, 8:14 PM
Such an awesome suit...

I wish they didn't fcuk with it...
STAX - 10/21/2011, 10:52 PM
I think there's two ways they can go about a cap sequel-one being that he stays a part of shield after what ever happens in THE AVENGERS and face a new threat that way. I think this would be a cool way to do it so we get to c how shield really works-its like having a shield movie & cap sequel in one with cap of coarse being the main character and Fury,Coulson,Widow,Hawkeye and Hill supporting-this way they can also give a cap & widow romance a chance if ppl wanna c s^&t like that or he can venture on his own. Either way the story should be that he receives word that bucky is still alive which ultimately is a trap by Barron Zemo to capture cap and try to posses the secret that makes him a super soldier so he can create a super army to start WWIII. They could introduce winter soldier in this & have Zemo be the leader of A.I.M. even tho in the comics he's not.
STAX - 10/22/2011, 3:27 AM
Or maybe shield gathers Intel on an unknown assassin called winter soldier who's been taking out high ranking officials. Fury shows photos of the mysterious winter soldier during a shield brief & cap recognizes its his assumed dead buddy bucky. He's an advanced A.I.M agent takin orders from Baron Zemo. Man I think that would be a very interesting approach for a cap sequel.
NightForce - 10/22/2011, 2:48 PM
I want either Zemo or Winter Soldier. AIM would be really cool also @marvel72, There is no reasoning to JLA2014's logic, lol. Just rambling hater BS because he's never gonna get a JL movie (at least not by 2014)

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